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Team Love: Join Meggan Watterson & Me to Support Love146 in Their Work to End Child Trafficking and Exploitation.


We’d been asked an incredibly powerful question and were still stunned by the magnitude of it, and how moved we were as a result.

We sat on the subway making our way back to Manhattan with mascara running down our faces, far beyond the point of trying not to cry.

Meggan Watterson, author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked, and I have been dear friends virtually since the moment we met. And we discovered in that moment, as the trains on the downtown track whirred by, that our hearts were breaking about the very same thing. While the burden of it felt too heavy for either of us to carry on our own, we knew that by holding it together we might actually be able to move forward instead of collapsing.

Thus, Team Love was born. We made a video about it so you can join in on answering the very same question that brought us to our knees

There are atrocities going on around the world so horrendous that sometimes we do whatever we can to stop thinking about them. But that doesn’t help solve the problem.

Holding the weight of the world’s problems together lets us take action rather than stay paralyzed. {Tweet}twitter-logo 45499_quote-meme-for-blog-post-nov-30-option2_112816

Watch the video below to find out what Team Love is, what we’re doing about the thing that breaks our hearts most in this world, and how you can be part of the solution with us.

(Alert: you may want to have a hankie handy while watching. We both cry in the video, and if your vegus nerve is as sensitive as mine, you’ll probably cry too.)

Provide support for Love146’s incredible work at I recommend giving monthly. Give $5 a month. You won’t miss it, and it’s a way to simply and sustainably be part of the solution.

Join our Team Love Facebook group and team up with your sisters and brothers so we can carry the load of our heartbreak together.



I shall ask you the same question Glennon Doyle Melton asked us: What breaks your heart? Your answer points you directly to who you need to serve. Please share in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Please forward this to a friend who you’d love to have join you in Team Love to be part of the solution together.


  • Tracy H

    Just joined Team Love and signed up for a recurring donation w/love 146…. crying, but feeling better as I ~ like so many of us ~ am looking for ways to make a difference in a world that feels turned upside down right now. LOVE to you both, and to all my sister-friends… those I’ve met and those I haven’t. xoT

  • Kate & Meggan

    Bowing down in deep respect to you both for standing up for what breaks your heart the most. Kate, I remember that scene in Taken where the girls were tied to the beds, and unfortunately I have never been able to get it out of my mind but thankfully when it does comes back into my consciousness it acts as a powerful reminder to respect the feminine, the earth and indeed myself.

    Blessings in abundance for your courage and your love.

    Catherine x

  • I am with you. I joined the Facebook Group and committed to a monthly donation but I think this is divine timing. For the last year I have had a page on Elevate Love that is called Big Love. Right now it is more of a place holder and I have been waiting for the right organization to speak to me. I think it just did. Thank you xoxo

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you so much Diane. Thank you for standing with us and for taking action. I think you most definitely have found what Big Love is for :)

  • This was hard to watch and listen to because, as with you both, this is indeed the thing that breaks my heart the most (so much so that I too have avoided it until now). The violation of the innocent is such an ugly thing.

    I have just committed a recurring donation. I am grateful to you both for helping break what feels like a sticky dam to a watershed of love and action that needs to be broken free. Together us women can lift each other up; can hold these girls in our hearts. Thank you for shedding your tears and leading the way. xx Alexandra

    • Kate Northrup

      I’m so glad that you took action. I think action is the salve to the heartbreak. Thank you for joining in with us to do what we can do.

  • Kate (and Meggan),

    This is stunning. So powerful.

    I LOVE that you have transformed your heartache into heart action. It is so inspiring.

    Child sexual abuse is one of my big heartaches (which is very much wrapped into child trafficking). Suffering tiny babies also makes my heart break, whether from illness or malnourishment or birth trauma. People being beaten or abused for being ‘different’ or viewed as less than – domestic violence, hate crimes, rape, etc – makes my heart break and lights me on fire.

    Thank you for this call to action. Know that I will be guided. Big love to you. xoxo

  • Kim

    Before I heard your answer to the question, I answered as you did. It is something I have been aware of and hoped one day to do more about and yet had not taken action until recently. Now as synchronicity would have it, another opportunity to take action. I have joined the group, made and signed up for a monthly donation and shared LOVE 146 on FB. Thank you for this opportunity to do more and to join the group to be a part of the solution to this heartbreak , together!

  • Melanie

    This is THE issue that tears me up like no other. After seeing the movie Slumdog Millionaire I realized I had blocked it out of my awareness , until I read your post last week.

    In between the time of this post and today, I hesitated about making a donation. My hesitation came from a place of uncertainty about my cash flow. Then I remembered that the highest-earning year of my life was a year when I was making a recurring donation to a cause that I wanted to support at the time.

    At THIS time and for the foreseeable future, there’s no other place I’d rather send my recurring donation and my love. Each month I’ll have an entry in my money management system that reads “Love 146 / Team Love.”

    Thank you Kate and Meggan for being you, and for the work you do in the world!

    P.S. Between the time of reading the post and today, I was contacted about a project that is in good alignment with what I need and what I can offer, AND it will significantly increase my cash flow.

    • Kate Northrup

      Thank you for this Melanie! Our generosity is directly related to our cash flow. So smart of you to remember that!

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