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Episode 118: Reclaim Your Time and Energy: Real-Life Stories of Origin® Empresses

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It’s Kate here, and today I have a very special episode for you. I recorded a conversation with four of our incredible Origin® Empresses, and they’ll be sharing some of the ways they’ve reclaimed their time and energy since becoming part of the membership. Want to do the same? These women inspire me and I hope that they’ll do the same for you!

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Episode 118: Reclaim Your Time and Energy: Real-Life Stories of Origin® Empresses

In This Episode

  • Simran’s background and Origin® experience [1:26]
  • Joanna’s background and Origin® experience [3:56]
  • Naomi’s background and Origin® experience [5:19]
  • Asha’s background and Origin® experience [8:26]
  • How Simran works with the cycles to maximize her time and energy [14:49]
  • The way Origin® inspired Joanna to quit her full-time job and become self-employed [27:02]
  • How the membership has shifted the way she now runs her business [30:04]
  • Resistance that all four women faced in joining and what advice they would go back and give themselves now [36:34]

Selected Links from the Episode

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Joanna’s Website & Instagram

Naomi’s Website & Instagram

Asha’s Website & Instagram

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