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If you’re waiting for this you’ll be waiting forever.

Sometimes it’s so much easier to wait around for someone else to take care of us than to take care of ourselves.

Or so we think.

We only half-heartedly take care of our money because we secretly hope that pretty soon we’ll get married and our husband will do that for us.

We don’t make a significant effort to get our debt paid off because, in the back of our mind, we’re waiting for our parents to bail us out.

We don’t really go for it in business because we suspect that at some point we’ll have an inheritance coming so we just bide our time and do the bare minimum to get by.

Sound familiar?

Many of us are waiting for someone, or something, to come along and save us, especially when it comes to our financial lives.

We don’t take full responsibility for ourselves because we’re afraid we don’t have what it takes to really take amazing care of ourselves. So instead we sell ourselves short by not ever showing ourselves what we’re truly made of.

I know because I waited for years to commit to my own financial empowerment in a big way because I was unconsciously waiting for my mom or my future husband to come and take care of it all for me.

But all I got for waiting to take the reigns of my life was waiting.

One day I just decided that enough was enough. It was time to take my life into my own hands. I stepped into becoming my own savior, my own Prince Charming, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

(And it also lead to finding my real Prince Charming who I’m so excited to marry next year!!! But the best part is that when I met him I didn’t need saving.)

Today I’ve got a really simple, 3-step exercise for you to learn how to become your own Prince Charming and stop waiting around for someone to come along and save you once and for all.

Watch the video below to get the goods:

It’s absolutely possible to be in love and financially powerful at the same time. (Tweet it!)

Over to you:

Did this video help you identify who or what your Prince Charming is? What’s the quality you can enhance in yourself to become more powerful? What’s the action step you’ll be taking this week to become your own Prince Charming?



  • kristy

    Thank you kate have your book n so excited to get started!!!these videos I so enjoy little motivation to get reading n save myself!!!

  • Katrina

    Thanks Kate, I am reading your book and did this exact exercise earlier today. BAM was it a powerful one. x

  • This was a great episode as so many of us are waiting for someone/something to sweep us off our feet and away from our problems. Or in my case, usually trying to sweep someone else off their feet and out of trouble. As you know, neither archetype (Cinderella or Prince Charming) gets us what we really want: Love.
    I’m not sure this works, but at this point my Prince Charming is $50,000. The qualities $50,000 has that I like are: ~ability to get me out of debt and breaking even, ~affords me healthcare, ~frees me up to buy my own house/get in greater debt(!). ;D I’ve found myself wishing/waiting/looking for $50,000 to come along and sweep me out of fretting over how I’ll pay my bills each month, but that’s probably not helpful. :P Gotta do it myself. :) Then maybe Prince $50,000 will come along and love me. :D

  • Elizabeth

    Well – this was REALLY helpful!!!
    Kate – you are fun and somehow you just make it seem like it’s gonna be possible –
    Many,many thanks!

  • You name it – I have pretty much envisioned everyone in my life as my “Prince Charming” at some point. My parents, my brother, my boyfriend, my boyfriend’s mom, my grandparents, some person who just shows up and love my work so much they just hand me thousands of dollars. I grew up as the baby of the family and growing up I worked hard and saved $10,000. My older brothers looked to me to borrow money and in a way take care of them. Yet part of why I was able to save so much was because my parents paid for everything — often for much more extravagant things and trips than was needed. I typically had leftover money from their sharing so it all went to savings. Then I hit grad school and my dad when into huge financial debt (he was already there but finally came out with it all) which meant for the first time I was on my own. That $10,000 disappeared quick and I racked up a lot of Student Loans. Then I was spit out into the world, but I still hadn’t learned to fend for myself. Everyone helped me out because I needed help — they were all my Prince Charmings and I think I just haven’t let go of them being that for me. No one is giving me money anymore at this point so it’s time for me to be my own Prince Charming — Divine timing of this post for sure!! Thanks so much, Kate.

  • Oh – Angels, too – totally thought they would just show up and fix it all by now!

  • Hi Kate,
    My huuby and I listened together on this one. He’s my Prince Charming or at least he has been until today.

    We’ve worked on that list of qualities, but I’ve got some major work ahead.

    It took forever to even think about myself as being capable of possessing any of thos PC abilities.

    We’re total opposites.

    So instead, I’m taking two of those qualities + deciding that I will become a master of them. Period. These are his top 2 qualities.

    1.) Needs v/s wants. – I think everything is something I need.

