A Financial Wake-Up Call for Female Entrepreneurs

A Financial Wake-Up Call for Female Entrepreneurs

Wait. Does revenue mean before or after expenses?

Which one is gross and which one is net again?

I forgot to think about how much money I wanted to keep.

I have no idea which of my offerings makes the most money.

I’m just too scared to look at the numbers.

I’ve heard versions of all of these things recently from female entrepreneurs I know who are thriving in many areas of their lives and businesses, yet the money piece remains vague.

Last week I wrote about how, as women, our relationship with money has a lot to do with our relationship with power.

And for female entrepreneurs, this often manifests as fear, avoidance, vagueness, and confusion.

There’s a part of us that knows how powerful we’d be if we finally put on our big girl panties around money. And we’re not sure that our lives, our relationships, our sense of self, or the world can handle it.

I’m here to tell you that your life, your business, and the world not only CAN handle you in the fullness of your power around money, it MUST. Because our future and the futures of our little girls and boys depend on it.

You can be out there leading and making change and impacting people’s lives and even earning great money doing it, but if your money house is not in order, you won’t have the strong foundation to keep doing the work you’re doing in a sustainable way. Eventually, there will be a reckoning.

When it comes to money, what we don’t know can really hurt us. 

A Financial Wake-Up Call for Female Entrepreneurs

Ignorance can be bliss for a little while. And then it won’t be.

You’ll start getting calls from collections agencies.

You’ll realize that a million dollars is not actually a million dollars.

You’ll regret signing the contract too late when you realize that it means you won’t have enough to live on after expenses.

You’ll get hit with a six-figure tax bill that you didn’t see coming.

They’ll take the money and you’ll realize that, even though you didn’t know, by law they can legally take it.

For many of us it’s taken a financial reckoning to finally step into our financial power.

You may have already had it. You may be in the middle of it right now. Or you may be reading this with the sinking feeling in your stomach that it’s right around the corner if you don’t wake up.

Let this be your wake up call.

If you’re scared, find someone you trust to sit down and go through your numbers with you.

Hire a financial professional.

Put together an accountability group of other female entrepreneurs who are ready to wake up financially.

Read my book, Money: A Love Story, and actually do the exercises. (They’re life-changing.)

Start having weekly #MoneyLove Dates.

On the other side of your fear and resistance is power beyond your wildest imaginings. You know it as well as I do. That’s why you haven’t fully woken up yet. Because you’re afraid of what that power will mean.

I’m here to tell you that power will mean shining in every area of your life. Without even meaning to, you will:

Build steadfast relationships on trust and love, not silence and obligation.

Be a beacon of inspiration and permission for the women who come after you to run a business with eyes wide open.

Model what loving power looks like to young women (and men) who look up to you for glimmers of what’s possible for them.

Give voice to the voiceless.

Make space for the previously disempowered to be more powerful, too.

Change the world.

Plus, you won’t get a stomach-ache every time you meet with your accountant, and you’ll actually know how much it costs to make the money you make and where the money is going and how much more is possible where that came from.

(If you’re ready to be the kind of powerful that consciously makes great money while changing the world, I highly recommend my friend Denise Duffield-Thomas’s free video, The Female Entrepreneur’s Map to Wealth, which you can get access to here. Enrollment for her course, Money Bootcamp, is open today. Learn all about it and how you can transform your money mindset and finally earn the income you deserve right here.)

The world needs as many women as possible knowing the truth about their finances and building true security, wealth, and freedom from that place if we’re going to change the way that power is distributed and therefore create the kind of future we want for our kids.

I know you’re ready because you’re reading this. You’re up, babe.


Where do vagueness, fear, or avoidance show up in your finances and/or in your business? What action step are you ready to take to step into your financial power? Tell me in the comments!


  • Another inspiring and thought provoking read this am. Your book was the first encouragement I had around looking at my money story. And it was like, “ahhhh! I am looking with eyes wide shut!”

    I applied it, then eventually started making more and, again found my eyes wide shut.

    Eventually I realized the closer I look the less scarier it really is. We were still hit with a huge tax bill this year, but instead of being afraid of it, I learned to go into it, and plan to pay more quarterly this year. I checked back in with the law of compensation and was super grateful when I wrote the check to Uncle Sam.

    My next thing is to dive into your money Love course, and I know I’ll learn new and apply!

  • So right-to-the-heart of the financial matter, Kate. Tonight I begin attending an 8-week “Course in Abundance” through my church. Mindset/philosophy, accountability, action. My avoidance was showing up an unwillingness to look at my real living expenses (all of them). I did that last night, and now I know exactly how much I need to generate to pay for everything I want.

  • message that women need to hear! thank you

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