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Episode 143: Your Period, Moon + Cyclical Living Questions Answered!

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The number one thing I’ve heard since making the rounds on all the podcasts and launching Do Less is that people’s minds are blown by the information about cyclical living and how we have this inner blueprint for productivity that no one has ever taught you…until now.

It’s pretty straightforward if you have a normal, healthy, regular 28-day menstrual cycle, but there are so many reasons that may not be the case.

Pregnancy. Menopause. Being a man. Bleeding on the full moon. Hormonal birth control. An IUD. Breast cancer treatment. Nursing. Irregular cycles that vary between 17-43 days. PCOS. Perimenopause. Working in a corporate setting that doesn’t support this whole cyclical living thing.

Since Do Less came out, my DM’s and our inbox have been filling up with your questions about your period, the moon, and how this whole cyclical living and planning thing works for your specific situation.

So, Mike and I recorded a brand-new, incredibly meaty episode of The Kate & Mike Show to answer all of your cyclical living and planning questions.

(Well, mostly I answered your questions and then Mike asked me more.)

Here’s what we covered:

  • How do you plan for your cycle if you’re pregnant, nursing, in perimenopause, or are past menopause?
  • The cyclical macrocosm of pregnancy and how the trimesters align with the phases of the moon/menstrual cycle/seasons and how that may impact your creativity and productivity.
  • How does this work if you’re on hormonal birth control or have an IUD?
  • How do men’s cycles work? How can we support the cycles of the men in our lives? (We really got into this one and answered it a way you probably wouldn’t expect.)
  • My personal, very efficient period, new moon, and full moon rituals.
  • What to do when you bleed on the full moon vs. the new moon.
  • How to change the timing of your cycle if you desire.
  • Best practices for the luteal phase when you’re feeling prickly and low-energy.
  • How do you marry your own menstrual cycle with the lunar cycle and what do you do with that information?
  • And so much more!

If you’ve had questions about how your energy cycles, productivity cycles, and creativity cycles work, I’m 99% sure we covered it in this episode.

Plus, even if you don’t think you have a cyclical living question, I guarantee we’ll answer a question in this episode you didn’t even know you had.

Once you’ve listened, we want to know:

What was your biggest insight from today’s episode? Do you have more questions that we didn’t cover? How will you use what you learned in your business and life?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

Your Period, Moon + Cyclical Living Questions Answered!

In This Episode

  • How pregnancy is a macrocosm of the menstrual and lunar cycle, and a breakdown of each trimester [11:40]
  • What someone can do to support their pregnant partner [15:20]
  • Why Kate recommends following the moon to navigate the ups and downs of energy, and the tools she uses to do this [24:25]
  • How people who don’t have a period can still benefit from tracking the lunar cycles [30:08]
  • The best practices for marrying the moon and your menstrual cycle [36:42]
  • How to change our culture’s conversation around this topic [41:20]
  • What to do if you’re in a work or corporate setting [49:13]
  • The various ways that the cycles affect men as well as women [54:15]

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  • Connie

    Hi Kate! where is the link for the 90-day moon/cycle tracker you mention on the episode? Very excited to give that a try!

  • Tegan Goodridge

    Hi Kate😊 I love your podcast, especially doing it with your husband who is so fun to listen too. I only just started with your final episode and now going back wards.
    You mentioned an astronomer in this podcast but I can’t find her when looking online. I am most likely mis spelling her name! Jennifer …?
    Thanks for all you do, I am binging your podcasts and Facebook lives and writing in my lunar tracker which I am obsessed with! Your FB live with Darcy S was so great(she’s a friend and fellow PP doula).
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and amazing insight into all things!

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