Episode 168: How to Get Paid and Do Good at the Same Time with Rha Goddess, author of The Calling

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It was March in Boston. The weather sucked, as it does in New England that time of year. This thing that happened had happened to me only one time before.

I saw a woman I hadn’t seen in years for the first time, and without much warm-up or fanfare, something inside me knew I had to hire her.

It was as though my body said, “She’s what’s next for you.”

It happened with the coach I worked with in 2018 who helped me unravel some deep patterns that needed…well…unraveling.

And then it happened again in March 2019.

I got home after sitting next to Rha Goddess on a panel at Harvard Divinity School and said to Mike, “I need to work with her.”

I hadn’t even been looking for a coach, but there she was.

And just as my book launch dropped me into a postpartum heap of “I don’t know what I’m doing I think I’ll just quit everything,” sitting on my living room floor crying amongst my Mastermind sisters, I was off to New York City to spend a day with Rha.

I feel so silly saying this now but until I spent that day with Rha, I thought trying to figure out your purpose was a waste of time.

Can’t we just all keep doing the next right thing and move it along rather than bothering with trying to articulate our purpose? Who really cares, anyway? Aren’t we all here to be of service and feel good, in the end?

We started at 9am and by lunchtime I realized how wrong I’d been.

Turns out that for all of us there’s a unique intersection of our gifts and talents, our true nature, and the world’s needs…and it is calling us.

I just wasn’t ready to listen until I was.

I learned that I’d been living adjacent to my calling but not precisely aligned with it. In the 7 months since that day in NYC, I’ve realized how much friction and discomfort had been created by living very close to but not right on my calling.

Just like when you have two magnets really close together so that you can feel the energetic pull between them and it requires concerted energy to prevent them from coming together and aligning, I was living in a constant state of utilizing force to keep myself a few inches from the very place that was calling me.

And ever since I let go and let myself rest in alignment with where I’m meant to be, everything has gotten so much easier, so much more powerful, and so much more clear.

I want this for you.

That’s why we invited Rha on The Kate & Mike Show this week to talk about her game-changing work that guides us all to stay true, get paid, and do good.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How it’s truly possible to do good and make great money and allow yourself to be part of the healing of toxic capitalism
  • Rha’s inspiring story of moving from the world of hip-hop and activism to personal development and entrepreneurial soul coaching
  • The shift that allowed Rha to triple her income in 8 months
  • A beautiful moment where both Rha and I are moved to tears by what she has to say (and show) about how to truly love others
  • Why Rha has held nothing back and put all of her worksheets, exercises, and content into the book, so you can have access to everything for the cost of a library card
  • Where you can start to identify your calling and stay true, get paid, and do good

When I featured Rha as a Maven Masterclass leader in our membership for entrepreneurs who identify as female or with feminine energy, they went bananas for her. In our end-of-the-year survey, her class was far and above the one mentioned most as the favorite.

You’re going to get tremendous value out of this conversation.

Once you’ve listened in, please share a screenshot of the podcast with us on your Instagram stories and tag us – @katenorthrup, @mikejwatts, and @rhagoddess – so we can witness your insights.

I’m so ecstatic to share this woman who’s impacted my life so profoundly over the last 7 months with you.

Get ready to be rocked.

How to Get Paid and Do Good at the Same Time with Rha Goddess, author of The Calling

In This Episode

  • The first steps Rha took to transition into the business world and who she says influenced her in the beginning [21:25]
  • What a person’s business should, and shouldn’t, be [25:52]
  • How Rha encourages others to embrace the potential of ownership in a whole new way [18:22]
  • What to do if you want to make money in a system that can be toxic [31:20]
  • Her basic definition of “economy”, and the opportunity that it presents each of us [39:02]
  • How we can stay true, get paid AND do good work in the world [43:59]
  • Rha’s thoughts on opening the doors to our own truth, while not conforming [45:02]
  • Why she feels that contribution is a human need [51:42]
  • The reasons that her motivation comes from so much more than just making money [54:27]
  • One of the most painful things that Rha says she sees in others today [59:17]

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