Episode 112: How to Not Give Up On Your Dreams, Filmmaking, and Holly Star with Michael Nickles

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Today is a very special holiday episode for you, as our dear friend Michael Nickles joins us on The Kate & Mike Show. Michael is an actor, screenwriter, and director and joins us to share details on his newest film, Holly Star. You’re going to hear how he wrote this script 24 years ago and persevered through so much rejection to see his beautiful idea and story become a reality.

This is the film to watch this holiday season with your family, and we think you’ll be inspired by Michael’s own story of holding onto a dream and never giving up on it.

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Episode 112: How to Not Give Up On Your Dreams, Filmmaking, and Holly Star with Michael Nickles

In This Episode

  • How Michael always knew he wanted to be in the movie business [5:42]
  • Why he decided to prioritize directing over acting [9:15]
  • The value of hands-on experience and strong communication skills in his industry [16:00]
  • His process for interacting and directing actors [22:27]
  • What he looks for when casting for an independent movie [24:10]
  • The story of Holly Star and how it evolved over 24 years [26:11]
  • Why Michael remained committed to filming in Maine [34:40]
  • What having good extras will bring to a movie [37:47]
  • How Kate was involved in Holly Star [41:09]
  • Lessons Michael took from the making of the movie [44:40]
  • Ways the watching movies has changed in the last decade [50:50]
  • Michael’s goal for Holly Star and the motto he had going into the production of it [54:15]

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Steven Spielberg Sandford Meisner Gene Hackman Julia Nickles

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