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3 Spiritual Tools to Help You Grow Your Business While Doing Less

3 Spiritual Tools to Help You Grow Your Business While Doing Less

This is for people who forget to pray, especially when it comes to their businesses.

The beautiful thing about the fact that more and more people are being raised outside of organized religion is that we’re free to find our own spiritual connection beyond the hierarchy and dogma that many organized religions espouse.

The bummer is that many of us forget our connection to Source (feel free to use God/Goddess/the Divine/the Universe or whatever other word feels resonant to you here) on a regular basis.

And even if you’re someone who considers themselves spiritual, how often are you bringing your spiritual practices into your business?

We’ve been taught that the only way to grow our businesses is to invest our sweat equity, pay our dues, and implement all the strategies (while being careful, of course, not to forget that the more we do by ourselves and the harder it is, the more valuable we are).

Our indoctrination into the school of hard work has made so many forget that their spiritual practices (if they have them at all) do not have to be relegated to their yoga mats, meditation cushions, altars, and pews.

And it’s not until things get extraordinarily difficult (hello, 2020!) that we call upon that which is greater than our human personalities or abilities as a last resort.

Why is it that so many of us have to be brought to our knees before we remember to pray?

Let this be your reminder that you can call on Spirit/Source/God/Goddess/The Universe before you begin to feel desperation. Methodically, even.

And when you do, you don’t have to do nearly as much of the 3D stuff in order to get the results you want.

Here are 3 of my favorite spiritual tools that I use on a near daily basis in business:

  • The Universe’s To-Do List

Part of the Do Less Weekly Planning Ritual is writing out The Universe’s To-Do List before you write your own. It’s an essential part of the Do Less Planner because it helps remind you at the top of the week that it is not up to you to make everything happen. Delegate to the Universe early and often. You’ll be AMAZED by how much gets handled without you having to do much at all. (Thank you to Abraham Hicks’ book Ask and It Is Given for inspiring this practice.)

  • Prayer

I wasn’t raised within any kind of organized religion, so my relationship to prayer is a very personal one. I say prayers of thanks, I say prayers asking for the angels’ help and guidance, I sit at my altar in the morning before my work day and pray for things that feel hard or unclear (like an issue with a team member or a decision about an opportunity) to be clarified or resolved. To me, prayer is an affirmation that everything is not up to me and that there is help available at all times, both seen and unseen. I use it liberally because it’s free and powerful.

  • Oracle Cards

I know I’m not the only one who gets lost in my head and can tend to think things to death. Oracle cards (and tarot cards) are a wonderful way to get out of our heads and see situations more clearly. I find that while my head can play tricks on me, the cards don’t lie. I recently had a tricky situation and pulled a card from my Angel Guide Oracle deck by my friend Kyle Gray that seemed out of left field and like it didn’t apply. So I put the card back in the deck and reshuffled and pulled again. Same card. I pulled cards the next day about the same situation. Same card. When our head doesn’t want us to know something, the cards can help us get clarity faster and with less friction.

When you bring your spiritual practices into your daily business life, things get easier. Opportunities arise that wouldn’t have been available if you stayed stuck in your attachment to doing everything yourself. Friction and static reduce. Flow increases (financially and otherwise).

There is A LOT going on that we cannot see or touch, but if we make it a practice, we can feel it and we can use it for our businesses and lives.

Make your spiritual practices part of your business strategy, and you’ll be amazed by how much more you can get done while doing less!

Need more support and suggestions when it comes to spiritual practices and business? 

We’re focusing on Using Spiritual Tools to Grow Our Businesses While Doing Less in my membership, Origin, in the month of January. I created a guide with 29 different spiritual tools and practices you can use to grow your business while doing less, plus we’re doing an In-Depth Group Coaching session to help you personalize your practice and tap into peak abundance and flow!

If you’re not already part of Origin, get on the waitlist because we’ll be doing a flash waitlist opening soon!

What are your favorite spiritual tools? How do you incorporate them into your business? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!


  • Kate – you know I love this! I have been dedicating my morning prayers to being led and guided in my business, and it’s worked! I feel so calm and peaceful as I enter the new year. This is the perfect guidepost to remind me to keep going!

    Thank you for this reminder!


  • Carrie Sjostrom

    I practice Qi Gong which helps me to stay balanced, centered and connected. Anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed I stop, throw on some Qi Gong and meditate in motion. Love and light to you!

  • hi kate, im from mexico, i follow you since you wrote your book “money, a love history”… im apologyze about my english jejeje. im learning about enjoy my life and my bussiness. everything is new to me and sometimes it feels that im lost. but chen i read you or see you en social media, i feel peaceful. you are a beatiful mirror and inspiration for me. Send you hughs from mexico city.

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you so much Ana! I truly appreciate your message. Knowing that I’m bringing peace to your days makes me smile!

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