7 Specific Ways to Manifest Anything You Really, Really Want

This post was originally meant for a small, specific segment of our community. But, as I wrote it I realized that it applies to absolutely everyone. I didn’t want you to miss out, so I decided to include you too!

A fabulous question came across our #MoneyLove Business group this week, and I thought it deserved an entire blog post.

The question was how to save up enough money or manifest enough money to pay for something we really, really want. (In this case the woman was asking about B-School, but it applies to anything.)

Whether B-School is right for you or not this year, read on because these tips will help you get more of what you want in any area of your life.

7 Tips for “Finding” or “Manifesting” Money for Something You Really, Really Want

  1. Declare and commit.

I LOVE this quote because I’ve found it to be so true in my own life:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets: ‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it./ Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.’ Begin it now.”

~W.H. Murray

How does one commit? Start taking action. Make your intention public. Make a down payment. Put your money where your mouth is. Take the first step.

Miraculous things happen when we are committed. The Universe meets us more than halfway. Then, when your instinct tells you to call someone, visit a certain store, or go a new route home, listen to it. You never know how the Universe will show up! (Read the story at the end for proof.)

  1. Do a ritual.

Creating a ritual around your intention is incredibly powerful. Each time Mike and I want to manifest something (like a financial goal) we sit on the floor together with our citrine crystals. We light a candle, hold hands, and pray out loud together. We speak our desires in the present tense and surround them in Divine Love. It doesn’t matter so much what the ritual is (but usually mine involve a candle and a crystal). It matters that you mark your intention with a conscious action that acknowledges the Divine.

  1. See it as already done.

Every day, as often as you can, see your desire as done. If it’s a sum of money, see it in your bank account. If it’s a material item you desire, see yourself joyfully enjoying that item. If it’s a class you want to take, see yourself soaking in the knowledge and energetically implementing it in your life/business. Our unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between something that’s actually happening and something that we’re visualizing. Use as many senses as possible as you imagine your desire coming into fruition. You may even want to write it out like a movie script in the present tense and then read over it a couple of times a day.

  1. Thank the angels.

My friend Kyle Gray taught me the power of praying to the angels. But, the idea is not to ask them for things. It’s to thank them for things in the present tense. So, an example would be: “Thank you, angels, for the money needed to pay for B-School manifesting in my life quickly, easily and now.” The angels (and lots of other helpers) are here to support you always. You just have to invite them to the party.

  1. Shave.

I’m not talking about your pits, legs, or lady parts: I’m talking about your expenses. My friend, women’s wealth expert Barbara Stanny, suggests looking at our monthly expenses and then seeing where we can “shave” a little bit. Would you be willing to shave a bit off your clothing budget in honor of your desire to invest in your growing business? Would you be willing to shave off your restaurant budget in honor of your desire to create a cushion fund for yourself of 6-12 months of living expenses? Where would you be willing to shave your expenses in honor of your desire? Often just a tad of shaving in a few areas makes a significant difference. It’s not about living with less. It’s about investing in the things that you truly value and therefore living more.

  1. Look around the house.

Most of us have furniture, electronics, clothing, rugs, art, and/or other items lying around that we no longer use. And you know what happens when we hold onto things we don’t use? The energy of our life, our chi, gets stagnant. And so does our financial energy. Free up your financial energy by selling what you no longer use. It’s amazing how much value you have lying around that someone else would be thrilled to receive. When you really want to purchase something, look around for what you can let go of and sell, so you can welcome in the thing you really want in its place. This keeps you in the flow of giving and receiving rather than only in consumption mode.

  1. Where can you add value?

We earn money in exchange for offering something of value. You have incredible gifts and talents that add value to the world. Likely, you take most of them for granted (probably the most marketable ones!) So think about what people ask you for help with, what people thank you for, and what people ask you for advice about most often. Could there be a side hustle in there somewhere? Are you great at coaching people on their careers and helping them buff up their resumes? Have you been doing this for free for years? Hang up a shingle and ask your friends who you’ve helped for free to spread the word about your new career coaching service. If you’re stuck in terms of starting something on your own as a freelancer, pick up a few hours at a local seasonal place that needs the extra hands short-term like L.L. Bean around the holidays. (That’s a Maine example for you.) If you open your eyes to the possibilities, there are always ways to add more value around you. And you can always receive value in return (financial and otherwise) when you start giving it out. Keep your eyes open, ask around, and the opportunities will appear.

A Powerful, Real-Life Manifesting Story

Now, here’s a powerful story about manifesting that was shared with me this week. You must read it because it so perfectly demonstrates the miracles that can ensue when we step up and commit to our desire:

This is for anyone who is still trying to wrap their head around spending this cash on B-School:

I first heard about B-School about 3 years ago. Every year, I’ve said “next year, I’ll do it!” Every year, I don’t. This year, I’ve been watching all the videos from Kate Northrup, Danielle LaPorte, Gabby Bernstein and getting so jazzed about it all, I can’t contain myself. I’ve had inspiration hitting me like never before and I’m feelin’ GOOD.

