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Women, Money, Power, and Business: Surprising Truths You Need to Know

Women, Money, Power, and Business: Surprising Truths You Need to Know

While there are a lot of reasons women struggle with money, including avoidant behavior, not valuing themselves, not learning the money skills they need, and not speaking up for what they want, none of these is the primary cause of the financial struggle. Yet each one of the things I just mentioned is a symptom of the number one reason women who struggle with money struggle:

Our relationship with money isn’t about money. It’s about power. 

Women, Money, Power, and Business: Surprising Truths You Need to Know

Unfortunately, power has gotten a really bad wrap due to public and widespread misuse and abuse of power (primarily by middle-aged white men, a pattern which, thankfully, is crumbling right along with the systems that have dysfunctionally supported this misuse and abuse.)

Power in its most innocent form, though, is simply the ability to do something. It’s totally neutral. The hands into which it falls, however, is what turns it toward altruism or darkness.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Mother Teresa, who said:

“It takes a checkbook to change the world.” 

Women, Money, Power, and Business: Surprising Truths You Need to Know

Like it or not, the majority of our world runs on money. And if you want to do something, it really helps to have some of it.

I’m not talking about needing millions. I’m talking about creating the kind of wealth that allows you to do the things you want with your time and your energy. That is true power.

If you want to get to the bottom of why governments or companies are doing certain things, follow the money trail. Why? Governments and companies want to be able to do things. They want power. And they understand that in our current system, the ability to get things done on a large scale requires access to money.

So, what does this have to do with women?

Well, we’re pretty new to the whole power conversation. In the United States we’ve had the power to use our voice in government by voting only since the year 1920. That’s less than 100 years. And that’s not including voter suppression which denied the right to vote based on race or ethnicity up until 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was signed into law.

But our time has come to step into levels of power never before seen by women. Because the wellbeing of our world depends on it.

I cannot think of a more common source of disempowerment among women than money…nor a more fertile starting ground for coming to terms with our power.

Yes, there’s more to power than money. But I can guarantee you that if you’re experiencing avoidance, chaos, or profound lack in your own financial life, your power in the world will be diminished.

Financial stress takes up a lot of energy. Each of us only has so much bandwidth, and if a big chunk of it is being taken up by financial drama in our lives, the plug will eventually be pulled on our power.

Simply accepting that our relationship with money has everything to do with our relationship with power is a great place to start.

And then doing whatever we can to clean up our own finances so that we can stop leaking our vital energy to financial chaos or avoidance and instead channel it towards our ability to do things in the world:

  • Starting and growing businesses
  • Letting our voices be heard
  • Running for office
  • Leading organizations
  • Being powerful role models for our children
  • Speaking up for change
  • Advocating for those who don’t yet have the power to advocate for themselves
  • Enjoying our lives
  • Doing work that we love that matters
  • And so much more

Ready to overcome your ambivalence toward power and create financial stability, and even wealth, so you can do the things you want to do?

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  • What it really takes to succeed in the new economy.
  • 3 key mistakes that SO many women in business make that keep them broke and burned out.
  • How to eliminate these mistakes and in doing so how it will assure success

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No matter what it is that you desire to do, financial stress will impede your ability to do it because financial stress diminishes your power.

You can do anything you want, and you can have a big impact. Start with your money, and you’ll be amazed by how your ability to do things in the world shifts in dramatic ways.


How do you feel about power? What is it that you’d like to do in the world? Do you see your finances as connected to your ability to do things? Tell me all about it in the comments!


  • Kylie

    Sheesh where to start.
    I’ve been through things that have stripped me bare to a point that has left me scarred but I still get up I see that as power but If I’m honest I think I’m a fraud and weak.
    My little difference to the world, to work with troubled youth as a coach to teach them how to rrecignuse and. own and self love to help them know their essence I also want to open a niche restaurant. I simply haven’t made a move because I have no money to put down for qualification or starting a business

  • CJ Longenecker

    This article gave me goose bumps! Thank you, XOXO

  • To me power is about reconnecting to ourselves. We are abundant by nature but it has “eroded” with our negative experiences and limiting beliefs.

    I would like to see more women stepping into their power and express their truth through their life.

    Having money certainly create freedom and choice. With money, I can run my business in a sustainable way, which in return create a ripple effect to transform the world.

  • Linda

    I am married to a difficult volatile man who uses his wealth as a source of power. I work full time and would not be good at managing money! I really need to sort this to get power back in my life

  • Jennifer

    This article was written for me, thank you! I am in the middle of cleaning up my financial mess and creating an online job that I can do at home to help with some of the debt. I feel crazy about my rent and my landlord because I don’t have this under control yet, but I realize now that it is their business and they need their money, just as I need mine. I’m healing and moving forward. And life is good!

  • Danielle

    Thank you for shedding light onto so many of the dark shadows that can remain in our blind spots and shadows. So important to recognize where we give our power away and choose not see our value and worthiness. I love as always everything and everyway you use your power to help others. You are an angel to me

  • Yvette

    The first thing that comes to mind about power is that it is a lot of responsibility. Also, that it’s not totally ok to ‘stand out’. Yet, I get intellectually how important money is to me to be able to have control over my schedule and be able to do things I enjoy (like have good food, travel). I haven’t really considered the link between money and power in my own life before but I’m interested to get my head around this concept!

  • Mel

    It speaks true to me. As someone who has spent most of her working life supporting other through their own trials and tribulations it’s a huge difficulty for me to accept I have failed it via not giving myself enough time to take account of my needs and responsibilities and regularly use the avoidance technique…I have tried numerous times and failed numerous times..almost as if days has other ideas and yet I am not a fatalistic thinker generally.
    Health is poor and emotional health is good but it does fluctuate when physical health is poor.
    I have eaten good food and travelled well but am unable to do so now and for the foreseeable future due to health limiting earning power.

  • This is BIG. When I read your book and did the exercises I discovered an old message of Power = Abuse. I have done a lot of work to rewire this message and know that I’ve grown a huge amount when it comes to money and power, but right now I am having all sorts of wild feelings and old messages pop up about money and power as I enter into marriage! My fiancé is a wonderful model for financial wellness and we have lots of open and honest conversations, but whew – it’s still challenging from time to time! Thanks for the reminder to support myself in this area. Lots of love. xoxo

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