Fear of public speaking, self-trust, and coming home: Glimpse TV with Gail Larsen

I used to be terrified of public speaking. I barely slept because I was so anxious the summer I first started doing live USANA presentations. One time in high school I woke up unable to walk the day I had a presentation. Coincidence? I think not.

While I was on The Freedom Tour Danielle LaPorte suggested I go see Gail Larsen for her Transformational Speaking Immersion weekend in Santa Fe. I was eyeballs deep in grappling with my fear about writing Money: A Love Story and crafting a new life for myself. I figured, why not face the speaking fear head-on right along with all the others? Plus, if DLP says to do something, I’m pretty much in every time.

So Mike and I drove from Scottsdale, AZ to Santa Fe, NM and I met Gail. And I was indeed transformed by the weekend.

Here’s what I love about Gail: she’s incredibly sweet and simultaneously fierce as all get-out. She has a profound a way of eliciting one’s true message, or medicine, as she calls it. When I showed up for the weekend I was still totally unclear about what I wanted to say. To be honest, I was pretty unclear whether I even had anything worth saying.

Gail taught me how to tune in to the wisdom of my body and access my “home zone” to tell my story. Working with Gail gave me permission to show up exactly as I was, warts and all, and tell the truth.

She helped me trust my voice.

She helped me see that I have a message that’s important.

She helped me know that I am enough.

While I still get nervous each and every time I step out onstage, I now know how to be true to myself and my message while riding the wave of emotion. I have Gail to thank for a new level of freedom.

To celebrate Gail’s launch of her new program, Transformational Speaking Online, I invited her to be a guest on Glimpse TV.

If you have a fear of public speaking, have ever struggled with self-doubt, or could use some guidance about coming home to yourself, tune in to our episode below.

Be sure you watch until the end, where Gail makes me cry with her articulation of why each of our voices is crucial on the planet.

Fear is excitement without the breath. ~Fritz Perls via Gail Larsen (Click to TweeT)

Want more Gail in your life?

To learn more about Transformational Speaking Online, click HERE.

Over to you:

Have you ever experienced a fear of public speaking? What did you do to move past it? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences! 


  • Great post and video Kate!

    I loved Gail’s advice and it’s something I certainly needed to hear with a fear of public speaking. I love that she said it’s not just about the techniques, that those will come after you find your voice and your home. It’s all about being authentically, beautifully you!


  • Mairead Murphy

    Wow, what an awesome episode of Glimpse TV! Gail Larsen is a treasure, thanks for introducing me to her and her powerful work. I especially loved when she said techniques come after you’ve found your “HomeZone”. I can’t wait to dive deeper into her work. – Mairead :-)

  • Love that episode Kate, it definitely applies across the board to people in the spotlight! It’s really funny because I’m a singer-songwriter composer and it is not hard for me to get up and perform in front of anyone because I have these gifts and talents to fall back on. But when I have to speak in front of people I get really clammed up and really afraid to say what is on my heart to say. One of the ways that I’ve been using recently to get over the fear of speaking is to do a breathing meditation that is very simple and short before I open my mouth and start speaking. That’s help me a lot.

  • Sarah Rodrigue

    Thank you Kate! Again, and again and again. Every episode of Glimpse TV and every email from you gives me a little more faith that I too, will have the courage and self love to voice my deepest truth. Thank you.

  • Oh, HELL YEAH!! Okay… Maybe that’s a bit over the top… SO WHAT! This is brilliant – I’ve felt this way for so long, that I didn’t know the “right” way to speak in front of people, so I couldn’t really justify trying to start trying to get speaking gigs until I take some classes or courses or something. BUT… I’ve been speaking for YEARS. Telling stories, sharing jokes, relaying interesting tidbits. Often in front of informal groups, but groups nonetheless.

    I can do this. I can do this. I can do this!

    Thanks beyond thanks to you both!!

  • So fun! So nice. What a treat. Thank you!

  • This really resonates with me, Kate. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am in B-school (signed up with you!). Do you suggest I wait? I actually have an idea for events related to this type of speaking.

    • Kate

      Great question Phoebe. Do up feel like you have extra bandwidth for this right now? If yes I’d do it now because it’s the only round you’ll ever have access to live coaching calls with Gail which is a huge value add. But if not you can trust that you’ll do it at the perfect time :)

  • Inspiring video a mini course on speaking all by itself. Thantks Kate & Gail.

  • Jeanette

    Hi there, and thanks for the great advice!

    I had a huge fear of public speaking, in fact I lost my voice the day I had to give my first talk, and it took me about a week to get it back again. I faced my fears through by using breathing techniques to centre myself before speaking. I still get nervous, but once I start talking, I quickly get in to my stride, and I actually enjoy it now.

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