Maybe Baby?

I got an email several months ago from leadership, relationship, and team coach Randi Buckley asking me if I would be willing to share my thoughts on having kids with her for a new coaching program she was cooking up.

I immediately LOVED the concept and it made my cells buzz:

The MAYBE BABY Program– Six Weeks from Ambivalence to Peace: For women who hear a whisper of ‘maybe’ in their hearts.

She was reaching out to me as a 20-something entrepreneur who might be grappling with the idea of children to share my perspective along with other interviewees and some experts like sociologists and OB/GYN’s (to be coupled with her own coaching genius and personal story of ambivalence and then having a baby and being thrilled by the experience.)

Here’s the thing:

I’ve never, not even for one second doubted that I’m going to be a mother.

The one thing I’m 100% clear on in my life is that I want to have kids. In fact, my whole reason for starting a business was so that when I’m ready to have kids I can be fully present with them and not have to worry about sacrificing time with them for work or vice versa. (Watching the recent film I Don’t Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker reaffirmed my motherhood business fuel.)

Though I didn’t end up being interviewed for Maybe Baby as I’ve never been ambivalent about children, I felt a strong connection to what Randi is doing and know it could help thousands of women. I know tons of women who are entrepreneurs and/or are dedicated to their jobs who aren’t sure if they want kids. It’s an issue that they feel torn about and grappling with it causes quite a bit of social and personal mental and emotional rug burn. And as someone who’s never felt that way, I never quite know what to say to them.

Enter Randi Buckley with her Maybe Baby Program.

Here’s what she has to say about it:

Maybe Baby” is a coaching program for women who are ambivalent about having children,

but hear the whisper of ‘maybe’ in their hearts.

With compassion and no hidden agenda, we work together to uncover your answer

AND to be at peace with it.

How beautiful is that? As young women we’re blessed with the opportunity to be and have anything we want. And that can be paralyzing at times. Just because we CAN have it all doesn’t mean we HAVE TO have it all. The truth is nobody wants it all. We want what we want. And Randi will help you uncover what that truly is in Maybe Baby.

Enjoy the journey.

Are you now or have you ever been ambivalent about having kids? Why?

If you’re a woman who works and has kids, what is that like for you? Any helpful wisdom to share?

What’s the one thing you know you MUST do before you die (like how I MUST have kids before I die)?


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