Episode 110: The Story of Kate’s New Book, Do Less + Preorder Details

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Today we are celebrating Kate’s new book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time Management for Busy Moms, which is now up for pre-order, and we’re talking all about it today.

In this episode, you’ll hear why this book means so much to both of us, who it was written for, and how it’s going to help so many people who read it. You can pre-order your own copy – and receive the amazing bonuses we talk about today – by visiting katenorthrup.com/preorder!

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Episode 110: The Story of Kate's New Book, Do Less + Preorder Details

In This Episode

  • Mike’s thoughts on Kate’s new book [5:04]
  • Her writing process [7:22]
  • Mike’s practice of journaling [10:52]
  • Writing spiritually and Kate’s prayer she uses [12:02]
  • What she loves most about her new book [15:12]
  • The amazing bonuses you’ll get by preordering [20:57]
  • Why Kate wrote the book and who it’s for [25:18]

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People Mentioned

Glennon Doyle Dr. Christiane Northrup Russell Brunson Latham Thomas Dr. Shefali Aubrey Marcus

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