On feeling trapped and breaking free. (In place of Financial Freedom Friday.)

I’m a professional freedom seeker. It says so right in my bio. I gave myself that title because that’s the most accurate way to describe the motivation behind almost everything I do in life.

The first time I put out an episode of Financial Freedom Friday I got nervous.

Oh no. Now I have to do this thing every single Friday. What if I don’t want to? What if I get bored? What if I want to take a break? What if I’m not inspired one week? 

I heard myself say all those things and put up the first episode, anyway.

I’m glad I did. So far we’ve put out 12 episodes and they’ve been viewed over 37,000 times. Not too shabby.

I’ve gotten numerous emails from people about how much Financial Freedom Fridays have helped them. The episodes have been shared. They’ve supported people in creating freedom.

Super duper.

But here’s the thing: I’ve felt a little trapped by Financial Freedom Friday since the beginning.

It’s the same reason I stopped teaching yoga despite being hired by Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee at Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, NY. (They pretty much never hire people to teach after doing only one teacher training. But they hired me. I was honored, to say the least.)

But no matter how much people liked my class or how much I respected the praise I received from Rodney and Colleen, having to show up every Thursday night whether I felt like it or not (which I pretty much never did) was the opposite of freedom.

Is it possible to find freedom in commitment? Absolutely.

Is it possible to find expansion in the regular, daily tasks that we simply have to show up for? You bet your bippy.

But my nature is to seek freedom. And doing the same thing at the same time on the same day every week does not feel like freedom to me.

Which is why there was no Financial Freedom Friday in your inbox at 7am EST today.

It’s not that we didn’t shoot an episode for this week. We did. (And I’m sending it next week.)

It’s that this week, while hanging out with girlfriends in Phoenix and Vancouver, something shifted in me so profoundly that I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.

Suffice it to say, I gave myself permission to seek and find freedom in a way I’ve never done before. (More on this in future posts. Oh, I’ll also be writing a lot more in general, because I miss it. And it makes me feel free.)

It’s not surprising to me that this week I didn’t get Financial Freedom Friday out.

I could make the excuse that I was traveling and I didn’t have time. And I considered just writing a quick note to you to let you know that my schedule didn’t allow for a new episode this week, with links to previous episodes for your viewing pleasure. (Well, what the heck! You can still click HERE to enjoy the 12 previous Financial Freedom Friday episodes.)

But that wouldn’t have been the whole truth. Only part of it.

I was indeed on a bus, a helicopter, and two planes yesterday, traveling from Victoria, BC to Portland, ME. And there was no internet on my flights. It would have been really hard to get the episode up. But I could have done it.

The real truth is that I “forgot” to do this thing I needed to do in order for my editor to be able to complete the Financial Freedom Friday episode — until it was too late. I forgot, and then I was reminded again, for eight days in a row. And I still didn’t do it.

Sometimes procrastination and forgetfulness are simply a lack of inspiration in disguise. (Tweet it!)

I awoke with a start at 1:30am last night, realizing I hadn’t yet cued up Financial Freedom Friday.

“I’ll wake up in the morning first thing and do it tomorrow,” I thought to myself, and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up this morning I didn’t remember to do it.

I didn’t remember until lunchtime, and then when I finally watched the episode I realized that there was something else I needed to do in order to publish it that simply cannot be done today.

So today there’s no Financial Freedom Friday episode. Instead, there’s this here post about freedom.

Here’s the good news:

  • The episode is really good and you’re going to get a lot out of it next Friday.
  • This week’s lack of motivation and profound forgetfulness around Financial Freedom Friday have been incredibly instructive for me.
photo-4The thing is, I have a lot of things I want to share with you. I get inspired a million times a day and the window behind my desk is covered with sticky notes that act as receptacles for this inspiration.

I have no lack of creative spark. It’s just that it’s pulling me in a new direction.

And as much as I love talking about money and will continue to do so, my soul is calling out for freedom. I want to write about it, think about it, talk about it, create it, and feel it.

And my soul is also making me “forget” to do things that don’t make me feel free.

Would it be a great marketing move to keep doing Financial Freedom Fridays? Yep.

Would it sell more books? Absolutely.

Would it be “on brand”? For sure.

Would it feel authentic to who I am and my desire to feel more free? No sir.

So, I’ve got a three more Financial Freedom Friday episodes for you. They’re super valuable and full of actionable content that you can apply to your financial life right away. You’ll begin receiving them again next Friday, and I’ll let you know when you’re receiving the last one. Beyond that, stay tuned for new developments and directions!

