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Episode 111: Less Phone, More Life: What we’re doing to break the addiction

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In today’s world, most people are using their phones daily, and they’re using them a lot. Have you ever stopped to consider what’s your relationship with your phone? Do you use it to numb something, to kill time, or is it simply a tool for your life and/or business?

In this episode, you’ll hear how both of us view our phones and the steps we’re taking to make sure we’re not allowing them to control our lives. If you’d like to have an extra 4 hours in your day, you can join Kate for Less Phone, More Life, with all the details at!

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Episode 111: Less Phone, More Life: What we're doing to break the addiction

In This Episode

  • A follow-up on Mike’s health and his message for people sending well wishes [1:12]
  • How Kate helped relieve her anxious feelings around the holidays [9:47]
  • Some stats on phone usage [12:25]
  • Mike’s phone habits [13:27]
  • How he’s reframing his approach [14:38]
  • Ways that technology can affect our sleep [20:21]
  • What Less Phone, More Life is about [23:10]

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