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Team Love: Join Meggan Watterson & Me to Support Love146 in Their Work to End Child Trafficking and Exploitation.


We’d been asked an incredibly powerful question and were still stunned by the magnitude of it, and how moved we were as a result.

We sat on the subway making our way back to Manhattan with mascara running down our faces, far beyond the point of trying not to cry.

Meggan Watterson, author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked, and I have been dear friends virtually since the moment we met. And we discovered in that moment, as the trains on the downtown track whirred by, that our hearts were breaking about the very same thing. While the burden of it felt too heavy for either of us to carry on our own, we knew that by holding it together we might actually be able to move forward instead of collapsing.

Thus, Team Love was born. We made a video about it so you can join in on answering the very same question that brought us to our knees

There are atrocities going on around the world so horrendous that sometimes we do whatever we can to stop thinking about them. But that doesn’t help solve the problem.

Holding the weight of the world’s problems together lets us take action rather than stay paralyzed. {Tweet}twitter-logo


Watch the video below to find out what Team Love is, what we’re doing about the thing that breaks our hearts most in this world, and how you can be part of the solution with us.

(Alert: you may want to have a hankie handy while watching. We both cry in the video, and if your vegus nerve is as sensitive as mine, you’ll probably cry too.)

Provide support for Love146’s incredible work at love146.org. I recommend giving monthly. Give $5 a month. You won’t miss it, and it’s a way to simply and sustainably be part of the solution.

Join our Team Love Facebook group and team up with your sisters and brothers so we can carry the load of our heartbreak together.



I shall ask you the same question Glennon Doyle Melton asked us: What breaks your heart? Your answer points you directly to who you need to serve. Please share in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Please forward this to a friend who you’d love to have join you in Team Love to be part of the solution together.


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