I’ve got a new and improved version of The Money Love Course coming your way in mid-November that I’m PUMPED to share with you.

(The 200 people who went through it in the spring blew me away with their incredible results. Thousands of extra dollars earned, thousands saved, and self-value increasing up the wazoo!) You can ensure you’re one of the first to hear about it HERE.

Over the next several months you’ll get more musings like this from me (because I miss writing and sharing them). And you’ll get more Glimpse TV too! (I’ve got episodes in the can with Dr. Lissa Rankin, Josh Pais, and Daphne Oz to name a few!)

And here’s a promise:

I won’t ever continue putting anything out there when it no longer feels fun, energizing, authentic, and/or in alignment, no matter how good of an idea it is for marketing or revenue purposes.

I draw that line in the sand today.

And I invite you to draw your own line in your own sand with me today.

What are you doing that you’re not inspired by anymore?

What are you regularly “forgetting” or procrastinating on?

What or who do you resent showing up for?

What are you doing because you think you should but that doesn’t really feel like you?

Life isn’t that long. Our time is precious. Decide how you want to feel and stop doing the things that don’t make you feel that way.

(Looking for a little more guidance to identify how you want to feel? Grab my friend Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map to help you feel your way.)



  • Ahhhh this resonates with me so deeply ! Ha ha I felt exactly the same when I started blogging… The same feeling : um, does this mean I have to send this out every week for, um, forever ??

    Sometimes even as entrepreneurs we feel bound by rules and shoulds and expectations. So stoked you wrote this today. Thank you for sharing it and reminding me that we get to make our own rules :)

  • Amy Morris Shalosky

    So thrilled that you honored your need for Freedom! And told us all about it! I get that stuck feeling whenever I set up standing appointments too. Kind of nice to know I’m not alone in that. Plus you never know, once Financial Freedom Fridays aren’t an itchy commitment, you might find more and more episodes bubbling up from inside you!

  • You were hanging out with Danielle Laporte! I can feel it in the air. Freedom, fun and inspiration. You girls rock.

  • Susan

    Kate I will be turning 70 in February and since I was a young girl my life has been about independence and freedom so I know exactly where you are coming from. Good for you and good for us. Though on views on money resonate with me I welcome hearing on views on other topics and will continue to follow you and whatever path you take.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your freedom story! It often seems like no matter how excited I am about something, the second I make a commitment for it, I get an icky feeling. So I’m really excited to know you’ll be writing and talking more about freedom.

  • Loved this! Shall we all have the conviction to do what speaks to our heart…everytime :)

  • I found a scrapbook/journal I made in 8th grade and it was all about Freedom! I know exactly what you’re talking about and I loved the way you shared what it’s like for you.

  • We must be on the same wavelength this week…I just decided to discontinue a weekly tip email I’ve been sending, which has been quite popular—but started to feel very HARD and not fun at all. Cheers to simplification and fun!

  • OMG I LOVE THIS. I am a freedom seeker as well. I have no doubt that it’s one of the reason I have stuggled so much in the last three years feeling like I’ve HAD to stay in jobs that make me unhappy b/c I HAVE to pay bills and it doesn’t seem to matter that it hurts my soul….Except that it DOES MATTER! And I am not part of a generation that is “entitled” I am just an individual who wants to put quality into the world and share my talent and while I’m finding out how to do that, I feel shackled by where I am. But.. I bought your book :) AND I’m exploring how I got to where I am… AND I appreciate you making me feel less alone!

  • lu

    thank you Katie, blessings free bird!

  • Olivia

    This is good. Your honesty is brilliant. Those voices of “should” and “supposed to” are intense and super powerful. I love that you just got real with it. I’m also parting ways with a work relationship today because it is no longer aligned with my Core Desired Feelings. I realized that although I was afraid to let this job go, I need to make more room in my schedule/heart/mind for what I really want. So glad you had this awareness and so glad it was brought to light in the magic and safety of girlfriends! To you and all those that comment in the name of Freedom: Only Love.

  • Jayme


    Thank you for sharing- this was such a liberating read! One I will ponder in all areas of my life for days, months, years to come :-) I can relate to seeking freedom, anything that doesn’t make me feel free, leaves me feeling all ebby jeebie inside.. Nothing worse than that. Seriously, again- thank you! You have just opened up a whole new creative process for me! It’s hard to explain in a few words and in all reality I can’t process it all just yet but This is SO exciting!! Can’t wait to explore this in my own life, xo

    So grateful for truths~ Jayme

  • amy

    I hear ya on this one. Our souls need replenishing… go enjoy yourself and you’ll be back with something new before you know it.

