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Episode 100: Black Girl in Maine: Shay Stewart-Bouley on Racism, Organization, Island Life, and More

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Today we are talking with guest Shay Stewart-Bouley, who was Chicago-born and raised but is now living close to us here in Maine. Shay is the Executive Director of Community Change, Inc., a civil rights organization in Boston that’s been educating and organizing for racial equality since 1968. Shay writes at Black Girl in Maine and is a TEDx speaker and writer.

In this episode, Shay shares all about what it’s like living on a small Island off the coast of Portland, how we can be active locally in fighting racial inequality, what she’s learned on her recent sabbatical from work, and the organizational and calendar systems that keep her life on track.

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Episode 100: Black Girl in Maine: Shay Stewart-Bouley on Racism, Organization, Island Life, and More

In This Episode

  • Why Shay originally moved to Maine and how her perception of it has changed over the years [5:32]
  • The reasons she started writing about race [7:34]
  • What her work with Community Change, Inc. involves [14:44]
  • What’s has happened in the criminal justice system [19:30]
  • How we can all start taking action against injustice [24:42]
  • What her 6-week sabbatical has looked liked [27:38]
  • The good and the bad parts of “Island Life” [33:02]
  • How Shay navigates her busy schedule [43:47]
  • What she speaks about now and what inspires her [49:35]
  • The thing that is giving Shay a lot of hope at this time [55:13]

Selected Links from the Episode

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Shay’s TEDx Talk, Inequity, Injustice…Infection

Her Blog Post, Downward spiral into hate: A year after Charlottesville, a few thoughts

Community Change, Inc. Theater Ensemble of Color (Maine)

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Working by Studs Terkel

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Horace Seldon

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