When it comes to your money, which type are you?

Last week there was some serious eclipse action whispering to all of us, “Let go. Let go. Let go.” And as we let go of what no longer serves us and protect our time and energy for only that which truly lights our souls aflame, it feels like a rebirth.

I started getting über clear on some bad habits of being highly distractible and saying yes to too many things that I need to let go of.

Last week was also tax time here in the USA. This annual event brought to light some systems that Mike and I have in place around our money that are no longer working for us. So we’ll be letting them go. And it illuminated some new opportunities for growth that we’re looking forward to nurturing as we move forward.

Which one of these do you identify with?

Type 1: Round about this time some folks are super duper organized and simply sign a few documents because they turned their paperwork in to their accountants back in January. They keep great records throughout the year, track everything, organize their receipts monthly, and stay financially sane and relaxed.

They may not be thrilled with the amount of their earned income being sent to the government, but the process is a calm, steady one.

Type 2: Some folks throw all receipts, tax documents, and any other money-related piece of paper in a drawer. They vow each and every year to track things monthly so that they don’t have to take a week to swim in the sea of paperwork in order to just barely get their taxes done on time.

But every year they avoid looking at their money stuff until they’re forced to do so. Every year it’s stressful. Every year feels like chaos leading up to April 15th. Many of these folks avoid the whole process altogether because it freaks them out so much and they therefore haven’t paid taxes in a while. The stress of wondering when the IRS is going to come after them seems lower than the stress of actually dealing with their taxes.

So, are you Type 1 or Type 2? Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between?

If you’re Type 1 and you’re the cat’s meow when it comes to financial record keeping and consciousness, tax time may be less chaotic for you. However, you may still feel internal tumult every time you write a check to the IRS, or anyone else for that matter.

Here’s a little tip for you if you’re a type 1:

Every time you send money in to the government, pay a bill, or spend money on anything at all, say to yourself:

“There’s way more where that came from.”

I heard this tip in a recent episode of Marie Forleo’s show Marie TV, and I’ve incorporated it into my life. When I wrote out our checks to the IRS and to the Maine State Treasurer this year, I said the above mantra and immediately felt great about our contributions.

If you’re a Type 2, you probably hate tax time and quite possibly resent the government for making you contribute each year. You may be confused by your finances in general and unsure how to set up the systems to keep yourself on track. You may feel hopeless and like you’re “just not good with money.” It’s possible that you’ve given up all hope of feeling financially sound and abundant — that is, if you ever even had any such hope to begin with.

Here’s a little tip for you if you’re a type 2:

No one was born being good with money. Just like no one was born being able to talk, we’ve all had to learn (some of us more successfully than others) how to deal with the financial side of life. Some of us do so with loving, abundant thoughts and feelings. Others do so while feeling full of doubt, anger, or fear.

But the bottom line is, anyone can learn to not only manage their money, but also to do so in a way that actually feels good and creates more abundance for themselves and others. If you find yourself saying, “I’m not good with money,” cut it out immediately.

twitter_standingAffirming your inability to do something makes you less capable of doing it. Try “I can” instead.

I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t stand to improve their relationship with money. You may be a Type 1 or you may be a Type 2, but everyone (including yours truly) has room to grow.

As we celebrate springtime, renewal, and rebirth, wouldn’t it be fun to consciously build a new, loving relationship with your money?

Over to you:

What are some specific financial habits you’d like to let go of? What new habits would you like to replace them with?

I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below!


  • Type 3- File for extension. Take your time to do taxes when you have more time…No worries, less stress.

    We do our taxes every year eventually.

    Kind of tongue in cheek however we do this often when we are busy.
    Love, Candy

  • Meaghan

    Thanks Kate, I was thinking this morning “I really need to reconnect with Kate’s Money Love message,” So I am glad that I took the time to read this. I hope you are well love!

    What I am releasing, negative affirmations:
    “I am not good with money, I don’t have enough, I struggle”

    What I am choosing to see:

    “I am radically curious, I am divinely capable, I love to actively learn about how to transform my relationship with money”
    I would like to call in more self-confidence when it comes to my finances, any support you have around building your confidence around personal finance would be awesome.

    I’ve been checking my bank account every morning thanks to you! What we put our attention on grows, I proactively say thank you, even when I get anxiety when I look at it.

    Started writing my book! Thank you for that too, I’ve been writing 400+ words a day for over a month and that was inspired by watching you write your book.

    Love to you.

  • Oh I love that mantra! I sometimes deposit checks for other people (at much larger amounts than I have deposited in my own bank account!) and every time I get back that deposit slip, I pretend it is my own. It feels so good! Because one day, I KNOW I will be making deposits of that magnitude. And I just bask in the glow of looking forward to the day that I will! Thanks for another fab post Kate! xo


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