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No matter who they are, they will be touched.

I find myself frequently wanting to send fan mail and gushing texts of love. I used to hold back because I thought that if someone had reached a certain level of success, wealth, fame, achievement, or — insert whatever word you’d like here for “bigness” — they were probably saturated with positive feedback.

When Money: A Love Story came out this last fall I had a big old case of the impostor syndrome, thinking to myself, “who am I to be out here teaching and speaking on money and inspiration?”

I got really tired. I felt incredibly confused about my path. And I thought perhaps since the whole process felt so overwhelming and exhausting that I shouldn’t be doing it at all.

One night when a group of girlfriends asked me how the launch was going I replied tearfully: “I don’t like it and I want it to be over.”

What saved me from throwing in the towel were messages from people who were reading the book and getting results in their lives. Knowing that what I was up to was making a difference for people was like an elixir of healing for my doubt and confusion.

Even though I can’t respond to every single message that comes my way, I treasure them all. I’m grateful for every single person who feels moved to share their experience and how their life is changing as a result of something I wrote that they read, or something they heard me say.

The Feedback Loop

Now, there is something to the whole spiritual philosophy that we shouldn’t invest too much in the feedback we receive, positive or negative. How people experience us really has nothing to do with us. It has everything to do with them.

It can be a bit dangerous to get too tapped into feedback loops of needing reassurance each time we put something out into the world. Sometimes doing the work is way more than sufficient satisfaction.

But, last time I checked, we’re all human. And what that means, at least for me, is that it feels good to get positive feedback every now and again. Abraham Maslow, a philosopher and psychologist, even included esteem, or respect from others, in his hierarchy of needs, just after the basics of food and shelter, safety and security, and love and belonging.

When You Feel Moved, Praise.

Based on my experience both during the book launch and since it ended, I send praise when I feel moved to.

I text my friends when they write blogs that bring me to tears. Sometimes they write back. Sometimes they don’t. Doesn’t matter. I know they got the memo.

I email gushing love bombs from time to time (okay, a lot of the time.)

Sometimes I get a response that they were having a really hard day and that my note was just what they needed to hear. And then my heart melts. And I feel really grateful for the collective human condition of not having it together all the time.

I’ve stopped censoring my love, because here’s the deal:

No matter how successful we may appear, we all need to hear that we’re making a difference. (Click to tweet)

So next time you’re about to send a message of genuine appreciation and you think to yourself, “I’m sure they get tons of notes like this. They probably don’t need another one from me,” just send it anyway.

Know that your words are valuable even if you don’t get a response. Trust that they’ve landed in the perfect place.

Be unabashed with your praise. Let your love be loose and easy. Remind people that they’ve made a difference.

Over to you:

Have you ever held back from praising because you assumed the recipient of your praise didn’t need to hear it? Do you send love notes and fan mail? Why or why not?

I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below!



  • What a great reminder! I have often held back from expressing my appreciation for people whom I admire or follow their work, or for my friends and family. I often think, “Uh, that sounds a little TOO gushy, I should tone that down.”

    So what I end up doing is writing less, saying less, showing less appreciation and love, thereby diluting the message and making it inauthentic. Adjusting what comes from the heart makes the message a lot less valuable.

    BUT I’ve come to learn that it’s all about VULNERABILITY. As is true for many things in life our ego will try to protect us from feeling vulnerable, and if I’m putting myself and my feelings out there for the world (or for someone who is important to me) to see, then I feel vulnerable and afraid of scorn/ridicule/rejection. Turns out there’s nothing to be afraid of – love should be shared in all ways. So now I share freely (most of the time – I’m working on it!) and I feel better for it, too. :)

  • Alison Brennen

    This is so amazing. I just now left a gratitude message with Dr. Wayne Dyer and thought exactly the same thought…”he get’s so many of these things, he doesn’t need one from ‘little old’ me”. Scroll down and there you are talking about ‘love bombs’. You can’t but help LOVING this wonderful Universe <3 As always, thanks Kate for your refreshing, joy filled advice and comments!

