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How Many Bras Do You Really Need? and other thoughts on letting go: Glimpse TV with Bindu Wiles

Inspired by my friend Bindu Wiles, creator of The Shed Project, an eight week experience of letting go, I’ve been letting go of A LOT recently. More details to come in future posts, but suffice it to say that Bindu’s decision to get rid of the vast majority of her belongings has inspired me to let go in some significant ways and cut some serious chords (all good stuff…stay tuned for updates.) In my second interview with Bindu on Glimpse TV she shares her thoughts on freedom, the discomfort that comes from letting go, how many bras (and jeans and socks) we really need, and more.

How many bras do we really need? and other thoughts on letting go: Glimpse TV with Bindu Wiles from Kate Moller on Vimeo.


  • I love you guys, your videos are very entertaining as well as insightful. Watching the show Hoarders in addition to the Shed Project has really spurred me into action – I want to get rid of as many material possessions as possible and live a more simple life in preparation for pregnancy and becoming a mom.

  • Hi Kate and Bindu,

    Love the video…I have been in the process of shedding my stuff (I do it every season). Sometimes its even a job that holds you down. I recently created some space in my career and some new stuff just came in today…bigger and better opportunities.

    I often struggle with how many bras and socks and panties I need…I am going through my drawer again today.

    You guys are awesome.


    • Kate

      @Kate, Hey Tracy! So happy to hear that you’re creating space in your work world and that it’s being filled in with great stuff. Let me know how the bra and panty purge goes :)

  • I just love watching your videos Kate because they almost always crack me up. Your laugh is contagious! Love the idea of the Shed Project and would love to hear more about shedding with a family in tow! How do I get the buy in from hubby & kids! Anyway, thanks for making my Tuesday more joyful! Love, g.

    • Kate

      @ginny, Thanks for watching Ginny…I’m so glad to be cracking you up! I certainly can’t speak from experience on how to shed with a family in tow, but check out Chris Gillebeau’s book The Art of Non-Conformity where he references several families who have packed themselves up and traveled all over the world. You can check out their blogs and I’m sure they have lots of tips on living “lighter” as a family. Keep those comments coming!

  • I always love hearing from Bindu, I often find myself lost in her site, soaking up the inspiration that is there.

    I have been working through my attachment to things over the last few years. My husband and I even have a dream of getting out of debt, out of the mortgage and just grabbing an RV and traveling with the kids for a year or so.

    One of the exercises I do with the women I work with is ask them to clear out 10 bags of stuff for 10 days as it is empowering to watch the space opens up. It is the same space that opens up when we give up dieting, or blame, or the other things that keep us stuck.

    I’m thinking about the freedom aspect and I would agree that as I have been removing I have yet to feel free. I was wondering what you think the next step in the process to that freedom is after letting go of stuff?

    Thank you as always for putting such great ideas out for us all to think about.

    • for the record I own 2 bras.

    • Kate

      @Hannah Marcotti, Great question. What is the next step in the process to freedom after letting go? Well, I think the next step is sitting with the emptiness that you feel when you let go and leaning into the void. And then dancing around in it. And then feeling the sadness and the fear and whatever else might be there too. And then eventually feeling free when you’ve gotten comfortable with the void. What do you think? (And P.S. I love that you own two bras. Something for me to aim for :)

      • Great answer!!! I love the dancing around in it. I’m going to do a little of that.

        I wonder if we have some higher expectations of what we should feel when we are letting go? Perhaps letting go of the expectations as well.

  • Sylvie Wheeler

    So enjoyable and inspiring! Perfect timing too for this ‘shedding’ as Venus is presently Retrograde in Scorpio. Perfect time to go deep and let go, shed, give away and/or throw way.
    I’ve already gone through my wardrobe, bathroom, the kitchen and pantry and I’m about to dive in my study! (The garden too is important and I’ve got a big one.) Feels so good and I don’t have a great deal really as I’m not a hoarder but as I periodically go through this shedding process, I always enjoy a re-newed Clarity about everything and…I feel lighter!! Love the intro music too.

  • Love this vid. Love paring down my life. And I am a stylist! I help women get their wardrobes under control. My philosophy is that everyone should have fewer pieces of great fitting clothing in the best quality they can afford. And everything that lives in your closet should make you happy and be appropriate for who you are, right now. No more saving things for when you lose that 5, 10, 20 pounds!

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