Episode 125: Tiffany Dufu: Drop the Ball: Achieving More By Doing Less

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Today we have Tiffany Dufu, the author of Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less, as well as the founder and CEO of The Cru, a peer coaching service for women looking to accelerate their professional and personal growth.

Tiffany’s book is a game-changer, especially if you’re in a partnership where you know shifts need to be made. You’ll hear her fascinating insights on how the workplace is benefiting from the gifts and talents of women, how we have not kept up with this progress on the homefront, and how we can start changing this today.

In this episode, she shares how to ask for help, ways to say no and set boundaries, her home management system called “MEL,” and so much more. A lot of what Tiffany discusses are things that we’ve struggled with ourselves, so we hope you’ll get as much from this conversation as we have.

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In This Episode

  • The “Drop The Ball” evolution Tiffany and her husband have gone through [5:50]
  • Her process for determining the highest and best use of her time [11:10]
  • How she knows they’re on the right track [15:00]
  • Powerful exercises Tiffany recommends others do [18:35]
  • What The Cru is about and how she’s making it a reality [20:48]
  • The business model for The Cru [25:00]
  • How Tiffany connects with and supports women [28:10]
  • What is “MEL” and how she and her husband use it [33:40]
  • Why her book is a must read right now [37:10]
  • Who is her own Cru and the conversations that they’re having [41:08]
  • How to say “No” and develop boundaries [47:15]
  • The most strategic way to get people to believe in you [41:40]

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