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The Joy of Seeing What’s Right In Front of You


I was feeding my 14-month-old Penelope dinner the other night, and she started whining and reaching for some food that I had on my plate.

What she didn’t notice is that I’d just placed six beautiful, juicy, organic blueberries down right in front of her. She could have reached them easily, plopped them in her tiny little mouth, and enjoyed the burst of sweetness and goodness that they each held.

But she didn’t see them because she was too distracted by looking at what else was going on around her and seeing what I had on my plate.

When I pointed them out to her, she smiled and got busy shoving them all in her mouth at the same time, as is her tendency when it comes to berries.

Her whole demeanor shifted, and she became the literal embodiment of joy as she discovered the goodness that had been right in front of her the whole time.

It was a great reminder to me to check my immediate surroundings for goodness before I go whining and reaching for things that are outside of my grasp.

Perhaps Little P’s story of the blueberries will be a great reminder of that for you, too.

What we want is often right in front of us if we’ll simply remember to check our immediate surroundings.twitter-logo quotememesblogpost-nov23

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  • Ah Kate!

    You wrote this for me!
    I’ve just been reminding myself in the last hour that I need slow down, notice the present and be thankful for the now. Then I read this :-)

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