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2011 was quite a year. I changed almost everything that it’s possible to change in one’s life. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks reflecting and digesting. After some back and forth I decided to share some of the best of 2011, things I learned, and my plans for 2012 with you. I do this not so much because I think my life is inherently that interesting to you, but more to inspire you to digest your own year and to consciously create the next one.

I find that when I skip the digestion step of everything that’s happened, I get cranky. I forget my blessings, I start finding myself wrong, and things kind of go bland. But when I take the time to notice all the good (and some of the challenges, as well) that I’ve just experienced, life gets back to its usual sparkly sheen.


In no particular order, here are the significant things that happened in 2011:


Some things that didn’t go as well as I had thought they would:

Luckily, far outnumbering the things that didn’t turn out the way I thought they would were wonderful things I hadn’t even thought to think up (like falling in love and getting a book deal!) So, overall the year ended significantly on the upside.

Taking everything I learned from 2011, I spent some time focusing on how I’d like to create 2012. I still have some more refining to do (using some of the tools recommended below). But I’m sharing my 2012 creation plan with you now, even though it’s not complete, because the idea that I could create the perfect 2012 plan and control how the year goes is not only absurd, it’s also exhausting.


Here are my 2012 intentions/goals/desires/creations:

Tools for 2012 Creation

Something I’m adding to my planning of the year this year that I’ve never done before is assigning measurable goals to each intention and then tracking them through the year. This is inspired by Chris Guillebeau’s Annual Review. I’ll also be scheduling specific events, actions, and goals into my calendar and breaking them into action steps using my new Getting Things Done system a-la David Allen.

Lastly, as I’m going through my intentions/desires/goals for 2012 I’ll be creating a list of things that I’ll be delegating to the universe. For example, if my goal is to enroll twelve people in my mentoring program, I may write down that I’ll be personally responsible for attracting six of them, and I’ll ask the universe to attract the other six. This will act as a reminder to myself that I’m not responsible for everything, that synchronicity and magic abounds, and that there’s help for me (and you) available at all times if I’m simply willing to ask.

If you’re wanting to some guidance in your 2011 review and 2012 creation, I recommend the following resources:

What were some of your best moments of 2011?

What did you learn last year?

What are you thrilled to announce that you’ll be creating in 2012?

What do you think about doing a year in review and planning out your year in general?

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  • Jen says:


    This was an inspiring AND humble post. I think entrepreneurs are the ones taking the road less traveled, and it looks like you’re finding so much joy and freedom. You’re an inspiration – for your process, your humility, and your positive attitude. You accomplished AMAZING things this year! You should be so proud :) I can’t wait to continue following your success!

    – Jen

  • lisa Pleasants says:


    You are a true inspiration. I love your energy and vitality. I feel moved to be stronger and true to myself when I read your emails. They give me hope. I would be honored to be part of your mentoring program.

    We met in Columbus, Oh, while you were on your Freedom Tour.

    Take Care and thank you for being open and honest.

    • Kate says:

      Of course I remember you Ms. Pleesants! Thanks so much for your comment :)

    • Thanks for sharing your vision with us Kate.

      In 2011 my aha was daily silent retreats. Some days it was my formal meditation practice, sometimes it was walking with my Lily Roo in the hood, and other times it was simply staring out my window. I’ve realized when I forgo this (even its just 15 minutes) I’m cranky, anxious, and just down right not a happy camper. I’m also grateful for some of my “losses” in 2011 because it opened up and expanded what I thought I could do. One of those things was becoming a part of Team Northrup/USASNA Family, in August. I’m so down with helping you increase your business by 100%!

      In 2012, I have oodles of things planned. The biggie is relaunching my website and my blog (yikes but exciting). Studying meditation with Lorin Roche and Camile Maurine, in May, and much, much more.

      All the best, LGM

  • Allegra says:

    Kate, Kate, Kate.

    You are so wonderful and inspiring, and this post is full proof of that once again. I have loved reading your blog and am so grateful that you are writing it. It motivates me to learn more about myself, think more deeply, and be more me than I would otherwise. All in all, you make me happier! I loved your “Here’s what I know” post, too – that one actually made me cry. Especially in these mid-twenties (which good GOD why does no one mention before how challenging they are?!), your calm and joy and peace make me feel like it’s all going to be okay.

    Love you bunches and might try to call you soon to catch up,

    Legs (twenty-threeeeeeeeeee!)

    • Kate says:

      LEGS! Thank you so much for this beautiful comment! I’m so thrilled to know that my writing makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. Because it’s going to be better than okay. The 20’s are a bit of a roller coaster, for sure, but the wider open your eyes are, the better! xoxo

  • What a beautifully written post. I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  • Jen Salko says:

    You are full of infinite wisdom and inspiration. I am proud to know you and proud to work alongside you. I can feel the growth and transformation in your last several posts….you are certainly getting too big for your pot…and the hope and peace your posts bring to others can never be quantified. I SO look forward to the light you’ll be bringing to the world with your written word (I’ll be one of the first in line to buy that book of yours) and with your spirit and essence. xoxoxo

  • Grateful Being says:

    kate, you poured hope into my heart at exactly the necessary hour. exactly. for that i am immensely grateful.

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  • Sandra says:

    Dear Kate, thank you so much for this inspiring post. I’m writing my own business goals for 2012 in a blog post for each of my two businesses myself now. You’re a role model in reaching freedom through an honest business for me. Thank you.

  • Kate Lindsay says:


    Your bubbliness inspires me to be more myself. And though I thought you had your “brand” all figured out, it was revealing (and relieving) to know that you are still shaping and growing…that it’s a process. Aaahhh. Big sigh. You inspire us all to be more of who we are and to believe that doing just that (and some of nothing) is more than enough to bring our most dynamic and abundant lives into our hands. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Kate says:

      I’m so glad you figured out that I don’t have it figured out. In fact, none of us do! That’s the fun of it…total exploration!

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