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Episode 17: Can Doing Less Really Help You Achieve More? Mike interviews Kate about her new direction.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of The Do Less Experiment on January 19th, today we’ll be opening a conversation around our culture’s obsession with doing more, and “hustling.” Find out why it’s really about finding the value in other things rather than just being busy!


In this Episode

  • Work done just one time can have a ripple effect and will keep helping others [1:59]
  • Kate has never felt like she’s been doing “her thing”, until now…[2:45]
  • If you’re really doing your work, it will be worth being shared [10:00]
  • Your worth shouldn’t be tied into what you produce and the amount of hours you work [12:40]
  • We’ve been unbalanced, and only concentrating on the virtues of the masculine energy [14:30]
  • Sometimes you need to hear something many, many times before you finally get it [19:23]
  • The times when Mike’s had to tell himself not to pick up the phone [27:38]
  • We’re in “life training” and can’t just jump into something without easing in first [28:30]
  • The experiment is really about pleasure and enjoyment, and not beating yourself into submission [31:30]
  • Where would you want to go if you took a complete year not to work? [33:30]
  • We have to find the rest in the reality we’re in [36:35]

Selected Links from the Episode

The Do Less Experiment

Leanne Jacobs, The Beautiful Money Podcast

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, The Women’s Leadership Podcast Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell


People Mentioned

Casey Neistat

Chela Davison Gary Vaynerchuk

Tim Ferriss


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