Working Moms: How to be a Great Mom Without Losing Your Identity – Glimpse TV w/ Erin Cox

My friend Erin Cox is one hot mama. In fact she’s so hot, she wrote a book on being hot.

Erin had her first baby away from her family, isolated as a military wife in the Mohave Desert. She really struggled with wanting to be at home with her little girl, but also not wanting to give up her identity as a career woman.

Whether you’ve ever felt torn between spending time with your kids and working on your career, or between two other equally valuable pursuits, I know you can relate.

Erin came out with her book, One Hot Mama: The Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby, this past spring. As she went through her own struggles and witnessed those of her friends, she found solutions and took notes. The book is a result of her real-life research in being one hot mama.

Erin and I sat down to chat more about what it takes to not lose your identity when you have a baby, how to create success on your own terms, and what freedom really means.

Tune in to the episode of Glimpse TV below to learn Erin’s most powerful tip for coming back to yourself when you’re a mom — and more.

As a mother you set the tone for the day for your children. ~@onehotmamaguide (Tweet it!) 

Find out more about Erin at

Learn more about Erin’s 8-week course, Love Your Body After Baby HERE.

Grab a copy of One Hot Mama by clicking HERE.

And starting July 8th, Erin is hosting a free course with En*theos called Success On Your Own Terms, featuring over 25 amazing and successful mompreneurs who have created lives of freedom. Sign up by clicking HERE — it’s free!

How have you overcome feeling torn between being a mom and building your career? What tips and tricks do you use to stay sane? Erin and I would love to hear from you so leave a comment below!



  • I just adore Erin! What a great interview. Thanks, Kate, for bringing Erin to more mamas who need to remember that we’re ALL red hot mamas!

  • Super video Kate and Erin :) Hanging onto your identity (or regaining/redefining if lost) following childbirth is a subject very dear to my heart. I lost my identity following the birth of my first son in 1998. With each successive child (I have 3) I have inched my way towards regaining it to the point where it is now more deeply felt than ever.

    Somehow I manage to run three businesses from home whilst home educating my younger two with next to no childcare. It’s a juggle, but I absolutely love it (being spontaneous helps!). Like Erin, I also find half an hour/an hour on my own in the mornings before anyone wakes up is the best way to start my day. It’s also the only time I get to make important phone calls or edit photos in peace now my children are older – when they were babies, I just stuck them in a sling and got on with it ;)

    Your US maternity leave is saddening :( Here in the UK 6 months is standard with the option to extend to a year.

    Wishing you good luck with your newfound freedom, Erin!

    • Kate

      You are one impressive hot mama Ali! Thanks for the comment – glad you liked the video!

      • Hardly, but thanks anyway ;) The other thing I forgot to mention is that it’s helped me enormously to lower my expectations of what I can achieve in a day and to congratulate myself for the small things. That and listening to my instinct when it comes to my little people…

  • fran

    great video! i love the meditation suggestion :)

    kate, i must ask — what is the nail polish/color you are wearing? it’s amazing :)

    thank you for all that you do!

  • Kate – thanks so much for the interview + yes! I love the part where you and Erin are talking about writing a blog post or spending time with your baby. I love the tips about scheduling. It’s all about the scheduling. Thank you both so much for being an inspiration to moms everywhere. It’s so important to pursue your passions while cuddling your kids.

  • Hi Kate! This is my first time “meeting” you, and I LOVE your energy! So fun. Tempted to go watch more Glimpse TV instead of working on my own to-do list ;)

    Erin is FAB. As a fellow military spouse and mama with some serious entrepreneur genes, I was instantly drawn to her story when I met her through B-School. After one quick Skype date, I knew I’d wanna keep her in my inner circle! :)

    Thanks to you both for doing what you do and sharing what you share.

    Love it!

    • Kate

      So happy you’ve come across Glimpse TV Nikki! Yes, Erin is quite an inspiration. All of you awesome moms are!

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