Cravings, Desire, Pleasure, and Your Body: Alex Jamieson and Jena La Flamme on Glimpse TV

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.46.47 PMOver the summer I got two amazing books from two amazing girlfriends, both on nourishing and loving our bodies.

I wanted to have both of these fine ladies on Glimpse TV because their books both opened my mind to a whole new way of relating to my body and food that I’d never considered before.

On a spontaneous trip to New York City I asked them if they’d be willing to come on Glimpse TV together as the first ever duo on my show.

What truly struck me about both of their enthusiastic responses to the idea was the distinct lack of competition present.

Both of these gorgeous women launched books on the same topic in the same month in the same city with many contacts in common.

And yet, they were so excited to share the spotlight with one another to make sure as many women as possible could hear the important messages that our bodies know what they need and it’s up to us to become their loving caretakers.

We covered a lot of territory in this rich conversation. Watch the episode to find out:

  • Why how we talk about other women has so much to do with our relationship with ourselves
  • How to turn jealousy into inspiration
  • How to use the fact that we’re animals to our advantage
  • The importance of pleasure when it comes to our bodies, food, and weight loss
  • How to use our cravings as our guides instead of our foes
  • Why how you feel is critical to your digestion
  • The consequences of not making space and time for pleasure
  • Why trying to control your body will never work long term
  • Why cookbooks and romance novels are keeping the publishing industry afloat

Watch this episode of Glimpse TV with Alexandra Jamieson and Jena La Flamme below.

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, with cravings, with food, or with your relationships with other women, you won’t want to miss this conversation. You’ll walk away with a few critical tools that will ease your journey dramatically. They certainly have mine.

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Grab these free goodies from Alex and Jena:

Alex has a free Cravings Cure Cookbook and Starter Kit for you! It includes 50+ recipes. When you order Women, Food and Desire you’ll also receive exclusive interviews with Danielle LaPorte and Jess Ortner. Click HERE to get Alex’s book and free gifts for you.

Jena has a free Pleasurable Eating Guide with recipes plus a 7-day course in pleasurable eating when you get a copy of Pleasurable Weight Loss. Click HERE to get the book and the goodies.

Over to you:

Have you ever struggled with your body, your weight, food, or cravings? If so, which of the tips Jena and Alex shared resonated with you the most? I’d love to hear your insights so please leave a comment below!


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  • Hey there signed up for the Feng Shui course never received it…The a is sticking on my computer so maybe an incorrect email. Can someone look into this for me…thank you-Angela

  • Well that was just so sweet.
    Soft gentle informative exciting, AND appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • Tanya

    Thank you so much for this video, Kate!

    I’ve been struggling with digestive issues for over a year now and have swung from one end of the food spectrum to the other trying to find a way of eating that doesn’t cause me physical pain.

    Much like Alex said, I know there are foods that my body simply can’t tolerate right now, but the most difficult aspect of the whole experience is feeling like there is something wrong with me because foods that everyone else can eat make me sick…even the healthy ones (like leafy greens.)

    The longer the dis-ease persists, the more I drop into the realization that it is as much an emotional journey as it is a physical one. It’s easy for me to get caught up in blaming and shaming my body for not working “properly” so when Jena mentioned the idea of being her body’s guardian instead of its controller, that really struck a chord with me.

    Thank you for sharing these two amazing resources and the beautiful women who birthed them. I can’t wait to uncover the healing they have to offer.

    • Kate Northrup

      I’m thrilled that the episode was helpful Tanya. I agree: the piece about being our body’s guardian and not its controller really resonated with me too!

  • Danielle

    I love glimse tv..kate ur a becon of light that is well needed,.thank u..Danielle

  • Really enjoyed the interview and perspective of these two sisters. I could sit and listen to Jena for hours :) She has the most connected, relaxing and conscious voice…really connected with that.

  • This was my favorite video I’ve received from you yet. as a BodyLove advocate myself – I believe the power of loving and understanding one’s body can truly transform every aspect of ones life – it has done so in mine! I loved the Sisterhood piece- it is key. Respectful, vulnerable and mature sisterhood relationships are very important to our continued growth and development as women in all that Woman is!