So I said “next year, I’m doing this.” I opened a B-SCHOOL bank account, figured out I have to save $160 per month to have enough for next year, and continued to let the inspiration fly… but it still didn’t feel right.

Then it hit me. Why am I waiting when I finally feel ready NOW? So I said “fuck it!” And I’m signing up for B-School this year! I don’t have the money, but that’s JUST AN OBSTACLE. I’ll figure it out.

The very next day at work, I got a phone call from a number I assumed was telemarketing, but for some reason, I didn’t hesitate to pick it up. It was a woman interested in buying my old car (I posted the ad months ago and haven’t heard from anyone) and about 5 minutes into a lovely conversation, I realized she was offering me the exact amount of money I need for B-School…. I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of love, that I had to grab the table to prevent myself from falling over.

If anyone is still trying to wrap their head around putting $2000 out for B-School like I was, ASK FOR IT!! Even if this deal for my car doesn’t work out, it’s just reminded me that we always have options. We always have support. We are always being looked after. Just ask, believe, and listen! I’m so excited. Sending my love to you all!

~Heather Stone

How’s that for inspiring? There’s nothing like a good manifesting story to remind us how beautiful of a world we live in.

When we celebrate synchronicity we open the flood gates for more manifesting. (Tweet it!)

Celebrate your own manifesting. Celebrate other people’s stories of manifesting. Keep a running tab of the miraculous things that happen in your life. The more you pay attention to them the more you’ll attract more miracles.


Which of the 7 tips did you resonate with the most? What other manifesting tips do you have? Leave your answer in the comments below – I love collecting manifesting wisdom, so I can’t wait to hear what you have to add to the conversation!

If B-School is in your manifesting plans,get your name on the VIP B-School list for next year here.


  • Hi All!
    I have been at b – school last year. And i have registered with absolut no money!!!!! And also with no credit card…. i didnt have one. But i just felt, YES!!! THATS WHAT I WANT!!! THATS WHAT FEELS REALY GOOD!!!! And EVERYTHING, REALY EVERYTHING WENT ABSOLUT FINE!!! I have heard about b school 5 days before registration closing!!! So there was not much time. But life has absolutly supported me!!!! and i got all the money, a friend borought her credit card…. and this miracle or just life creation happend very well!!!
    Lovely greeting, Kat

  • I applied for a British Airlines Credit Card (which happened to give me the best Frequent Flyer points for international travel-two free tickets with a $2000 charge the first month) and just let the rest happen!!
    Thanks Kate and Mike, and of course Marie and all of her wondrous content!
    Cheers, Paula

  • I really resonated with #2 (Do a ritual) and #4 (Thank the angels). My ritual is to write in my journal whenever I want to manifest something. It’s my way of putting it out there. I also thank the Universe for all that I have in that moment and all that I have in the future. The Universe has a way of making things work out when you prove that you really want it.

  • manifesting and dreams coming true. sold my car, closing out an old chapter in my life. bought a new car that better fits my life and financial freedom; Her name is Indigo. i am creating a $500 buffer in my checking account for the first time in two years. today, i am ready to make my first installment for B School today through this Affiliate. i gathered other things to sell and free up energy, too, so the process is still in progress.
    honestyly K & M, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our 21 day challenge, with all of it’s beautiful shifts, feeling worthy of my new investment, and able to manage a new container of my business.
    i generated a short list of workshops to run to add more value yet am not feeling rushed to implement it.
    before doing my enrollment today i will light another candle. been doing blessings all along the way.
    thank you so much!

    • Kate Northrup

      Well done Erin – way to take the bully by the horns and manifest and make it happen! So glad that the 21-day challenge was a turning point for you.

  • This is very inspirational Kate, I loved reading this. I’m also currently reading your wonderful book “Money: A Love Story” – you got me doing the 21 day challenge to write down things I value about myself! Wow, didn’t realize how challenging this would be, but I’m doing it, woo!

  • I LOVE when you say, how does one commit? By taking ACTION! I think a lot of people think manifesting is something that just happens on a cushion… clear and dedication action needs to be taken. Working WITH the universe in sync.
    Great article Kate!


  • Mark

    I forgot about this truth
    We speak of others have often told me. it seems you always get what you want
    well I spent countless hours practicing with strong belief always worked. Retired now but still could use a few things to bring about in my life haven’t practiced for years it’s time I tune in and get started with a sound and clear mind I’m going to bring about a newer four wheel drive suv to save gas spare the world some wast sell my truck and and do what I must to be more efficient in my life check back in six months let’s see how it goes iv got the car in mind i have driven it I see my self in it and feel it spending less money at the pump saving a little carbon in the world and I feel good about it

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