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Origin™ Interview Series: Part Four – Recovering Perfectionist Quadruples Her Productivity

I originally dreamed up Origin™ for women like me who are raising kids and running a business at the same time.

One of the things that’s blown me away the most about the journey of creating this community and nurturing it is how many women deeply relate to the content and community who aren’t mothers.

One of these women is Eliza, and I’m so excited to introduce you to her today.

Eliza is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who’s been in business with her mother leading workshops since she was in her teens. She’s also a recovering perfectionist who found herself exhausted and constantly racing on the day she heard about Origin™.

Through incorporating some of the simple practices I teach in our community, Eliza has quadrupled her productivity and is finally launching things she’s been trying to get off the ground for over a year and a half.

Plus, she finally believes she can create what she wants. And she has the support to do it.

Click the video below to learn how this practical realist reorganized her schedule to tap into a wellspring of getting things done that she never before imagined.

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What did you learn from Eliza’s journey from perfectionism to productivity? How can you apply it to your own life? Let me know in the comments!


  • Hello,
    I appreciate the message of this video so much! And I agree. I would like to join Origin , even if I am not a mother.
    In September I joined Origin, but I left. I wasn’t ready to slow down. Now , after a new start in my daily job as a physiotherapist , after a big foot surgery, and a 4 month sickness and recovery, I do have the need to slow down and do less!
    And you know what? Now it’s absolutely clear , to start an online knitting shop!
    I want to give up multitasking and perfectionism . It has no sense to me anymore . Kate Northrup, thanks for your generosity and work. In each program of you, I feel sincerely safe, warmly welcomed and free.

  • I had 3 huge takeaways from this interview. The first was when Eliza said, “Oh My God, I make sense to myself” Fantastic! Yes! I love that. That is the worry isn’t it sometimes – that we sound crazy even to ourselves. It’s like, “I can hear myself and i sound nutso!” :) So that was great. The second was “What if the golden years are right now” – I really related to that idea, I too was raised the way she was – work hard now and maybe you can reap the rewards later. I no longer subscribe to that AT ALL and Origins helps me stay with that new mantra – we want the golden years RIGHT NOW! And finally, the 3rd takeaway and MOST important was, “You’re not crazy. You’re not the problem. You are enough.” – mind blown. :) Such a great interview. Keep them coming. THanks for all you do for us Kate! You’re the real deal!

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