  • Kate your timing is impeccable. As an attendee of B-School, I was just reviewing this topic.. sending notes of thanks, appreciation, fan raves etc. Reading your words has solidified my stance that its never a bad thing to shout out to the world that someone else has made your day, life a little easier or you’ve been inspired by their choices, words, ideas etc. There have been times that I have been shamed after reaching out when that person didn’t respond, or receive my words with the excitement that I would have hoped. But that shouldn’t stop me from letting those like yourself KATE, that have changed my life for the better. I picked up your book in the fall and WOW.. game changer for me personally and financially. I have a lot of debt to crawl out of but somehow your words of wisdom resonate with me each time a decision needs to be made. I have all these wonderful post it notes filled with gold nuggets of knowledge from watching your youtube channel. So thank you for being BRAVE. Having the courage to be the best you can be and sharing with the rest of us your amazing gifts. It is truly inspiring. Love + Bliss, Shannon

    • Kate

      Yes – keep on sending the love you feel. People love it even if they don’t respond :)

    • Kate

      I love that you write down your notes on post-its. I do the same thing! And keep your love notes going out. The world needs and appreciates them :)

  • You rock! Your energy and wisdom and humor all concoct together to make me want to listen to you. Keep going! Please.

  • I was just thinking about this subject as I ran into one of my fave yoga teachers when I was in town yesterday. I always held back from gushing after a great yoga class, because I always ASSUMED that everyone loved her and gushed to her and that I would seem disingenuous, groupie-ish or corny. But yesterday, when I saw her, I allowed the gushing to come out, because I figured, I may not see her for awhile and I want her to feel the grateful energy that I have to give her! So, here I am again, casually browsing my email, not intending to read an awesome one, but I have! I love everything you put out there! The gift of a paradigm shift about money that you’ve shared with young women like me is life-changing. You are the best. Yea, I’m gushing.

  • Kendra Cover

    Kate, You already know this — I think — but your interview with Marie Forleo, which led to me reading and working through your book, which led to me starting my work with you and the Freedom Family…all of that came at a game changing moment in my life and might as well have been the sky opening and light shining down on me. Seriously. The simple act of having a date with my bank account every day (still doing it) was this incredible catalyst to leaving shame behind and taking on action and incredible clarity and power. Seriously, if you had not written your book and done interviews about it, well, lets not even go there…your work has made a big whopping difference for me and now ripples out into the work I am doing with the women in my life. And your courage to put your work out into the world even in the face of fear and doubt gives me courage to do the same. And this post is a great reminder to make sure we don’t hoard our gratitude, but rather share it with the world. To me it is also a practice in abundance. Thank you!!

  • I actually just did this last week with a guy at the tire shop! He was so precise, safe and genuinely concerned with my tire that blew up into shreds on the highway. He came out to change the tire for me on a VERY busy freeway, and took the back streets since I could only go 45mph on the spare. When I arrived at the station, he took the time to explain everything and listen. In front of everyone in the store, I complimented him on such a job well done and asked him if he was a Manager, ’cause he should be! He blushed and said he was up for a promotion and he is trying for Manager. I went also on the website and shared my joy of service! Hope it helps him get recognition, as he deserves it. I am actually a person who is “loose with my love” in the world. I do get some looks, but hey, you only live this time once, spread the love!

  • Missy

    Your Awesome Kate!! I love how bright you are. So refreshing! Thank you for sharing all that you are with the world.

  • Sonja

    Kate thank you so much for sharing this! It’s really resonating with me. Whenever I get so impressed, touched or inspired by some wonderful people I always have need to thank them, because I’ve just received the very words I needed to hear and gratitude comes naturally, but sometimes little voice keeps me from doing that. I am so glad for the all THANK YOU emails I comments sent so far and for all the ones I’m about to send. :)

  • I have to agree, you rock! I get bored easily listening to most podcasts, watching videos, and reading email newsletters…but you are one of the rare exceptions to that for me. I find you fascinating and love your energy! Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  • Lu

    Perfect timing. Thank you :)

  • hay lovely kate!!
    right on time ,i love your wisdom
    yesterday share my blog with a privete group that im part with’
    i get 3 like3 pepole didnt even stop to open it all the work the translate its realy make me sad , but i love my freind in the group ,idont blame them im trying to find what is it in my energy that still not ready ,i love my blog i love to share what i learn i realy need to understend it deeply how come that i share a photo or a song its” great”but when i share deep stuf so its so slow ,im allways complement &praise i do think i we want& need praise to our growth we cant do it alone.thank you Kate for showing us your side in the story .much love michal (israel)

  • Love this Kate! Thank you. Love bombs are just the best! Giving them and receiving them.

