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Financial Ease Is a Possibility For You

A few weeks ago I stood in a circle of amazing men and women around a fire pit at a Summer Solstice celebration. Each person was sharing something they were grateful for that they’d manifested since the Winter Solstice 6 months before.

One friend in particular shared that she’s doing work (and getting very well paid for it) that she’s always dreamed of but never thought was actually possible.

It was a theme: experiencing things that they never thought were possible.

Living a life of financial ease is something that many people don’t think is possible…at least not for them.

But it IS possible. And I’ve seen hundreds of people change their financial lives for the better in DRAMATIC ways through my program, The Money Love Course.

We’re offering The Money Love Course for $100 off the regular price for 48 hours only, and I wanted you to be the first to know about it!

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This is a self-study course that you could binge-watch and get through in an afternoon or go through luxuriously over a month or more.

And when you do, you could dramatically change your financial picture…like Grace.

“Since taking this course and putting the principles into practice I increased my income by 60%, I detangled my relationship with money, embraced earning and truly enjoy my weekly Financial Freedom Dates. Now, I happily open bank statements, I understand what’s happening to my money and I love deepening our relationship. Thank you Kate.”

The Money Love Course includes 4 modules (delivered via video or audio – plus written transcript) that cover:

  • Getting Your Head and Heart Screwed on Straight About Money
  • Making More Money
  • Paying Off Debt & Living Luxuriously No Matter What
  • Becoming a Masterful Money Manager

Plus, for your investment of $197 (usually it’s $297), you’ll get 4 bonuses worth $738. They are:

Bonus #1: How to Talk to Your Honey About Money ($97 value): What if money were a source of connection in your relationship instead of strife? This mini-course that I co-taught with my husband Mike will teach you how.

Bonus #2: The Health/Wealth Connection ($97 value): Your relationship with money can profoundly impact your physical well-being. Learn how to use this connection to your advantage to shore up both your finances and your physical health!

Bonus #3: Make a Life, Not Just a Living ($147 value): This bonus is only available during this Money Love Course Flash Sale. It’s a recording of a live workshop I gave where I shared how to revolutionize your relationship with time and productivity to get more of both, how to align your vocation with your values, and more!

Bonus #4: Private Facebook Group with Monthly Live Q&A with me ($397 value): Connect with #MoneyLovers around the world. Find an accountability buddy, share successes, and ask questions. Plus I’ll pop in once a month to answer your Q’s live!

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We’re only offering $100 off The Money Love course plus the Make a Life, Not Just a Living workshop for 48 hours. The offer expires Thursday, 7/13, at 6pm ET, so if it sounds good to you, go ahead and get yourself signed up now!

See you inside The Money Love Course!

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