The Closest Thing to Magic That I Know How to Teach

Our neighbor spied us working up a sweat, hands and feet covered in dirt, and inquired what we were up to with suspicion.

Of course we weren’t dragging a dead body around our yard, it just looked like that.

We were actually just dragging a giant pile of dirt that was wrapped up in a tarp out of the wealth and prosperity corner of our backyard.

If you haven’t heard of Feng Shui and how our spaces influence our lives, then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

Here’s the quick and dirty:

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. This philosophy says that the way we arrange our exterior space (our homes, our yards, our offices) affects our lives.

I’ve been a Feng Shui practitioner since high school (even professionally for a few years in NYC) and have seen spectacular results in my own life and those of my friends, family, and clients.

Feng Shui is the closest thing to magic that I know how to teach. ~@KateNorthrup (Tweet it!)

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when you looked out our guest bedroom window, what you saw was a nasty-looking tarp in a heap and a pile of bricks that had been flung there willy-nilly. And according to Feng Shui, our guest bedroom happens to be in the corner of our home that is associated with wealth and prosperity.

(You probably want to know where your wealth and prosperity corner is, right? Hang tight. I’m going to tell you how in a second.)

Not only was it an ugly view for our guests, it also looked like an energetic cesspool.

So I hauled my pregnant belly and my husband out there to stack the bricks in an organized, visually pleasing fashion. Then we moved the dirt/tarp burrito, spread some new soil around the area (to fertilize our prosperity) and folded the tarp nicely. I also added a pretty planter and have intentions of filling it with a beautiful plant soon.

It took us about 30 minutes all in and didn’t cost a cent.

What’s so cool about Feng Shui is that once you learn the basic principles you can use it in every single area of your home and every single area of your life. It’s not complicated. It’s not time consuming. And it doesn’t have to cost any money.

One of my favorite areas to use my Feng Shui skills is in the area of finances.

So, I put together a free video that reveals the two most common money blocks that people have in their homes and offices that are preventing prosperity from coming into their lives.
The video is simple, short, and sweet. It will teach you how to locate the wealth and prosperity area in your home.

Get access to the free Feng Shui video now.

In addition to teaching you how to locate your wealth and prosperity area, I’ll teach you the most common mistake people make in arranging their office (either at home or at work) that keeps them from using their full potential and power in making money. Plus I’ll tell you how to fix it (which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes).

Grab the free video to unblock your prosperity now.

Spending a few minutes watching this video (and then implementing what I teach you) has the potential to make massive waves in your financial life.

I’ve had people manifest unexpected checks within hours of making the adjustments I recommend in this video. The results tend to be on the spectrum of unbelievable.

Grab the video and then, in the comments below, tell me what you implemented and what your results were.

I cannot wait to hear about the miracles you create!


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