  • Kate! I love your videos, but I love your writing even more. Thank you for sending this. Everything about it was so powerful, and I’m inspired–even by your sticky note collection on the window!

  • Mary Louise Ardam

    I loved your honesty. Freedom is not freedom,if we feel cornered. Thank You,Kate

  • Thanks for this one, Kate!

    No offense (because I love your videos and FFF action steps) but I was thinking the other day, am I going to have to watch these every week forever?

    I’ve also been procrastinating and struggling with the marketing part of my biz, so much that I’ve overlooked the writing & creativity that I love about working in this online medium. In fact, I just cancelled a series of talks I’d been planning, not because I didn’t think they were any good, but because I was not creating the buzz it needed.

    Thanks for giving us all permission to step back and reevaluate what’s important, remember what we value and WHY we’re doing this!

    Have a lovely, restful weekend!


    PS I’m curious: what types of things do you have written on your sticky notes?

  • Thanks for this one, Kate!

    No offense (because I love your videos and FFF action steps) but I was thinking the other day, am I going to have to watch these every week forever?

    I’ve been procrastinating and struggling with the marketing part of my biz, so much that I’ve overlooked the writing & creativity that I love about working in this online medium. In fact, I just cancelled a series of talks I’d been planning, not because I didn’t think they were any good, but because I was not creating the buzz it needed.

    Thanks for giving us all permission to step back and reevaluate what’s important, remember what we value and WHY we’re doing this!

    Have a lovely, restful weekend!


    PS I’m curious: what types of things do you have written on your sticky notes?

  • Carolyn Jeanneret

    Well done Kate, for being authentic and transparent. What a powerful place to be. It’s funny, whilst working through pretty big new work, life and financial directions at 64, I had this little prompt reminder last night – oh great – check in on Financial Freedom Friday and it wasn’t there. Checked again this morning – wasn’t there early. Then I saw the title of the blog, pop up in emails, and thought great, that really applies to what I had been working on- and you know, it ended up being a fantastic FFF word to me, including your self-reflection questions. So by being authentic and honest, and showing up with an explanation, even if without what you considered “the goods” – you really gifted us with what I am sure a lot of us needed anyway. God/Universe has a wonderful way of using everything. The blog was really powerful and encouraging. (Your transparent sharing has a power in itself, and reminds me of the authenticity of Kellie Rae Roberts blogs too).

    As an integrated health and wellbeing practitioner, mental health social worker and somatic psychotherapist and dance teacher, I am always encouraged at how, miracles happen, when we (including me) – just show up and be ourselves, doing the best we can at the time, with honesty and love.

    Some things too, are for a time, and maybe it is more valuable to treasure as a gift each past episode of FFF, and embed and (embody them), as a “short course”, to be brought out and looked at, turning them around in our hands like light through diamonds, with awe for the gifts that they are, with a different emphasis each time, through the prisms of reflection and focus.

    PS – and I hope you are getting to dance with joy in your down time!! – I noticed on another blog your mother shared she dances Nia on a Radio program – when I dance Nia and dance with my inner critic and see it for what it is, I lose self-condemnation and shame or regret, embody self love and self-accpeptance and remember my self-worth no matter what the struggles might have been, and see my beauty not my failures. These things are so important translated into righting our love story with money too and with connecting with the whole of our life – Thankyou for your encouragement and honesty.xxx

    • Lisa Monte

      I am surprised at this response from a 64 yo I think that the younger women need to understand that “Freedom” is not just doing what you want exactly when you want to do it. A large part of true freedom comes from discipline. Knowing that you can count on yourself to follow through with commitments, skill building, education, etc. in order to create a life that embodies and shares your deepest gifts. You come to trust yourself, you can take risks because you know that you will rise to the occasion in spite of difficulties. This is very empowering. You know that you will do what it takes to reach a goal. If you cannot do this, it is not likely that you will ever gain a position of true financial freedom or create a life that is rewarding (i.e. filled with feelings that you want to feel). Only the privileged few can simply blow things off on a whim. While I love everything about Kate, and appreciate her joy and insights, I personally can’t seriously consider the financial advice of someone who finds it unreasonably oppressive to have to show up for a yoga class once a week. It makes me think that Kate’s world is just too different from mine for her words to be applicable.

