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My belated birthday present.

My sister adorably schedules sister dates with me every few weeks when we haven’t seen each other in a while. I’m incredibly blessed for many reasons.  One of them is that I live in the same city as my sister and another one is that I see this as a good thing. Not everyone likes their family: I’m blessed because I do. The other day at our sister date over “Live Earth Salads” at a place in Brooklyn called Siggy’s Good Food where the menu reminded us that “aliens eat for free” (WTF?) Annie gifted me with the poem below as a belated birthday gift. I love the way my sister is with words. (This is actually her zone of genius. She’s the Diva of the Word.) I love the way she expresses her love for me. I love the way she gives birthday presents two months after the actual date. I love her. Thanks, Annie.

For Kate

A Belated Birthday Gift – Dated May 20, 2010



Wow, it’s beautiful up here

legendary lips

brimming with talents

teaching me how

to love myself

And be here.

ushering in

a quiet revolution

or perhaps

a loud one

with many giggles

believing life can be


and taking action.


like the sunshine

bright light

dancing in

the light

and the shadows.

let it all go

let everything go.

wallpaper’s off

the display is exposed

and behold

the beauty

sparkling there



  • Beautiful. Sisters. Words. And love!

  • Oh gracious. This is so beautiful and sweet. And I love you, too!

  • Margaret Rushing

    Beautiful…the belatedness is adorable. Miss you both xoxo

  • Pam Minson

    Wow Kate! What beautiful words ad sentiment! How lucky you are to have that bond! Food for the soul!!

  • What eloquent words that so beautifully describe the uniqueness that Kate is! A quiet, powerful and vibratory universe she is leading!
    Soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us

  • Rachel Northrup

    Gorgeous! As I read this I am over joyed of the love that comes through one sister to another and can be passed back and around to friends, familiy and cousins!
    Annie you are such a genius with words and Kate is such a fun subject to celebrate!
    Today both my brothers had little girls YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEE more girls

  • So wonderful! Goodness! And so lovely to see that there are other sisters out there who are dear friends. My sister and I often feel like we’re in a serious minority of siblings who not only get along but truly enjoy and look forward to each other’s company. (And, yes, I forwarded your post to her…she loved it!) Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Beautiful! How blessed you are indeed to have a sister in the same city. I’d love for my siblings to move here!

  • nancy levin

    i totally loooooooove this on many levels – acknowledging the one-of-a-kind bond between sisters, the vibrant visceral poetry, and your willingness to share the expression with us, annie’s and yours. i adore the pic of you both holding candles, capturing the essence of the true pioneers and beacons you are…xo

  • What a beautiful gift. I like to write poems for family members for “big” birthdays and while everyone makes fun of me because they are always so long, they all can’t wait for them when they come! It’s a blessing to share one’s creativity with someone we love.

  • Brought tears to my eyes.

  • it is so interesting to me how we all come from different directions in our relationships with our siblings. after my parents passed i seriously considered moving away………i wanted a relationship with my sisters and yet always wanted to run from their negativity. slowly i’m being shown how to remain centered and calm in the face of any negativity. i no longer need to head for the door when the monster raises its head. i simply am. at times i simply remain quiet, just being tao.

    your poem is beautiful. it reminds me to see “the beauty sparkling there underneath” in my sisters. thanks for the reminder.

  • Diane Grover

    Love the photo, and the sharing of “A Belated Birthday Gift”. Having a sister that I am close with has been a very special gift in my life, as are the two of you! Love, Di

  • Ruth

    how I adore this Sisterly love and admiration
    and please….”Legendary Lips…..”
    ’nuff said

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