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How to Use Your Intuition to Save Massive Amounts of Time, Energy, and Money


You have a lot of decisions to make on a daily basis.

Jeans or leggings? Yoga or spinning? Smoothie or oatmeal? Blog or video? Webinar or free call? Daycare or nanny? This is Us or Fixer Upper? Say something about the thing that’s bugging you or let it go?

There are a lot of ways to make decisions. In fact, there are so many ways to make decisions that deciding which way to make your decision can add a whole other layer of overwhelm and confusion to the process.

I’m here to tell you there’s an easier way. There’s a better way.

It’s something you were born with. Everybody has it. No one was made without it.

And the more you use it, the stronger it gets, and the easier it becomes to know what it’s telling you.

It’s your intuition, and when you figure out how to use it in your life and business, you will:

  • Save thousands of hours that you’ve previously wasted waffling back and forth and obsessing about decisions
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars because staying in a holding pattern by not making a decision makes you lose money due to the cost of missing opportunities by staying stuck
  • Save tons of energy that you’ve previously expended spinning your wheels overthinking things, rather than investing it in actually moving projects and plans forward

Ready to save a ton of time, energy, and money? Awesome. Click below to watch the video I made for you that will teach you how to tap into your intuition to make sure you’re always doing the right thing.

Your intuition is your superpower. Listen to it, and you’ll never make a wrong decision again. twitter-logo

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Now I’d love to hear from you!

How do you listen to your intuition?

What’s a recent situation where you were able to save time, money, and energy because you listened to, and followed, your intuition?

What do you struggle with when it comes to listening to and heeding your intuition?

Let me know in the comments!

Know someone who struggles with making decisions? Forward this post along to them.

Remember: your intuition is an innate superpower. It’s there for you all the time, 24/7. It never turns off, and it’s free to use. You can ask it unlimited questions!

When you use your intuition you can’t ever mess things up. It will always guide you exactly where you most need to go.


  • Well, Kate, you’re timing couldn’t have been better! I’m facing some difficult decisions about moving my business and downsizing. I found an absolutely lovely place that makes my heart sing with Joy and yet it’s quite far from my current location, which leaves me with some qualms. Most of my clients come to see me up to three times a week and so that I know the additional distance might be an issue for them. Yet I also know that most of our clients are extremely devoted to us.
    Regardless, I’ve been asking the universe for a sign to help me make this decision on whether to sign a contract for the new space. I thought about calling my feng shui consultant. I’ve thought about calling a psychic. And yet last night I realized that I knew in my heart that I wanted to be in that space because it makes me so joyful to be there. And if I’m joyful in the space, and I can’t be anything but successful.

    • Kate Northrup

      Yes! This is such a beautiful example of listening to your heart’s calling even though all of the “evidence” doesn’t line up. I know this will be a beautiful next step and will hold untold gifts!

  • Heidi

    Thank you! I have been getting nudges about leaving my job and focusing on pursuing my nursing career. However, fear of how I’m going to support myself keeps rearing its ugly head. Leaving feels like the right decision.

    • Kate Northrup

      Good for you for listening! Sometimes you have to take the leap first before the support and opportunities show up!

  • Ahhhh intuition. Mine was ignored for SO long. When you’re told it’s wrong, you begin to listen to everyone else voice and believe their version the truth instead of your own. Hello co-dependency.

    Finding mine, honing in on it and learning how to listen has been a long journey, but so worth it. Now I’m teaching my kids how to find that still small voice inside themselves too.

    Recently. Loudly. Intuition has been telling me, guiding me, to launch my business. To take my guift of story and strength and share it. As I am doing so, I find myself in this beautiful place. Resonating with people. Bringing joy and comfort to those who feel alone. Making my children proud. Feeling like I’m finally living my purpose.

    JUSt in the last two weeks Kate, I’ve connected with you and D. I can’t even begin to tell you how understood I feel. I’ve always felt odd. Different. I feel like I’ve found my tribe. And wouldn’t you know it, they are strong women who have been on journies and are sharing their gifts. Hashtag mompreneur.

    Intuition is THE best. Thank you lady. For this post and for being you. 💗

  • The first time I truly embraced intuition in my creative process, I was kind of cornered into it. I’d been told a surgery I had might make me go blind, so the art I was creating literally might be the last time I could make and see. I just painted to paint.

    Thankfully all went well with the surgery. Maybe a month or two later I had an art competition almost fall into my lap that was perfect for these two artworks. I entered, placed in the competition, won money, and my art went on a two year tour of the states including exhibition at The Smithsonian.

    Despite such an OBVIOUS win from trusting intuition, I have to catch myself while I create and remind myself to check in. The more I do it, the more naturally it becomes part of my process. I remind myself of those special events as additional evidence to “trust.”

    Thank you for sharing Kate I appreciate this message and I’m glad you are sharing it <3

  • Erin

    I would love to see you share this message with high school and college aged kids! This is a powerful message, and sadly so many people (of all ages) have never heard this message- at least not in the clear and accurate way you have presented it in this video. Imagine if younger people learned this when they are still forming and planning their adult lives.
    I love this video, and will share it widely!

  • Thank you for this powerful message, Kate! So very affirming. Since leaving my full-time job two years ago and embarking on my new phase as mother-of-three/business owner, this crazy thing called intuition has come up a lot, and I am learning to be more in tuned with my “gut” feelings. I have historically been a very hesitant decision maker, but paying attention to how I FEEL about something, as well as what I THINK brings a surprising amount of clarity. Also, in my work as a postpartum doula, I have been thinking about mother’s intuition lately. In our information-driven culture, I am noticing that moms are often in search of the RIGHT actions to take regarding their infants… looking for the right answer to solve a problem. However, NOTHING about caring for an infant or raising a child is black and white–if you ask three different professionals for advice on feeding, sleeping, etc., you will get three different answers. Or, what works for baby one week might not work the next. The most valuable tool for moms is to learn to look inside and trust herself to know what is right for her and her baby. Thanks for all you do for moms, entrepreneurs, and women in general!

  • Hi Kate, THANK YOU so much for this message! I am a solopreneur constantly subscribing to new newsletters, constantly being attracted to one biz guru after the other looking for ‘the right way’ to do things in my biz. Since listening to your video I’ve had a major inbox detox and it feels so good! There’s a lot of great advice out there but I got so overwhelmed from trying to listen to all of it. Now I will listen to myself, my intuition, instead. Love, Anne

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