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The simple shift I made to attract my man.

E34C9728-4They were so juicy and yummy together. Hanging out with them made me feel like a more loving person. Their love rubbed off on the people around them and made us all feel more loved and loveable.

The wisdom says:

If you want something, hang around with people who have it. (Tweet it.)

So I did. I signed up for an 8-month, 300-hour yoga teacher certification led by Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee.

I had no intention of being a yoga teacher but I wanted a love like they have. They were teaching an immersion in how to teach yoga, but I was there to immerse myself in their example of delicious partnership.

One month after I finished the teacher training I met my guy, Mike. Plus, I now know how to do and teach a damn good downward dog.

When I was in my early twenties I used to complain to my other single girlfriends that there weren’t any examples of relationships that I would want to be in around me.

My parents were divorced. And it seemed like everyone in committed relationships I spent time with complained about their partner, seemed unhappy, or simply didn’t have the kind of relationship I wanted.

After a few years living in the land of, “I don’t see anyone else who has what I want so therefore I can’t have it,” I decided to change my tune.


I started noticing the great parts in other peoples’ relationships. I looked around me for what WAS working and filed it away. Then I started studying love with Rodney and Colleen.

My relationship with Mike is far from perfect and we’re pretty new on the partnership scene. But what we’ve created over the past two and a half years is beyond anything I could have imagined.

And I know our solid partnership comes from a balance of being open to learn from other peoples’ examples and also forging our own trail when we don’t have an example in front of us.

Recently, Mike and I were invited to be part of my friend Arielle Ford’s free online series called Attract Your Soulmate Now.

AttractYourSoulmateNowI don’t think there’s some “7-step system to finding the love of your life” or anything like that. But what I DO know is that surrounding yourself with people who have the flavor of what you want brings it to you, just like I did with Rodney and Colleen.

Fortunately, Arielle Ford has made it easier than ever for you to do just that.

Starting on July 10th, she’s bringing the world’s most renowned love experts right into your home for a spectacular 9-day series called Attract Your Soulmate Now.

It’s all online and it won’t cost you anything to attend. And since recordings of each day’s events are always available for a full 24 hours after they air, you can stay focused at work, make it to the gym, keep your appointments (even squeeze in that last load of laundry!), and still find time to create deep, long-lasting love in your life.

Listen as more than 50 of the world’s top authors, thought leaders, and luminaries, including many returning experts, as well as others who are brand new to the series, share their insights, tips and techniques on attracting powerful love into your life.

We’re talking about the very best of the best, including Deepak Chopra, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, John Gray, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson, Gay and Katie Hendricks, John Assaraf, Marci Shimoff, and of course, me and Mike :)

While I don’t consider myself a love expert, Mike and I had a ball sharing how we found each other and what works for us in our relationship. We shared what being “soulmates” means to us and some fun, practical tips for keeping things fun and loving even while running a business together.

I’ll also be listening to the experts right along with you because great partnerships take investment and I’m always open to learning how to continue to nurture ours.

It all happens online, over the course of 9 days. And while there is absolutely no cost to you, the payoff is huge!

Reserve Your Spot For Attract Your Soulmate Now

During the series you’ll learn proven techniques to:

●      Manifest the love of your life
●      Let go of past hurts and attachments
●      Break-through fears (It can be terrifying to love someone so much!)
●      Master successful dating strategies
●      Communicate and resolve conflicts
●      Ask for (and get!) what you want from a partner
●      Sustain a deeply soulful connection

Plus, master panelists will share their best insights on “dating, mating and flirting,” increasing self-love, changing your limiting beliefs, improving communication in all your relationships, bringing more playfulness to your love life, navigating the world of online dating, surviving a breakup, and using astrology, numerology, and feng shui to find love.

I can hardly believe how much wisdom and insight Arielle has packed into this series. She’s even invited some real-life soulmate couples who are moving and inspiring examples of exactly what is possible for you.

In fact, Arielle is one of them. She used powerful love manifestation techniques to bring her soulmate Brian into her life at the age of 44. And the experience so transformed her, that she’s made it her life’s mission to help you—and hundreds of thousands of others throughout the world—do the same.

