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Episode 150: The Surprising Secrets Behind Digital Course Creation and How to Create a Profitable “Do Less” Business with Them with Amy Porterfield

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When Mike and I became parents, we experienced the most difficult year of our life up until that point due to a combination of the fact that becoming a parent is hard, I had a traumatic birth experience, I struggled with postpartum anxiety and insomnia, and we had a sick baby who would wake herself up throughout the night scratching herself so much from her severe eczema.

It was not awesome on so many levels.

However, the reason everything didn’t fall apart was because our business remained solid the whole time, despite the fact that both of us were working less than half the amount of time we’d worked previously.

So how did we make our money that year?

Digital courses that didn’t require us to trade hours for dollars (or be showered or coherent because we created them before having a kid).

For us, having a thriving digital course business meant we kept it together (barely) during an incredibly grueling year and could be with each other and our baby without having to worry about how we were going to make money.

For others, having a thriving digital course business means being able to homeschool their kids, travel to spend a month or more with family that lives far away, not needing to have as many (or any) 1:1 clients, being able to leave a job that feels soul-sucking, or being able to keep the doors open to the business that they love.

What might having a thriving digital course business mean to you?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to create and launch digital courses successfully.

I don’t have anything special to teach.

I don’t have a big enough (or any) audience.

The digital course world is over-saturated. There’s no room for me.

The tech is too complicated and I can barely navigate my email inbox!

I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It’s too overwhelming.

Turns out, creating a thriving digital course business is not necessarily what you think…and you CAN do it.

Today we have a really special episode of The Kate & Mike Show featuring the QUEEN of digital courses, our dear friend and creator of Digital Course Academy, Amy Porterfield.

In the episode she debunks the common myths about digital course businesses (including the ones listed above), and by the end of the episode you’re not only going to fully get that you can have the kind of freedom digital courses create in your business, you’ll also know how to get started.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to get the 10% edge over the competition that makes all the difference
  • How one woman saved her business by selling 313 units of a $200 digital course on making caramel candied apples – and how you can use her story to inspire your successful course
  • 2 common mistakes that kill course creation success
  • What your #1 priority needs to be if you’re going to have a thriving digital course business
  • The counter-intuitive, but incredibly effective, strategy for deciding what to teach
  • How to determine which content to give away for free and what to charge people for (this is GOLD!)
  • How to stay ahead of the curve in the digital space

And so much more!

The Surprising Secrets Behind Digital Course Creation and How to Create a Profitable "Do Less" Business with Them with Amy Porterfield

In This Episode

  • Who can create a digital course and the prerequisites required [9:22]
  • A success story of one of Amy’s students and her online course launch [12:29]
  • The biggest mistake Amy has made since she started offering digital courses in 2011 and the top mistakes others are making [16:32]
  • Why digital course creators need to be prioritizing their email lists [22:00]
  • Why Amy pivoted her business from being known for Facebook Marketing [24:55]
  • How to know what people will actually buy [26:34]
  • What teaching too much content in your course will do to your students [27:09]
  • The ways that Amy has evolved over the last decade as an online business owner [34:23]
  • How you can make money while you sleep with digital courses [40:23]
  • The current trends she’s seeing in the online space and the best ways to stay ahead of the curve [44:44]
  • The “secret sauce” that makes Amy such a good teacher [48:59]

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  • This is valuable content! And the connection and communication between the three of you was very enjoyable to listen to. Thank you for bringing such a great value to your podcast listeners. I’m in the process of planning and creating online courses, coming from a one on one canine coaching business. During this podcast I had a brilliant idea that I can’t wait to share as my first course!!!

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