Episode 124: Wednesday Martin, PhD: Female Sexuality, Parenthood, and the Future of Monogamy

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Today we’re chatting with the super fascinating Wednesday Martin, PhD. In this episode, we go to a lot of places we’ve never gone before on this podcast.

Wednesday has worked as a writer and social researcher in New York City for over two decades, and she’s here to share about her latest book, Untrue, where she talks about the new research on female sexuality, monogamy, non-monogamy, and more!

You’re going to hear why nearly everything we believe about women, lust, and adultery is wrong, and how the new science can set us free. If you’re in a relationship or are a parent, the insights revealed in this episode will help you navigate both worlds. We can’t wait to hear what you think of today’s interview

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Wednesday Martin, PhD: Female Sexuality, Parenthood, and the Future of Monogamy

In This Episode

  • How Wednesday came to write her short story, The Button [4:38]
  • An exciting project she’s now working on [7:08]
  • How researching her latest book shifted things in her life [12:48]
  • Men and pleasure [16:13]
  • Woman and pleasure [17:38]
  • The effect of kids on marriage [21:08]
  • Ways that marriage has changed [32:38]
  • The role that women are playing in this shift [34:53]
  • Why monogamy may not be the answer for everyone [39:36]

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