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Symptoms of Anxiety and Spiritual Healing: Glimpse TV with Meggan Watterson

MegganWattersonGlimpseTVIt’s a book!

My heart is bursting in celebration of my soul sister Meggan Watterson’s book launching today! Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked is available in stores and online everywhere. I recommend buying a few copies because this is one you’re going to want to spread around to all your girlfriends.
Tonight we’ll be boogying at the swanky Le Poisson Rouge in New York City to launch this fabulous, necessary book. We’ll be joined by co-hosts Latham Thomas and Alissa Vitti (who’ll be featured on Glimpse TV tomorrow!).

Join us for the party tonight:

Meg and I shot an episode of Glimpse TV that I know you’re going to love. I got chills and had to dab my eyes multiple times while reviewing it in the video editing process over the past day.
In this episode, Meggan shares:
  • a process for tapping into your inner truth/soul voice/the Divine that works without fail to make the right decision every time
  • how she’s moved through her fear of flying and anxiety
  • the 7-layered process to revealing your soul voice
  • how to claim your Divine Worth
  • and so much more
You won’t want to miss Meg’s wisdom — or our funny dance moves. PLUS, this is the first-ever Glimpse TV with outtakes at the end.

Click below to watch this very special episode of Glimpse TV.

In the comments, let us know how YOU connect with your inner truth/soul voice/The Divine. We’d love to hear from you!


  • Thank you Kate! My tears started rolling almost exactly when yours did. I am so glad to have come across you just a few days ago and I’m so appreciative of you sharing Meggan’s work. The insight and inspiration that comes from such beautiful and amazing everyday women astounds me time and time again. Look forward to catching more of yours and Meggan’s energy in the world. Much light and love sister!!!


  • stacy

    Wow! One of your best-ever interviews. Loved it, Kate… great, great work! Can’t wait to read Meggan’s book… buying it NOW!! :)

  • Thank you, Kate, for introducing us to Meggan.

    Meggan, your divine light shines through so strongly…I am in awe of how deeply you are connected to your Source, and how you truly surrender to its voice.

    My belly, my womb is vibrating with fire and potential!

    With my deepest gratitude.

  • thank you ladies for drawing attention to anxiety! it’s so inspiring to hear about how highly creative, spiritual women engage with the condition. thank you! thank you! xoxo

  • Anne

    I’ve been meditating and working on me. I’ve been optimistic about connecting to my voice again, to my soul, but after peeling away the people pleaser, the worry wart, the spaz, I didn’t know what was left. I woke up this morning in tears, feeling blank, empty. A part me of felt that I was on the verge of breakthrough and another part felt lost.

    I read through my emails and came to one that led me to this interview, exactly what I needed right now. Thank you Meggan and Kate for sharing you!

  • I felt drawn to reading this book. Every word is nourishing and speaking directly to my soul-voice. Every line is going to be highlighted by the end of it! There are few books that get me this highlighter-happy.

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