What Is EFT? Stress Management and $ with Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution

the-tapping-solutionEvery day for the past week, I’ve been doing this weird thing that makes me look like a monkey .

It’s called EFT, or The Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping, and I love it!

My friend Nick Ortner just came out with his first book, The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free LivingThis book teaches you how to use this initially kind of strange, but incredibly simple and effective, technique to overcome everything from physical pain to limiting beliefs to childhood trauma.

To celebrate The Tapping Solution getting on the NY Times bestseller list last week, I invited Nick onto Glimpse TV. I wanted to make sure you guys got to meet the adorable man behind this fabulous book. And I also wanted to give you a taste of how easy and effective tapping can be!

In the video below you’ll get:

  • to hear Nick telling his incredible story of digging out of $1 million in debt using EFT
  • to find out what problems you may be having that EFT can help with
  • a live demonstration of using EFT to overcome financial stress, which you can tap right along with while you watch

If you want to see Nick and I looking like monkeys AND overcome your financial stress in as little as a few minutes, watch the episode below.

Get your copy of The Tapping Solution here.

In the comments below, let us know how the tapping was for you! Did you feel better? Do you use tapping regularly? What do you use it for? We’d love to hear from you!


  • I love what you do Kate!

    I did not know Nick’s story; this changes my perspective on his work. I had such resistance with tapping (I agree with you Kate about looking like a monkey LOL ) but his life experience and the results gives EFT credibility.

    I might give EFT another go :)

  • Thank you Kate and Nick for this wonderful interview! I LOVE EFT!!! I tapped on some childhood issues of mine and now the world seems a much safer place. It’s just a miracle and just totally unbelievable the amount of trauma I had been carrying around all these years, and how simple it was to finally let it go!

    Tapping really can and will change the world.

    Roshini XXX

  • Dustienne

    I love the bit about the graphic designer being “close enough” to a filmographer. The beginner’s mind is such a magical space!

  • I’ve heard of tapping for YEARS, but never actually tried it. I did it with you two during the video and am VERY interested in continuing learning and tapping. Thank you for sharing this, I’m excited!

  • I’ve found tapping to be very effective at releasing minor irritants and feelings of stress. In fact, I used it to help me quit smoking by tapping away the desire to smoke. It worked very well, even though I eventually included nicotine gum. Whatever works, eh?

  • EFT is great and it has helped me a lot. I’ve been doing EFT for over a year now and have tapped on perfectionism, self love, procrastination, resistance, surrender, fear, guilt, loving my body, money, love and relationships, health, migraines, and so much more. It has helped me bust through sooo many blocks. Just recently, I tapped on my fear of rejection and how it relates to something that happened during my childhood. It helped me release a lot of pain that I didn’t realize was there.

    I even wrote two blog posts about it, which can be found here: http://www.bigdivahq.com/2010/10/10-pounds-and-inches-later.html and http://www.bigdivahq.com/2010/08/negative-thoughts-are-keeping-you-from.html.

    I just recently heard about Nick Orton, so I will have to check him out. I really enjoy hearing his story and am really proud of all of the great work that he is doing in bringing this gift to the world. If any of you want to find some Youtube videos to try it out, I strongly recommend Brad Yates (fantastic), David Childerly, HealingMagic, and MagnusTapping. When my fiance’ and I broke up, I did Brad Yate’s Tapping Through a Break Up video. I cried so much the first time, but I recognize that the tears were my way of releasing the hurt and pain surrounding the break up. Every time after that when I did the video, I cried less until I wasn’t crying anymore. It was part of the catalyst that helped me work through the pain. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Tapping or EFT seems pretty ridiculous, but many claim it helps them. I don’t notice much benefit myself. If it works for you, then it can’t hurt! Amazing how sometimes it the simple things that are most effective for some people.

  • Lasolidaire mortel

    It was so amazing. I love eft!!! Tapping helped me a lot, my anxiety, stress and health. Really it’s a miracle.
    A very simple exercise and act like a monkey is fantastic! A miracle cure!

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