This was even better than being on the Today Show.

IMG_5159The day my book launched I was interviewed by Al Roker and Willie Geist on the Today show. It was simultaneously terrifying, exhilarating, and so much fun (especially when Willie asked me a surprise question they hadn’t prepared me for!).

But the truth is I don’t watch any television, let alone the Today show, save the Tonys and the Oscars each year.

There is one show I watch each and every week, however. But it’s not broadcast on television.

It’s exclusively on the web — it’s called Marie TV, and it stars whip-smart, sassy Jersey girl Marie Forleo.


Well, back in the early summer when I was planning my book launch I had a dream of being on Marie TV. But you know what? I was scared to ask.

I made up a silly story in my head that Marie knew I was launching a book and that if she wanted me to come on her show, she’d just ask.

(This was a very clever way of avoiding putting myself out there to risk being rejected.)

Then a friendly unicorn named Kris Carr gave me a swift love-swat when I told her that I wasn’t going to ask because I didn’t want to bug Marie and I figured she’d invite me if she wanted me.

Kris told me to not make any assumptions (chances were good that my book launch was not at the top of Marie’s priority list) and to just write a damn-good pitch for my episode.

Oh my. Thank the lord for girlfriends.

I poured a whole lotta love into my pitch and, much to my delight, got a very warm yes.

Since Marie is a friend of mine and I LOVE her team (Louise, Michelle, Elsa, and the rest of the gang — I love you guys!), the interview was SO MUCH FUN!

What we covered in our conversation is really critical stuff if you want to make more money, take better care of the money you already have, and add more value in the world.

We talked about the 4 biggest money beliefs that might be keeping you broke — and how to change them.

Click below to tune in.

I’m so grateful to Marie for how her work has shifted my own money beliefs. She’s been a critical player in my getting out of debt and creating financial freedom (not to mention an ever-evolving online brand that not only brings in six figures, but which I also find incredibly nourishing to build).

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Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment below about what money belief you’ve identified that is holding you back and what you’re going to do about it.


  • I have REALLY played small in the world. I’ve been on government assistance since about 2001. I am now working with a Job Search team that is government supported, but also have a real dream of doing Voice Over work. My Mom is still helping with the money just to do the demo reels that are required for me to find an agent. I do believe that at the bottom of staying on the system is the idea that I don’t deserve more. I am only starting to believe differently about myself, but still not self sufficient. I do see a shift in my belief system as I SEE how I’ve been taking low paying ‘survival’ jobs for years and not following the path of my dreams.

    • Thanks for the great insight, Rosslyn, that “at the bottom of staying on the system is the idea that I don’t deserve more.” That’s so true. We need to know, really know in our bones that we deserve as much as we need and then we have to really understand what we need. I wish you all the best!

  • Kate, I am a huge fan of MarieTV and I bought your book because of your interview with her. Thanks to Marie, I am now a big fan of your book and your message. Thanks so much for sharing your message.

  • Hi, Kate! I just wanted to leave a quick note to say that I busted through another bad money belief the other day, thanks to you and your book. I was doing some moving meditation (went for a walk), and I could feel my heart telling me that my business will really take off if I’m just myself. It’s been telling me that for months, and I’ve been resisting it. But this time was different. I finally noticed all the negative emotions and thoughts surrounding the idea of “just being myself”, including this whopper – that if I’m myself, I’ll go broke for sure! Just recognizing that was a deeply held belief has made a huge difference as I also know how ridiculous it is. I’m finally starting to kick some business butt! :)

  • Crystal

    Kate and Marie You positively rock. After teaching school for 20 some year I left. I want something different, although I am a great teach I wanted to do something else. The two of you are giving me a new lease on life. I am joining you Kate. You are logical, honest and I am ready!

  • Andrea

    I’ve been using your suggestions to work through some of my financial negativity. A lot of it for me has been working on showing up with my finances and owning them. But watching this video today, I realized I have a recurring negative belief that umbrellas over everything else. I’m in grad school, hoping to work in academia, and I make jokes about the fact that I’m “always going to be broke.” I have just taken that for a fact. There are harsh financial realities about the field I’m going into, but I also have other ways to be abundant, financially and personally. Thank you for this video – I’m going to have to dig a little deeper on some of the money beliefs that I’m not always consciously aware of.

  • Nazish

    So I think I’ve been completely enamoured by Kate since I first heard her speak last year on a short talk for IIN. Your authenticity is so incredible and inspiring! I hope to build a business around sharing real life experiences

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you Nazish! Honesty goes a very long way. I recommend jotting down your stories so that you can have them in the file when you’re reading to start telling them!

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