Episode 129: How to Connect with Influencers and Grow Your Network Without Being a Weirdo

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Are you looking to connect with influencers and grow your network and, as a result, your business? We believe that anyone can do this, but, as with anything, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Today we’ll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our own experiences of building relationships to help put you on the right path to connecting authentically with the people who influence you.

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How to Connect with Influencers and Grow Your Network Without Being a Weirdo

In This Episode

  • An update on the latest book launch and how you can help spread the word [9:00]
  • The power in who we surround ourselves with [14:05]
  • What happened when Kate committed to filling a recent event [21:20]
  • How she let people know they were seen and wanted them there [24:05]
  • What to remember when looking to connect with influencers [28:00]
  • Who is an influencer…[33:20]
  • An example of how Kate recently brought people with her on the journey [47:48]
  • Why “Do Less” can be triggering [50:35]

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People Mentioned

Sarah Kathleen Peck Stu McLaren James Wedmore Jen Pastiloff Brandi Sellers-Jackson Lori Harder Jenné Claiborne Andrew Yang Marie Forleo RuPaul Licia Morelli Patrice C. Washington

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