  • Kate,
    What a beautiful post. I so appreciate that you reminded us what we all know at some level. Thank you. I have so much gratitude and wish you well,

  • kate, this is fantastic! my boyfriend and i just bought your book and are reading it together. it came to my attention at the perfect time and so did this post. i feel like i am the love bomb person in my community and family. i feel like i used to hesitate for the same reason, that someone may get so many of these or not read it, but au contraire. i have friendships now that i think were built on our mutual love bombing, and some relationships that were definitely healed by it. it’s the best feeling, definitely one of my favorites! thank you for this post, for the reminder, and all the work you’re doing. you inspire us all, and we believe in you :)

  • OMG what timing! I was just thinking about writing a post on this! I write a weekly newsletter and sometimes I wonder “Is anyone even reading this thing?” and inevitably every week at least one person will write and say, “Thank you” “I needed to hear that.” It literally makes my day, every single time!

    It also makes me want to me more generous with praise, knowing how good it feels and how important it is to hear!

    Thanks lady, I think your ACES!

    xoxo R

  • I aim to warm people’s hearts. I constantly send handwritten notes and letters to people in the mail as well as vocalizing my appreciation in person.
    On the other side of the coin, I am working hard at ACCEPTING positive comments and feedback. It has always been an issue, not expounding on a compliment, let’s say, on something I am wearing. I tend to discount it, “Oh, had it for years.” Paying attention to what I am generating from my end helps me to use “Thank you.” as a complete sentence! I appreciate the reminder…and you! Thanks a bunch, Kate!

  • Lisa

    Thank You Kate, just what I needed to hear today after a less than stellar 24 hours (one of THOSE days…) I especially needed a reminder of “How people experience us really has nothing to do with us. It has everything to do with them.” I am now going to send a gushing email of praise to the nice air conditioning tune-up guy who showed up and helped me get my car jump-started this morning so I could be somewhere I needed to be!

  • Sharon

    Love your blogs. Money A Love Story is the best book on money ever!!!! It is “so real life” and not just a bunch of “should have, could have’s.” I think your honesty and young viewpoint raises the bar on financial reality. So get over not feeling “qualified.” The last book that was this real for me is Barbara Stanny’s “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming!” So, in my book you’re already a pro…You’re style is infectious. I’ve recommended you to my friends who are now following you. You’re a thought leader, a game changes, and a whole lot of fun. So, I’m totally inspired by you. I can’t wait for you next launch!!!


    P.S. I’m tired of the financial pundits who can give out all the right answers totally oblivious to a tanking economy and rapidly growing inflation.)

  • Connie

    I think that thought ALL THE TIME, Kate!! And often those love bombs should have been lobbed at you! I absolutely loved your book, and the Hay House event you did in conjunction with the launch, yet I never really made the effort to comment; same for your many useful, relevant, and fun-to-read Facebook posts, YouTube videos, etc.. So the fact that you’re writing about it is a Divine message to me, and I’m going to be more intentional about freely sharing love. Thank you!

  • I love this… so true. We all like to know that we are making a difference and that people like what we are doing. It is all about supporting people who are doing a great job and are having an impact on our lives. I think the world needs more notes of appreciation!

  • Oh my gosh, thank you SO much for this post, I have had a sneaky suspicion that something like what you describe is true but I still hold back for all the reasons you list about holding back. Especially in person, I feel awkward about it, but I think I’m getting better at being ok with being a dork sometimes!

