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Episode 128: Eliminate Career Confusion and Boredom Using the Genius Habit with Laura Garnett

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Today’s guest is our friend Laura Garnett, performance strategist, TEDx speaker, and the creator of The Genius Habit – with a brand-new book of the same name – and what she has to share today is guaranteed to change the way you think about what you do on a daily basis.

Laura is a tracker, and she shares the ways she tracks everything from her workouts, to sleep, to money (and how you can, too). She’s also created an amazing performance tracker that is helping executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs implement tracking to improve their own lives.

Think work has to be something that you dread? It absolutely does not have to be this way, and Laura will show you how you can create more joy, productivity, and ultimately fulfilment in your personal and professional life.

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Episode 128: Eliminate Career Confusion and Boredom Using the Genius Habit with Laura Garnett

In This Episode

  • Laura’s tracking strategy and the tools she uses [7:28]
  • What it allows her to do – and how you can start tracking things too [10:33]
  • What people in career transition can do to hone in on their zone of genius [15:41]
  • Her emotional wounds and what effect it has on how she works with clients [18:00]
  • Why achievement isn’t happiness [19:58]
  • The concept of “ditching your mentor” [23:58]
  • Laura’s intentions for writing her new book [28:08]
  • Ways to start looking inside ourselves for the answers [29:38]
  • Myths that society tells us [36:14]
  • How to get men to ask for help more often [40:18]
  • The dark side of power [45:08]

Selected Links from the Episode

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Cry Like a Man by Jason Wilson

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Brené Brown  Andrew Yang

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