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Episode 157: Tired Of Being The Smartest Person In The Room? How to Uplevel Your Business Through Relationships

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When one of the women who joined our high-level program told me that the reason she’d joined was because she was sick of being the smartest person in the room, I absolutely loved her honesty.

It also made me think of the rooms I’ve been in over the years and the rooms I get on airplanes to be in these days.

Why do I wrangle childcare and leave my family for 4 days to go stay in a hotel across the country in a room of almost all strangers?

Why do I invest money that feels like a lot to work closely with teachers and coaches?

Because expansion.

Because growth.

Because upleveling.

On today’s episode of The Kate & Mike Show, I shared 2 specific things that happened just last week.

Both were insights that I received from people who have knowledge and skill sets beyond those I have in certain areas (which, by the way, doesn’t always have to do with revenue).

Both insights took less than 3 minutes for me to receive but are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because of what will happen in our business as I implement the shifts.

If you feel stuck, uninspired, or like, “Is this all there is?” I’m going to suggest you get yourself in some new rooms.

Rooms where people are being their true selves, not the selves expected of them.

Rooms where people are unapologetically celebrating their awesomeness.

Rooms where people are taking action according to their dreams, not the normal reality that most people think is possible.

Taking courses and getting new content is one way to uplevel, and I’m a big believer in it.

But even more powerful than that is connection.

Connection with people whose presence calls you to expand is one of the most “do less” ways to uplevel I’ve ever experienced. Getting yourself in a new environment catalyzes growth by osmosis in many cases.

I can’t think of many things better than growing my business by osmosis.

Listen in to the episode to learn how to uplevel through relationships, for behind-the-scenes stories, insights, and some after bedtime hilarity because this was a “late-night” recording (meaning 7:30pm).

Tired of being the smartest person in the room? How to Uplevel Your Business Through Relationships

In This Episode

  • How being the smartest person in the room could be limiting your growth [12:00]
  • An amazing study about the effect of our environment on our wellbeing [14:20]
  • The impactful lessons Kate recently learned from just a few 3-minute conversations [21:35]
  • Why being open and aware of new ideas, plus taking action, is key [41:40]
  • Mike’s experience at home while Kate was traveling to uplevel the business [45:50]
  • A big realization that he has made during this process [52:37]
  • How the gender roles have been shifting in recent years [60:20]
  • Exciting details on the Origin ® Incubator and Mastermind for 2020 [64:13]

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