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Episode 140: An Unorthodox Tool for Ramping Up Your Productivity

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This week Mike and I are talking about my favorite unorthodox tool for ramping up your productivity: prioritizing your body.

In it you’ll hear:

  • An incredibly simple tool for organizing your workflow that will have you palming your forehead with how obvious (yet overlooked) it is
  • The daily practice that Richard Branson holds responsible for his business success
  • A revolutionary approach to your work life that will change how you do everything (and make everything way easier and more productive)

Once you’ve listened in, we want to hear from you.

Which strategy will you try out? What have you noticed already from putting your body first and your business second? What kind of resistant thoughts come up when you hear us talk about body first, business second? Leave us a comment and let’s continue the conversation!

Having a body is the great equalizer for all humans. Yes, all bodies are not built the same, nor do they all have the same abilities, but on a fundamental level they all work the same. And they can be the source for all of our best work when we learn how to tap into the supply.

Listen to this week’s episode because this perspective shift is critical for sustainable results in your work and life.

An Unorthodox Tool for Ramping Up Your Productivity

In This Episode

  • What “Body First, Business Second” means and how it’s changed our approach to business [19:53]
  • Why it’s so important to use more feminine energy in business [21:35]
  • What happens when we give our bodies what it needs [22:55]
  • Where a woman’s real place of power is [24:30]
  • The type of business that Kate wants [30:20]
  • Why our bodies are the great equalizer [38:43]
  • A framework we can use to put our bodies first and businesses second [40:40]
  • How Mike now practices putting his body first and what he pays attention to in his daily life [44:18]

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Christina Neuner Patricia Moreno Regena Thomashauer Terri Cole James Wedmore Meggan Watterson Andrew Yang Dr. Christiane Northrup Howard Thurman Amy Purdy Ali Stroker (Oklahoma) Richard Branson

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