This kind of soul-satisfying love is possible for anyone, at any age, in any stage of their life.

So whether you’re new to dating, just getting back in the game, or wondering if the person you’re with could actually be “the one,” you owe it to yourself to participate in this extraordinary “love-changing” series. And it won’t cost you a penny!

Join us for the Love Party: Discover How To Attract Your Soulmate Now

What do you think about soulmates? How did you attract your partner? I’d love to hear YOUR wisdom so share it in the comments below!


  • Hi Kate and Mike!

    1) You guys are ADORABLE. I can feel your love for each other in just a photo – it must be extra contagious in person!
    2) My soulmate and I met at our gym. Sweating, releasing endorphins, working together, and being strong in our own bodies led us to a partnership that is as strong as those weights we were lifting that day. Do we have tough times? Yes. But it is our foundation and our true partnership that gets us through all of it. Together.

    Love love love love love!

  • You and Mike are deliciously cute together and I love this post!

  • Inspiring post, Kate. I love that you accessed LOVE through a yoga TT! It certainly is a great place to open the heart! It is wonderful that you found a positive relationship model that helped you determine the attributes you were looking for in a relationship. Love Rules. Best to you and Mike. Namaste

  • Hi Kate,
    Tomorrow I leave to vacation with my dear friend Nick Zello, his wife, and another couple. Recently divorced, I had just been thinking to myself I hope one day I have a loving relationship like Nick and Lee, and Bridget and Louis. Then I read your post. Coincidentally, Nick is Colleen’s brother. The Zello family is abounding with love. The world is small.

  • Crissy

    Kate, I took that amazing YTT with you and also basked in the love and light of Rodney and Colleen and their amazing relationship. I remember you talking about meeting your soul mate! You are such an inspiration on a positive outlook on life. You radiate happiness and love. I am so happy that you found Mike.
    XO, Crissy

    • Kate

      Hi Crissy! So fun to hear from you. I loved taking that training – wasn’t it an amazing year! xo to you!

  • Kala

    I wish you had said more about your relationship in the post as the tease suggested you would. As I online marketer myself, I totally get and appreciate that you are signing us up for online seminar series (which sounds great) but I wanted actual info from the post. Though now as I reread I get that the nugget is “surround yourself with those who are manifesting what you desire, so you can model it.” Thanks.

    • Kate

      Thanks for the comment Kala – I’ll dive deeper in a future blog but for now I’m glad you got the wisdom nugget from this one!

  • Hello Kate, truly you’re an awesome writer. I enjoyed this great article. I’m not very good building good relationship, might be that’s why I’m single. But the way you shared inspiration through writing is really worth to learn about!! Never tried the ways you mentioned to build a positive relationship nevertheless now I’m looking forward to mentioned ways to make good relationship with others. At-least doing so will reduce loneliness of mine!! Thanks.

  • chris

    I love to believe in love. However, I read this reference to Yee (I have taken yoga classes from him before and he is an incredible teacher)who apparently cheated on his wife with Colleen who was also married…….a bit scary for true love.

    • Kate

      Thanks for your comment Chris. Yep, there has been a lot in the media about Colleen and Rodney and their relationship. All I know is what I know from the two of them as close friends and how I feel when I’m with them so that’s what I go with.

  • Beautiful, beautiful post Kate! It will inspire many women I know.

  • You guys are such a sweet, passionate, adorable couple. Keep showing and sharing the love. xo
    Sue B.

  • Monique

    I so appreciate this post, great advice. Regarding the series though, the linked page only references how to purchase the seminar series upgrades and doesn’t have a place to register for a free seminar. In case I’m missing something obvious, I wanted to point this out as it’s a bit deceiving and I know that’s not your intent.

    • Kate

      Glad you liked the post! This post is from back in July when the free event was running. The free event has expired, though, which is why it redirects to an upgrade page. Apologies for the confusion!

  • Kate, thank you so much for the post. Manifesting our love is so important these days. Being married I can say that manifesting love is a must even when you are already in a relationship. Wish you all the best with the love of your life, and just keep it guys, keep this love you described in the post. Marvelous!

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