      • Eve

        Lisa, I am so naturally like you. I’m 40 and have been brow beating myself to be doing the right thing my whole life and to “show up” every time. There is so much about my life that sucks that I’m on my knees and I’m opening myself up to hearing how others do it and succeed. We don’t have to adopt anything and we can try things out tiny bits at a time. You’re here for the same reason we all are. We have much to learn.

        I think Kate just saw that the yoga teacher deal wasn’t for her – unlike myself who would have weighed up how much I’d spent on tuition and made myself teach probably for years. Where is the kindness to myself in that?

        You’re right in what you’ve said, we can’t all drop what we don’t like doing, and there is value in discipline but what if we all got ourselves to that “adoring what we’re doing” stage a bit more. Life is so short. The world needs more care, more self-witness, more kindness and a whole lot more love – and it’s to ourselves that we should start.

        Hang around!(this lady has written a book, put together courses and set up a website – there is no lack of self-discipline here). Kate brims over with such goodness. I feel a nicer, happier person just watching her clips :)

      • Ann

        I have to agree with you. And while I am very much like Kate in many ways, according to her description, not being able to show up for a yoga class…I don’t know. Overall, if you don’t have the benefits of money to begin (being in business with mom, a doctor), you wouldn’t have the liberty to just quit things whenever you feel like it without serious financial consequences. I left a job because it was awful, not because I simply needed to feel free, and a year later, I’m still looking for something that pays more the temp job that pays 12 dollars an hour.

      • Ann

        I have to agree with you. And while I am very much like Kate in many ways, according to her description, not being able to show up for a yoga class…I don’t know. Overall, if you don’t have the benefits of money to begin (being in business with mom, a doctor), you wouldn’t have the liberty to just quit things whenever you feel like it without serious financial consequences. I left a job because it was awful, not because I simply needed to feel free, and a year later, I’m still looking for something that pays more the temp job that pays 12 dollars an hour.

        • Kate

          Thanks for providing an alternate perspective Ann – keeps the conversation lively ;)

        • Eve

          Hello Ann, I’m in exactly the same place! I thought being unemployed was awful, but working for the last company where I was undermined, yelled at and gossiped about introduced me to a whole new level of hell. I walked, unsure of if our social welfare system was going to be able to help me. I’ve had to jump through countless hoops now but my rent and bills are being met – and it’s amazing how much we usually buy that we can go without – I’m even loosing weight from not having an extra dollar to spend on goodies. I’m applying for jobs nearly every day and I’m about to approach a number of companies I like to see if I can intern somewhere to stop myself going mental (and also to get myself into the perfect position in case a role appears!)…but I really want what Kate has! Even if it’s going to take me a while. It might seem like the moon to us right now, but we can do it. Kate, any tips for those of us who are looking for our first stream of work or in a position where our noses are so hard pressed to the grindstone that we can’t see the light? xx

  • Michelle Acosta

    I’m glad your vlogs will have an end date too! Don’t get me wrong, they are GREAT and I have enjoyed them so much that I bought your book. However, right now my focus is on my finances but that will change when I am guided to focus on another area of my life. We are the most happiest when we choose what FREES us over what binds us and embrace the CHANGE it brings.

  • You are amazing. This has to be one of the most authentic, honest, and beautiful post I’ve ever read.

    You are living the life that you are teaching us to live. This is the life we all want, but never actually do it. Maybe we incorporate 40%, but we never give ourselves permission to do it 100% because it doesn’t fit into our business/societal model.

    You are breaking all conventions here, THANK YOU!

    Thank you for giving me the permission to do that same and not feel like a lazy, unprofessional, unreliable person. You are awesome!

    I’m on maternity leave and find being a full time stay at home mom to be one dimensional and isolating. I miss doing what I love, so I decided to go back to work one day a week to get a little freedom in my life. However, I realized going back to my job is the safe thing to do. And really, my soul loves being creative. I decided not to go back to my job, but work on my next step as to where I want to be in my life. So I’m starting a new business and the creative juices are flowing on super speed. I too want freedom and financial freedom and had to take major and scary steps in my life this year to get there.

    My new business will give myself passive income (thank you for the video awhile back, it put a bug in my ear as to doing that one day) and offer me freedom to do what I love and spend my time as I wish, not chained to a job.

    I always loved being a student because I wasn’t bound by 9-5. I think that’s part of the reason I keep going back to school. I want freedom and don’t want to compromise. That doesn’t make me lazy, unmotivated, and a bad employee.

    Thank you thank you thank you. Enjoy your freedom girl!