    2.) Frugality – I’m going to tackle my wasteful spending.

    PS-I really created an interesting dialogue with my hubs on this topic.


    • Kate

      Way to dive in and take action on this one Kim! And I love that you used it as a platform to have a convo with your man. So smart!

  • Jennifer Rivera

    I loved the video!I recently became a fan & have enjoyed them greatly! Today’s episode about Prince charming was great. However, I have found in my life that I tend to be the princess charming for everyone else. I will sacrifice myself in lieu of what everyone else wants or needs such as ex boyfriends, soon to be ex husband and sometimes family. What are your suggestions for me to break the cycle?

    • Kate

      Great q Jennifer – I would simply remind yourself that if you dont prioritize taking care of yourself then you won’t have any steam left to support anyone else – so you first, then others :)

  • Ronda B

    Hi, lovely Kate! Just a quick note to say thank you for using inclusive language in all that you do (meaning a handsome man OR gorgeous woman, etc). It’s the little things – and it matters very, very much.

    As always, you’re fabulous.

  • Gloria

    Wow, very serendipitous! That you for giving light to my shadow.

  • Awesome, brilliant, amazing! Loved it! Thank you for the practical steps. I can’t wait to receive Money book!

  • Eve

    Kate, the timing of this is so perfect. I thought it was only me that was doing this, so was kind of refusing to look at it.
    Admitting your embarrassment of naming your own Prince Charming out loud gave me my first laugh all day. You are such a sweetie! (mine is worse! – I write and tell you one day, and we can both have a good laugh)
    I’ve got myself into quite a financial mess, but you give me hope! I’ve wanted your book since before it was out, just can’t spare even a dollar right now – but watching this I remembered I have a book voucher!

  • Eve

    …oh and yes, big kiss for the mention of Princes and Princesses! xx

  • Genevieve

    Hi Kate,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this Financial Freedom Friday video (and all of the others!). I really appreciate all the time that you must put into creating them. They are fantastic! They have made such a positive impact for me (and I’m sure thousands of other people around the world). I also have your book on order at amazon and it should arrive soon! (I’m very excited! :)

    All the best with everything,

  • I love this, Kate! What an awesome video. I love how well-prepared you are in your videos. It completely puts mine to shame :)
    It’s funny how comfortable it can be to be a victim, to wait for someone else to save you, and how easy it is to sabotage yourself in order to avoid taking responsibility. But unless you step out of your comfort zone to take responsibility and stand on your own two feet you will never feel the fulfillment that comes with true freedom and independence. Thank you for covering this topic! I’ve been working on this myself for a while and can’t wait to do the exercise you talk about.

  • Maryssa

    I was probably 30 and married by the time I realized my dad wasn’t going to swoop in and save me. Then I spent he next five years mourning this realization. He was extremely successful when I was a kid, but things went south when I was a teen and he never got himself back together.

    I had a spoiled childhood, and as a teen was surrounded by friends and family who were financially well off. Now, I’m listening to my friends talk about inheritances, etc.,and I’m in mourning all over again. But my student loan debt isn’t going anywhere, no matter how upset I am that my friends’ outrageous spending has always been swept clean by their dads.

    Nobody is going to save me! *smack* Nothing is coming to me unless I work for it! I’ve always worked hard, but in a field that doesn’t pay well. It’s time to make some big changes. Huge.

    Qualities of my dad that I thought would save me: He’s extremely intelligent (high IQ), but his arrogance got in the way. I was blessed with his intelligence, but I’ve been painfully humble. I have to be willing to let people see how smart I am (outside of a traditional classroom!) to get paid what I’m worth.

    Thanks, Kate!

  • Connie

    Thanks for the great information Kate. I, however, think that there will be an instant large amount of money come to me from ‘somewhere’ in the universe. Can you help me determine what the qualities of this prince charming paradigm would be? I am ready to look at this even as I am approaching retirement. I know this thought has kept me waiting for ‘it ‘ to arrive and therefore make ‘everything’ ok. Thanks for inviting me to put this on paper. I appreciate hearing your comments.

    • Kate

      Hey Connie – perhaps look at what you’re hoping that sudden large amount of money would do for you and see how you could do those things for yourself!

  • YEAH!!!!!! Wonderful, I’ve been ashamed of this aspect and so have been denying it exists lol…. so nice to know it’s a big de-clutter activity in my life, drag it out and throw it out… Thank you xxx

  • This is my fave exercise so far. Thanks for this Kate. This is a tough one.

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