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Disappointment is inevitable. Suffering is optional: Glimpse TV with Christine Hassler

So 2014 is winding down. Shocking, but true.

It’s that time when we reconnect with friends and family and take stock of what happened this time we went around the sun.

While this season is festive and filled with love and amazing, it can also be really hard.

A Royal Setup for Disappointment

First, there’s the family stuff. We can put so much pressure on ourselves and our families to have these perfect Norman Rockwell-esque gatherings, where all of our rosy-cheeked kin get together for a cheery love fest.

But the truth is, even if ours is the most functional of families, we’re going to get our buttons pushed one too many times by our nagging sister-in-law or our helicopter mom. We may crave meaningful connections but leave feeling empty or sad that, once again, it just didn’t feel as good as we’d hoped.

Then there’s the fact that we’re coming up on the end of the year. We can’t help but take stock of the months that have passed and ask ourselves, “Was this year as good as I’d hoped? Did I give it everything I had? Did I achieve the things I set out to?”

If you’re an appetitious, goal-oriented type like me, you probably didn’t accomplish everything you’d hoped to this year. And that can leave you feeling disappointed in yourself and not so cheerful.

It Happens to Everyone

What do these scenarios have in common? You hoped something would happen in a certain way and it didn’t. And you feel really bummed out as a result.

It’s an “expectation hangover.”

My friend Christine Hassler just came out with a book on this very topic. Christine defines an expectation hangover as one of these three things:

  1. You don’t get what you want.
  2. You do get what you want but it’s not as great as you thought it would be.
  3. Life throws you an unexpected curveball.

We all have expectations. Sometimes they’re met; sometimes they’re not. Christine tells us what to do when we inevitably find ourselves in Bummerland from time to time.

Christine and I had a chat on Glimpse TV and we talked about:

  • The opportunity in disappointment
  • Why you should milk your “expectation hangover” for all it’s worth
  • How to determine whether your coping strategies are working or not—and what to do instead if they aren’t
  • The difference between an expectation and an intention, and which will serve you more
  • How to avoid an expectation hangover in the first place

Click the image below to watch the Expectation Hangover episode of Glimpse TV.


twitter_standingWhen it comes to disappointment, there’s always a doorway for healing and transformation. ~Christine Hassler (Click to Tweet)

Grab your copy of Christine’s book HERE and get an interview with Dr. Robert Holden and a 10-part video course for free.

Over to you:

What expectation hangover have you experienced? How was it an opportunity for growth and transformation? Leave a comment below—I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Thank you both, enjoyed the video! I love the part where you talk about how we think we failed with he whole personal growth thing because disappointment is still happening to us. ;-)

    • Hey, there is a typo in my post and I cannot correct it. It’s THE and not HE, of course. And I still love the video. So good to remember and acknowledge that we are all human!
      Love to Christine & Kate

    • Kate

      Thanks Wiebke – I loved when Christine pointed that out too!

      • Hey Kate, it’s me again! I managed to order the Christine’s book in Germany, to avoid exaggerated shipping costs and to minimize the waiting time. I wonder if there is a chance to get access to the video series even though I didn’t use one of the recommended links. So I hope I’m asking without attachment and expectations… just thought I should ask for what I want. :-)

  • Sandy

    Wow. Thank you for this. This hit really close to home. It something I needed to watch today.

  • Keren N.

    Hi. I really loved the video! Especially the part when you talked about how we don’t really have control; we can only control our thoughts, or rather their flow. This really helps me right now. I realize that my failure is simply a failure, and I can evolve from that, and not sink into expectation hangover. Thanks!

  • Rosi

    Anyone who has a family business to pass on should make this essential reading! Expectation hangovers everywhere!

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