  • Linda

    You helped me so much with this post. I’ve been suffering a lot lately with deliberate procrastination regarding my work. You were spot on in your analysis. I have had significant financial changes during the past few years and I am basically starting over at 62 yrs old. Of course I don’t want to waste my time doing things that don’t make me feel good. I just need to figure out where to go from here. The mystery has been solved.

  • DP

    Thank you for sharing something so personal! I understand where you’re coming from 100% because I also have commitments that force me to show up even though I don’t feel freedom or inspiration or excitement when I do. As we all know, that SUCKS. So I totally support whatever direction you want to take. And the videos you did make will always be there and will always be really valuable.
    In fact, I think that the content you will now be making from a place of freedom and inspiration will also be much better, and isn’t that fantastic?

    Also, I just wanted to mention how valuable the Money Love Story video series is to me! Those videos are awesome and I watch them for enjoyment. I love real money advice from a variety of people and those videos are a treasure, plus so much fun to watch.

    So thank you for letting us know. :)

  • josephine

    Hi Kate,
    You cannot imagine how much you have inspired me and made me learn from your Financial Freedom Fridays. They are so educational and inspiring at the same time and fun to listen to thus making learning a joy.
    I admire you for your honesty with your feelings on not having come out with it last Friday. I can understand perfectly where you are coming from. I have learned though that if I bring gratitude, love, service and joy into anything that I do even if I do not really feel like doing it then I shift in Paradigm and am able to do it.
    Right now I am working to eliminate debt in my life and moving toward earning more income that will enable me to set up savings and investment that will be the source of my residual and passive income so that I will be able to do the things that I really enjoy doing which is to become a Soul Counselor. Currently, I am in the life insurance business and I dont really enjoy meeting people one on one and selling them protection, savings and investment but because of the financial crisis that I experienced and and the lessons I learned from you, I now realize what a valuable service I am able to give to people as a Financial Adviser.
    Procrastination is also a challenge for me and that’s why I can relate to you. But I learned from our ancient and modern Spiritual Masters the practice to Be Aware in each and every second and BE present in the moment and observe my thoughts, feelings and body and Be guided by the Divine as well as receive inspiration that will provide the energy to carry out tasks that ordinarily I would procrastinate on. Many thanks to you.

    You cannot imagine what a great service you are providing so many millions of people around the world who are experiencing financial challenges just like me. You are indeed GOD sent. Namaste’.

  • Good post Kate, after all if you are a true freedom seeker then being spontaneous is pretty important. In fact, as sweet as it was of you, the reasons why your vid did not happen didnt really matter, you could have left that all out of your post and said… I’m seeking freedom today, see you next week. If writing is more your thing then maybe that’s the direction you should take and write and say what you want when you want… I know regular posts are an integral part of success but spontanaiety and surprise might be just as delightful for your readers and followers…

  • Melody

    Thank you Kate for being so honest! I can totally relate. I do love Financial Freedom Friday, but looking forward to the goodies you have in store to share!

  • Nelly

    I so value this post. I have always said to my friends when they ask me what I want out of life that I want FREEDOM. However, craving that freedom stops me in my tracks in all sorts of projects simply because I feel that I eventually won’t want to do them. Then what? Do I let people down? Do I just stop doing them? So unfortunately, I don’t do anything. I so get this post! I am so inspired by your NOT wanting to do FFF (they were great.) But I am inspired by your willingness to follow your inner voice and move away from something to pursue something else. Can’t wait to see what is to come!!!

  • Elizabeth

    When I first saw your email this morning, I felt a little sad – BUT as I read it I realized 1) what you were saying was amazing, 2) while I love the FFF videos, I often can’t watch them right away and don’t actually retain as much from them as I do from your writing – this was easy, I read the email on the subway and saved it to my phone immediately, 3) finally, all day I have been appreciating the real, down to earth, f***** honesty of it!
    Thanks for your email instead of FFF and for all your amazing work.

  • Amazing. This came in the most perfect moment for me. Thank you for sharing your truth Kate, and in the process giving us all the permission to following our truth, desire, and what sets us free.

  • RM

    Right. ON! I look forward to seeing your lovely face and hand-talking next week, though! <3

  • Kate! I APPLAUD you!

    I’m a hard core freedom seeker myself and I have been following you for quite some time and have seen your transition and I think it’s wonderful. I also think it’s wonderful that it is transitional and you are never stagnant.