  • Ciera Livings

    This was a real ‘heart toucher’ for me. I always feel (and probably always have felt) like an ‘insignificant’. Why would someone (successful or otherwise) want to hear from me? I’m not anyone who has made a difference, I don’t have any wonderful ideas to contribute (although I wish I could be), why would anyone waste their time reading my thoughts? But then I read you blog and thought to myself ‘perhaps what I have to say could make a difference, could make someone smile, could change their day’. I’d like to try and start. So, on that note, here I am sending a response to your blog. I love to see your emails pop in to my inbox and take 5 minutes out of my hectic day to read what you have to share. Sometimes I read and that’s the end of it. Other times, I read and it makes me smile or have a little think and then there are the times when I really think, ponder and (now) respond! I feel great being a part of something. I hope others too are inspired to put their thoughts out there. You’re also got me thinking. I keep a lot of things bottled up – my thoughts, my feelings/emotions, my hectic schedule. Maybe I need a journal to put everything in to. That way, if I’m too shy to share my thoughts with the world, I can put them in to my journal and get them out of my head space. It needs a little clearing out every now and then.
    Thank you so much Kate and keep up the great work. I love hearing from you (even if it’s not directly for me – I like to think it is sometimes).
    Ciera :)

    • Kate

      Thank you for this beautiful response. And you ARE making a contribution simply by being the loving human that you are :)

  • Joy

    Thanks for that reminder Kate. It just reminded me to send off a note to the Greyhound Bus company for the exemplary kindness of one of their drivers towards an elderly passenger on a recent bus trip. His kindness deserves some big band rah rah!!

  • Yes Yes and funny because I just mentioned this in a group coaching program I am doing. The power of acknowledgment and how I used to always stop myself and still catch myself not sending love and acknowledgment to those I look up to, thinking DUH, the know how awesome they are. But, since I have worked with so many wildly sought after musicians over the years, I know first hand, we are all human, we all doubt ourselves, we all love to hear that we are making a difference.

  • The timing of your post is so funny for me because I’ve been wanting to send YOU a little note of appreciation – but I have held back for the very reason you wrote: “Oh she probably gets emails etc like this all the time……who am I to send her one?!”

    Then I read this. Now I’m thinking, “Stuff that! I WILL say something!”

    So…..(and I’ll try not to write an essay!)

    Dear Kate,

    Your book is such an amazing tool for my husband and I – not only in our money but in our personal/emotional lives as well. I am reading it and regularly stopping to share a tip, a nugget of wisdom with him. I am feeling so much more open about our finances, life, business, because I am practising gratitude for what I DO have. It is so SO releasing!
    I never considered the universe or my body as communicators but you have made it such an easy to understand concept that I feel like I am opening so much more to the possibilities. I feel excited just typing that!
    Are my finances where I want them to be? Not yet. Is my business to where I want it? Not yet. But do I feel more seated in where I’m at, driving sitting down instead of standing up screaming at the car to go faster? Abso-stinking-lootely!

    I know that this will not be the only time I read your book!

    Thank you for being real, honest, straight to the point and more often than not, right on target for what I need to hear right at that moment! It’s been rather uncanny at times :D

    Kind wishes,
    Julie x

  • Hi Kate! Thanks for the post! Being raised as a traditional Asian girl, I was taught to be keep my thoughts and emotions to myself. My friends have previously commented that I was very ’emotionless’. I was mostly known as being ‘hard and cold’ but deep down I am passionate, warm and full of love! It took me quite some time to get to where I am now, being more expressive and open minded. Although I think I still have more ‘work’ to do! Now when I read a book, post, movie etc, I will take time and effort to say thank you and connect with the person! I totally agree with what you said – WE ALL NEED TO HEAR THAT WE’RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

    I am so thankful for you Kate! You are so inspiring, real and sincere! Keep rocking the world with your uniqueness and shine forth your brightness! xx

  • I LOVE your book!!! I’ve told you this already and yes you replied (I screenshot it). ;-) I had several people buy the book as well! They love it too! 20 something’s rocking it about their money! Thanks to your awesome! You are loved!

  • Annette

    Hi Kate,

    Thank you for your post.

