Episode 120: Is Automation Killing Business? The Future of the Internet with Breanne Dyck

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If you have an online business, you may have noticed things have been changing. Are you wondering how you can stay connected with your people and be of utmost service? We have been asking this very question, which is why we’re so excited to bring this episode with Breanne Dyck to you today.

With a background in higher education, Breanne is a pioneer in the online training space, opening MNIB Consulting back in 1990. Along with her partner Jill Joevenazzo, Breanne helps companies with their operations, finances, team building, business development, adult learning, and product development.

In this episode, Breanne shares fascinating research on what will really get your customers results, where she sees the online marketing space heading, how we should be looking at automation in our businesses, and so much more.

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Episode 120: Is Automation Killing Business? The Future of the Internet with Breanne Dyck

In This Episode

  • The state of the Internet now and why there’s a disconnect happening [8:36]
  • Kate’s experiences with the power of connection [12:06]
  • How we should be looking at automation [14:10]
  • When it may be time to look at getting more help in your business [18:47]
  • Looking back to the past for online marketing will give us clues on what to do [23:26]
  • What the future looks like for online courses [27:41]
  • The laddering system of learning [42:58]
  • What to really consider when creating content [45:36]
  • The best way to develop a course to maximize results by students [49:20]
  • Breanne’s hopes for the online marketing industry [52:56]
  • The story behind why she named her business “MNIB Consulting” [58:06]

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