How To Slow Down Yet Still Achieve Success as a Mompreneur

I have a concept I want to invite you to try on:

“slow success”

How does your body feel when you read that? When you say it out loud?

I feel instantly relaxed when I hear or say that phrase. That’s why I’m sharing it with you today.

The woman who introduced me to it is named Liz Long, and she’s one of my closest friends.

Liz is a woman I admire for her global consciousness, her huge heart, her hilariously self-effacing honesty, and her ability to manage the daily details of life while running a thriving business, mothering a toddler, and growing a second one in her belly.

I want you to meet Liz because she so beautifully embodies what I’m teaching as the foundation for the Origin™ membership:

  • Taking nature’s cues in order to get into a daily rhythm that creates peace instead of stress
  • Scheduling your day so you can mine your most high-quality creative and productive hours
  • Working fewer hours yet making more money
  • Finding ways to honor our season of life, even if it’s a season of less obvious achievement

She went from rushing and overworking to getting into a sweet rhythm of life that allows her to be a present mom and tend to her blossoming career.

Doesn’t that sound kind of delicious?

Watch the video below to learn how you can apply the concept of slow success to your life, too.

“You can do it all in small doses.” ~Liz Long 

Connect with Liz here!

If you’re ready to tap into a new approach to motherhood and life that’s defined by slow, steady deposits instead of rushing, pushing, and trying to do it all (yet failing), I invite you to join us in Origin™.

Within this membership we’ll be teaching how to:

  • Figure out when your most productive hours of the day are so that you can schedule accordingly and work fewer total hours (yet reap beautiful rewards)
  • Approach time in a whole new way so that you can stop rushing and start enjoying
  • Connect with the woman underneath the achievement so that no matter what’s going on with your career, you feel whole
Get all of the details and learn how to get started for only $30.


  • This is great! I’m a Beautycounter Consultant. I am an Aries so I am impatient so I push and make things happen before it’s time. I need more sleep than most ppl too. Thank you for this! ~A

  • Lara Mathewson

    I’ve experimented with early nights/early mornings also, and it’s great. Even though I always considered myself a night owl in the past, I find that I’m much more focused and clear in the early morning. It feels good to sleep and rise with the sun. Lovely interview!

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