    I too have been wanting to send you a compliment and thought you must get so many; why bother…well bother I will.

    I think you are such a sparkling, energetic, enthusiastic, delightful soul. I watched you on MarieTv recently and you are absolutely mesmerising. I was totally absorbed with what you were saying and how you are so authentic and engaging. I have had the same experience reading and listening to your Mum, Dr Christiane Northrup whose book “The Wisdom of Menopause” I have recommended to every woman I meet.

    I think WHEN YOU FEEL MOVED, PRAISE is tweet worthy.

    This morning I complimented a waitress on her positive happy attitude. After a quick praise session which got into her philosophy on life she said she loved me!!!

    Love all round.

    And love to you too Kate

  • Hi Kate,

    You are a very inspiring woman, so thank you for your book, Money, A Love Story, and your blog. You are reminding me today that I never said Thank you directly to you!

    When I think of you, I can see a massive SUN ;-) You are shining!

    Good luck for everything in your life and thanks for this post. I am a bit like you, saying to people (even my clients) how amazing they are, what the great things they’ve done or could do, etc. Sometimes, I can see in their eyes that I am “too much”… but they come back to me so, they probably love it!
    Reading you today, I don’t want to change!

    Much love from London

    Fred xxx

  • Thank you Kate,
    It is good to know, that even you, someone I admire, and look up to, who I consider a success, and an awesome human being, can doubt her path and get bogged down in overwhelm too.

    I find that every time I start to push myself a little bit more, put myself out there a little more authentically, I feel really vulnerable, and start questioning things.

    Your post was refreshing and timely.

    By the way, I didn’t get a chance to do B-school this year, but I already decided that next year I am signing up through you, (I got emails from everyone promoting B-school this year). The reason is this, I like that you bring the relationship we have with our money, back to valuing ourselves. I think this is the cause of so many difficult relationships in our lives.

    I also have a lot of room for growth around money.
    Keep up the awesome work. I love your posts.

    Be well

    • Kate

      Thank you Megyn! It’s true – when we put ourselves out there it feels vulnerable…but that’s never a good reason to not do it. The myth out there is that we reach a certain level and then we for feel scared anymore. So not true! Excited to have you in B-School next year!

  • Gin

    Love and enjoy your detailed honest and open straight from the heart approach. It works beautifully and the timing couldn’t be any better. We needed this . Thank you so much Kate!

  • Hi Kate,
    I too am a gusher as I call it. If something moves me I will write about it or create something that speaks to it. I am so glad to read your article, it validates how I feel a lot of the time. You are a truly inspirational voice in my life right now. I am so happy to have found this link to you and yours.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you, Kate for this wonderful reminder and blog letting us know to share the love with everyone we appreciate – no matter their level of success. This was not only a great reminder but an eye-opening piece and something I needed to hear at this particular time as I grow my business and as a result help more people.

  • I have absolutely held back praise! If a post has a lot of comments or a lot of tweets about it, I won’t comment or share because I feel everyone else is doing it for me. This is great though because I can totally relate, and I definitely will start to share my praise!

  • Kate, I always find your words so uplifting and joyful. Thank you.

  • Lily TF

    Hi Kate,

    Thank you for sharing this. This is my first time posting a comment. I have been thinking about this very matter for some time and today, after reading your post, I felt moved to write in. :)
    You are right about the feedback loop, so often we (I) tend to do the things that we (I) are fairly assured of getting a positive response and yearn for any reassurance that we (I) am doing the right thing. And hence, when we (I) am unsure, I hesitate.
    I resonate with your statement “Sometimes doing the work is way more than sufficient satisfaction.” So many a times, I start off with great intentions, with great ideas (or so I believe), with intense excitement… only to fizzle out because questions begin to pop in my head, like is this a worthwhile mission to pursue, would people laugh at me, or would people think I am ridiculous for even trying this, etc. Doubt set in, and before I know it, I feel that my ideas are not good enough. AND I remain status quo! which is the saddest part. I should just pursue my ideas, if they go well, that is wonderful, but it does not, it is really the journey to discover that that really matters right?
    You are also right about praising – I used to ponder if my praises would be received positively or negatively. When you hang around people who are cynical and jaded about life, a praise or positive affirmation or even a gentle encouragement is received with a frown or thoughts like “what is she trying to get from me” or further negative responses. But now, if I feel moved, I give it out freely, hoping that it will positively impact his/her life. If not, oh well, I tried and will continue to try to make at least one person smile a day. I like your statement “Be unabashed with your praise. Let your love be loose and easy. Remind people that they’ve made a difference.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reminding me of the greatest commandment of all “Love your neighbors as yourself.” While we (I) all love compliments, it begins with me – that is to take the time to observe and appreciate others, and give out sincere compliments myself.

