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Episode 12: How We Do Our Year In Review and Annual Planning

On today’s show, we share how we plan our upcoming year and why reviewing the previous years are so important when moving forward. We also look at how intentions play a powerful role in creating our lives, and why doing less really isn’t a bad thing!


In this Episode

So here’s what we’ll cover in this week’s episode:

  • Before meeting Kate, Mike didn’t plan out his year but always wanted to do better than the year before [2:54]
  • Kate’s hypothesis is you’ll always get better results if you plan [3:40]
  • Most New Year’s resolutions don’t work because there’s no plan attached to them [4:00]
  • Why energetically, January isn’t a great fresh start time [5:00]
  • Winter is still a good time for reassessing what’s working and what isn’t [9:39]
  • The structure for our planning and what areas we focus on [9:55]
  • What is “digestion” and how does it give you a framework for moving forward in life? [12:40]
  • Our 2016 intentions were…[14:00]
  • Saying “No” will create space [19:15]
  • Coming up with a “guiding word” for the year ahead can keep you on track [19:38]
  • How Kate’s default thinking was she’s not doing or having enough [23:25]
  • There are real psychological benefits to looking back and reviewing your years [24:50]
  • White space gives Kate a feeling of calm now, instead of anxiousness [29:30]

Selected Links from the Episode

Mike’s website Chat & Chew (Kris Carr with Kate) “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer

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  • Jill

    Hi Kate & Mike,

    I am loving the podcast and am very interested in doing the annual review you discussed in this podcast. By any chance, do you have the review topics & questions you ask yourself available in writing anywhere that we can download? Also, there seems to be an issue with the link to Mike’s website….I don’t think it is going to the website you are intending.


  • Becky

    Hi Kate & Mike, I am a big fan of your podcast and all episodes have been enlightening for me. You have totally inspired me to do this end of year review and I am so looking forward to it. I agree with Jill, could you pls make a downloadable end of year revew cheat sheet or workbook? Thx.

  • Erin tashian

    I loved this podcast- it was exactly what I needed as I was contemplating my New Years revelations. Love your connection and energy!

  • Amy

    Hi! Loved this podcast and the two of you! Some really great information. Thank you so much for sharing! I am unable to find the information Mike had put together on his website. Could you please share the link?

    Many thanks!

  • Thanks Kate and Mike : I personally take a whole week the week before Xmas to recap the year and then the first week of January to plan the year ahead ;) It’s a lot indeed but this is MY TIME with my company : no phone, no distraction, just my company and I and I LOVE IT and feel so calm for the whole year knowing where I am going ;)

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