Two Money Blocks in Your Home and How to Fix Them

I don’t talk much about the fact that I used to have a professional Feng Shui consulting business, but I did.

Helping people arrange their space to support fulfilling their dreams is something I adore doing. I stopped offering consultations to the public because I didn’t love the business model of trading hours for dollars. So for the past several years I’ve just consulted here and there for family and friends for fun.

Recently, though, I realized that I’ve been sitting on all of this Feng Shui knowledge and it’s time to share it because it can really help people.

There are two specific things that a lot of people have going on in their homes and offices that, from a Feng Shui perspective, are energetic blocks to money.

Since I can’t come to your house to check out your space (as much as I’d like to), I shot a video so you can learn what the two most common Feng Shui money blocks are— and how to fix them, because I can’t imagine just telling you the problems without the solutions!

Click on the image below to access the video.

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I’d love to hear how you shift your space to clear up these money blocks. Leave a comment below—Feng Shui success stories are my favorite!

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  • C. Brown

    Tried again, got it. Clutter, whew! Thanks…$$$ to the New Year!!!

  • I had never considered Feng Shui in my office. I watched your video and immediately moved my desk to face the door. Wow. I really feel like I am ready to bring on 2015! I had a gorgeous water view but my back was to the door. Now I can still see the water but am also facing the door. I have been looking for a resource to open my mind to bringing in more money, so I also just ordered your book! Thank you for your authenticity Kate!

  • At work I unfortunately have little control over my desk. My back does face the door and it drives me crazy. I originally requested that it be set up so I was sitting the other direction but that didn’t happen. I have a small mirror in front of me so I feel a little less threatened. I could probably use a much larger mirror!

  • Carmelita

    I watched your video yesterday. Started cleaning out my closet. Later that evening I sold a case of REV3 to the owner of a new restaurant was picking up food for our Chrustmas party at work.Then at work I won the $50 First Prize in our Lucky Money drawing! Now to rearrange my work area in the power position. Thanks Kate!

  • elizabeth

    I love when I learn something that reaffirms my intuition! For months now I have been moving clutter with the intention of creating space for something new. Also, as I am just seting up my home office, I chose the side facing the door even though I have a huge bay window behind me! If feels right. Thank you for sharing your skills and talents. I just LOVE all that you share. Your laugh is the most comforting thing to me. It is GREAT!!

  • Charmaine

    Question, will I need to get a compass for the Feng Shui class?

  • Melissa

    Thank you Kate!! I FELT A MAJOR DIFFERENCE making these shifts in my home office! Like a new energy rushing through me and another feeling I have never felt before, I think its weight coming off my shoulders. I can breathe more easily. My back has always faced the door because I loved looking out my window. But now, I feel so much better!

    Thank you for sharing <3 I appreciate it very much! <3 Big Hugs to you Chica! Happy Holidays!!

  • Deb

    Feng Shui blocks … intriguing!
    Unfortunately, my server wouldn’t allow me to access your video, from two different browsers!
    I’ll try again soon, from another site.
    Looking forward to learning more.

  • Fiona

    Hi Kate, my wealth corner is a boiler cupboard (empty other than that) on one floor and an empty corner on the second floor. How can I create a wealth area in them?

  • sharon

    Hi Kate

    Thanks for the suggestions about office set up. I also have your book — love it What would you suggest regarding placement of a desk if my office has three different entry points — none with a door


  • Sharol

    Hi Kate,

    I’m not able to watch the video. Has it moved?

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