    I’m new to this industry and I’m about to launch my own blog/biz next week and have been sweating over the same thing. Will I really feel like blogging or vlogging every single week??? A lot of blogger/marketers out there make it seem like an act of sacrilege if you miss a week. I’m a libra with sag rising and an aquarian moon so I have always been a very restless spirit and commitment has always been a dirty word for me, but you writing this post has already allowed me to feel a little free-er in my new biz.

    So thank you for that! – Susan
    (oh and very excited for some new glimpse tv too!)

  • Cecilia

    Thank you for being so realistic Kate. You serve as an example of true authenticity, for yourself and for others. I had never thought of myself as a “freedom seeker” and thanks to you and this post I realize that I am. So much of what you write on your blogs and in your book resonates with me. I read your book once doing the exercises “in my head” and found it comforting to read that you had the same practice. I am now reading it for a second time, paying closer attention to the resources you site and recommend and of course actually writing our the exercises in journal form. I look forward to reading the 63 reasons I value myself after 21 days:) Peace and blessings,Cecilia

  • Love this. I think you’ve nailed a value I didn’t quite realize I had, and this post helps me understand a lot. Thank you and enjoy your freedom!

  • Thank you so much. This feels much more on brand than doing something that you don’t love. Thanks for showing up fully!

  • Love this post and the conversation. I have been thinking (and writing) a lot about freedom lately, especially as it relates to work and motherhood. As so many have articulated here, sometimes the very things that emerged out of a sense of creativity and building something new and finding freedom (like those weekly blog posts!) are what ends up making us feel constrained.

    So much of this is about the ‘rules’ we’re taught – in my case, that blog posts must be posted at the same day and time week after week, that work is meant to happen from 9-5, that mothers are supposed to behave a certain way, etc.

    I observe that men seem to have a much easier time breaking the rules and achieving freedom in many of these arenas. For example, I hear a lot of male bloggers (from Zen Habits, the Minimalists) talk about not adhering to the same day/same time rules when it comes to blog posts. I love seeing so many intelligent, creative women breaking these rules and writing their own.

    Thank you for so much honesty and truth!


  • Taralyn

    Kate, thank you so very much for sharing this! I have to confess that reading this moved me to tears because I realized some time ago that freedom is what I’ve been chasing most of my life, only to find it just out of my reach. Or rather, finding myself too afraid to go after it full force. My commitments to myself and others are important to me, but the weight of obligation without purpose or creativity is far too heavy a load for me to continue carrying. I am slowly learning to let go of the “shoulds” and listen to my heart’s desires. While I realize that I won’t always be able to avoid doing things that don’t totally excite me, I believe in the power of choice and the value of doing what you love. Thank you being such an inspiration, and I look forward to following you on your journey!

  • Love this honesty. Sharing this not only frees you, but others also

  • Maria

    GOOD FOR YOU! I love your words… ‘And my soul is also making me “forget” to do things that don’t make me feel free.’ Wow, I get it, and realize that means me, as well!

    Love and so appreciate what you do for ALL of us, Kate, and how you represent yourself. Have to say, though, going to miss your Kate-isms and bloopers; ‘you bet your bippy!’ was absolutely perfect (and something I’d say – haha).

  • You are so speaking my language right now. This is something I struggled with until recently – the fact that I need constant change and growth in my life in order to stay inspired. I never understood why I couldn’t stick to a specific system, but routine -the same day in and day out – no matter how much I love what I’m doing, feels absolutely claustrophobic and well, limited.

  • I love your openness and your Freedom Compass so much. You reminded me of my own Freedom Compass…. I think we are all after freedom, it allows us to be expansive rather than constricted. Am having fun re-looking the work I do weekly and being honest about not liking what I get, or don’t get.
    All the best and so much love xxx

  • Love this, Kate. I totally get it.

    I shared my version of this *exact* sentiment just a few weeks ago in my post titled “Are your brand pants giving you a muffin top?” Had to get honest and admit that I’m already tired of following the traditional, super-niched formula.

    It felt like I was trying to fit into skinny jeans that were just. too. tight. So now I’m working on a pair of designer maternity jeans that will grow WITH me ;)

    Gotta do what feels true + lights us up. Anything less (helpful + profitable as it may be!) is ultimately a disservice.

    On that note – freedom is a *beautiful* thing, so thanks for talking about it. Can’t wait to learn more from you!

  • Eve

    xx Kate, you give us so much I know none of us would have wanted you to feel trapped by FFF. Like we are with our friends, I’ll happily wait for you to have time, and when the inspiration strikes and I’ll be just happy when you appear in my inbox. with love

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