    • Kate

      Well said Lily! I especially like what you added about including yourself in your love and praise. That’s so important!

  • I do this ALL the time. In fact, I recently almost did that with you and then figured, “What the heck? Tweet her!”

    I am a freelance writer by trade and I used to teach beginning writers how to get their work published. Along the way, I noticed both through my experiences and my students’ that a) negative feedback was inevitable (bad book reviews, snarky blog comments, etc.) and b) the most negative people always seemed to be the most vocal!

    So I gave my students an assignment: to give 3 pieces of positive feedback to writers. Sharing a link to an article they liked on Twitter or Facebook, leaving a nice comment on a message board, etc. Some of my exchanges have actually led to ongoing friendships! As you said, no one ever gets tired of hearing their work has touched someone.

  • I love this post! :) I often do that thing you described of telling myself someone must be getting plenty of positive feedback, they don’t need to be pestered by little old me. I will try to remember this post next time I find myself thinking that, and send the gushing message anyway! :)

  • Dear Kate
    Thankyou for sharing, these thoughts that keep us small are the joy stealers for sure. I will use this As a nudge from here on in. What I do feel so much more compelled to do is compliment people publicly if I see a gorgeous girl or guy I am much more able to say what I used to just think, ‘ you are gorgeous’ and the response has been amazing. As a just signed up B- Schooler can I just say, that seeing you as graduate and reading your testimonial played a huge part in my signing up this year. Loving your book and know it is going to make a huge difference to my love affair with money:) xxx have a great weekend Bernie.

  • I’m so happy you wrote this, Kate! I’ve been finding myself writing tons of gushing love notes lately too… and the thought crossed my mind that I’m becoming a sap. But it feels so good to gush. So I’m gonna keep doing it.

    And it *totally* makes a difference when a gush is directed at me. As entrepreneurs we put ourselves out there over and over again, and it takes courage every time. To know we are supported – or at least what we’re doing actually makes a difference to even one person – is huge.

    THANK YOU for all the awesomeness you put into the world. And thank you for being part of Business Heroine too.


  • I am so glad you wrote this! I always do a little mental dance when I am about to gush over someone. It goes something like this “Should I tell them? Nahhhh they’re really busy it won’t get to them anyways. But it’s always good to let people know when they’ve done a good job. Yeah but you would probably become a pest to them, especially once you just complimented them on their post last week” and scene!

    So I definitely loved this post, it reminded me that I have permission to be me. And part of me is gushing over people’s actions and content that moves me. On that note…This post rocked!

  • Thank you so much for writing this Kate, it kicked my but and got me to start writing the thank you notes that have been burning in me for a while now. Its all about vulnerability, and love.

    And while I’m on the subject: Thank you so much for the work your doing in the world, your approach to life is going to change everything, and I love you more than words can really express! Thank you.

  • I felt COMPELLED to write to you today to say a huge thank you. Just got around to reading this post and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. You see Kate, I emailed you directly from your website and then from FB but for some reason, both times I received an undeliverable message 2 days later. Anyhow, then I read this and so I am posting it here in the comments!

    Today I am a very smiley ME and it is because of you.

    Here’s the story (gotta tell you a bit of background first). I have had a hugely negative relationship with my money for a VERY long time, talking about 13 years here. Approx. 13 years ago I had my first child and became a stay at home mom. Right around that time, my husband decided he needed to make a career change for some very valid reasons but the field he wanted to go into was very risky. I supported this because I love him. Fast forward, this new field didn’t work out for him, I buried my head in the sand, continued to stay home, and we had to declare bankruptcy. We told no one about this. It was embarrassing. It made me feel ashamed. Not to mention the feelings of insecurity, and powerlessness. Top that with fear and you have a recipe for money avoidance.

    Fast forward to present time, and 2 more children later. My husband has a secure job which had allowed me to work part time as a kindergarten teacher, part time as a health consultant for mothers, and be home for my 3 children. I took the leap in June to stop teaching and go full time with my online health biz.
    BUT… I never, and I mean never, looked at my bank acct. My husband had to do it monthly in order to make sure things were “OK”. This is very unlike me but deep down I know this behavior was directly due to the stress, negativity, and pure terror that I went through back in those days when we were REALLY struggling.

    A few months ago, probably around the time that your book was being promoted, I signed up as a subscriber to your site. I craved your message, like you were speaking directly to me. Somewhere along the way, I heard a message from you that said you need to love your money, you need to take care of your money, you need to nurture your relationship with your money, so that more money will flow in naturally. BUT I WAS SO SCARED.

    AND THEN, FOR THE LAST 2 MONTHS, I acted. I typed in the bank’s email (my body was stiff with tension), got on the online banking site, and made some decisions. I organized our finances in a way that I thought was manageable for me and kept close track of our spending habits over the last 2 months. I gently reminded my husband of our new money decisions numerous times as he was leaving the house for the day. I developed a love affair with my (our) money.

    Guess what happened yesterday.

    When I looked at the bank account on line (which I can do now without serious fear). There was a deposit (a big deposit) in there from my husband’s company (he gets direct deposit). When I asked him what it was, he had no idea. After some research, we discovered that my husband was due a bonus from a position that he had left back in Feb 2013 and the bonuses were given out yesterday. Due to the fact that he no longer works in that division of the company, he had no idea that he was receiving it!

    I literally had to sit down on the couch. As I sat there with a big smile on my face, I felt happy. BUT I also felt a bigger emotion.

    I felt THANKFUL – Not because we received this money (although I was thankful for that) but I was thankful that Life led me to you ( I ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF YOU WHILE SITTING ON THE COUCH) because it was your message that was the catalyst for me to develop this new relationship with my money and because I truly BELIEVE that once I took control of this area in my life it allowed more money to flow in. I made space. I focused. I followed (and still am) following through. I also believe that that deposit was a sign, sent to tell me to tell me that I made the right choice to take control of this.

    I feel powerful and safe. For that I wanted, I NEEDED, to say a giant THANK YOU! Oh and by the way, if I could accompany it with a corny hug right now I soooo would!


    • Kate

      Wow Lauren! What an amazing story. I just read the whole thing and cried. I’m so thrilled you tried to reach me again via my site. Thank you for sharing this and HUGE congratulations for changing your relationship with money. Lots of love to you! Xoxo

  • Wow

    Thank you, Kate!

    Was about to send you a little email of thanks & praise, and then decided to scroll down a bit further and read your thoughts on the next topic–which was about sending notes of thanks and praise (go figger :D)

    FABulous interview with the author of Radical Remission. Part way through the segment–actually, quite early on–I chose to make your site part of what automatically loads on my computer whenever I sign on. Glimpse TV OFTEN!

    By the way, this is a result of hearing you interviewed on Flourish this morning. Please thank your mom for HER interview of YOU!

    THANK you.

    xo Stephania

  • I have been sending fan mail since I was a kid. I am a fan mail fan!

    I collect a particular line of dinnerware that was made in the US and handpainted in beautiful, mostly floral, designs. The manufacturer closed in the 1970s. I found out a few years ago that the designer was still alive and an elderly woman. I wrote her, telling her how beautiful I though her designs were and how much I enjoyed using the dinnerware every day.

    She wrote me the nicest note back, recounting some of her memories working for the company and, as part of her signature, drew me one of the designs. It was so much fun to receive.

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