    I also love the idea that not all cravings are coming from a dark or needy place. Sometimes we have to follow the pull. The wisdom lies in knowing the difference! We have the answers within if we are willing to be responsible and honest with ourselves. The Feminine seeks pleasure and should delight in it to unleash her full JOY. Yes thank you and your guests for talking about these topics. Very cool and I totally want to share this video and/or the books at the least!
    Big love!

  • I discovered that my body can tolerate just anything as long as my head is right. And if my thinking and emotions are messed up, then no amount of right food will help. It’s all in the attitude! When I have a pain somewhere, I ask myself what am I resenting, and then I let go resistance and the pain is gone….funny how that whole thing works. Peace and namaste…

  • Kate

    Great interview Kate! For me, this all ties in to the love! Money love, self love, love your sisters. I struggle with relaying to other girls, I’ve never had strong close friendships. I always wish I did. I was encouraged by their messages. It’s never too late. But it starts with me first, yes?!
    Thanks for sharing this xxx

  • Hello Kate,

    love it!

    We in Europe think and eat a lot like that. Eventhough the Health-Hype is coming up more and more also over here – and I am part of it, because I love that healthy approach as well – we still have a very old eating culture here in our countries. So to me it is a very European approach, which is great to see for a change, since usually Europe got a lot of the American approach to many things in the last 50 or 60 years.

    Best regards from Germany,


  • I get so excited by how young women today are making it a health priority to own, love, explore and delight in their (our) bodies. Alex and Jena, you bring such a necessary pieces to the table – ones I’ve been exploring in my own life and trying to instill in my clients (we of the deny-your-body generation).

    Your books will be a perfect compliment and enhancement to my work (and my life!) Thank you for writing so deliciously about food.

  • Lorraine Valenzuela

    My friends and clients ask me all the time how I lost my weight and how I look so good at 56! I tell them SELF LOVE! I went on a self love journey about 18months ago! As my LOVE for self became stronger….. the weight started coming off, I started exercising more and eating much healthier! Mirror work and affirmation are also important…. looking at your body in the mirror and loving every part is empowering!
    * Beautifully Fearless *

  • Karlo

    So many amazing nuggets of goodness there! So happy I watched this at a time when I’m feeling off track. Thanks Kate!

  • Elisa

    Hello Kate! Thanks so much! This episode has been really really interested! Sisterhood combined with love for ourselves and food is just a new perspective! Thanks!!!!!

  • Susan

    I lost all cravings for sugar and haven’t had any for one year since doing Fruit is sweet enough for me. I am at my ideal weight and look great and my cholesterol is very good. All the current studies show that a whole food-plant based diet is healthier for us. Check out Take it from Julie Marie who used to be obese and is not anymore. She’s the creator of and is a master at helping people to eliminate cravings. She helps people overcome emotional eating in addition to other causes. There are so many testimonials on

  • Thank you for this Kate. The supportive vibe in this conversation was so palpable!

    Just last night, my partner said to me “honey…you have to stop with the self-hate and drop the guilt”. Hearing it come from someone I love was powerful, and I think it finally clicked that I’m being a total asshole to myself every time I feel guilt or shame around my body or what I’m eating. I preach self-love yet fail to practice it when it comes to food. I remember when I was in my teens and early 20’s…I would scoff at dieting or calorie counting. I cooked, ate what I loved, danced my face off regularly and enjoyed life without feeling shame about my body or what was in my grocery basket.

    I’m so eager to read these books and gather up the resources and wisdom. This is a conversation so many of us need to be having with ourselves and with our sisters. Thank you so much for offering this video as a catalyst for changing my inner dialogue. xo

  • I adore both of these ladies (and their work!) and it was so great to see this interview of them both together… thanks for sharing!

  • For me, observing how I feel after food and therefore eliminating the ingredients that don’t make me feel good is what works best :)

    At some point it’s about realising that food is actually fuel for achieving your life’s purpose, so I think about what will make me feel energised!

    Thank you for this video,


  • Hi! Great video, thank you. I wanted to join the sisterhood and say I wrote a book on this topic too, it’s called “Love or Diet. Learn to nurture yourself and release the need to be comforted by food”. I also had early experiences of girls being ‘mean’ and I certainly isolated myself away from women until I was in my 30s. Thank you again for this great video. Much love, Ani xx England UK

  • Kate this was a fabulous video! I love that you linked sisterhood to how we feel about our bodies and how we are living into a new paradigm of supportive and empowered relationships with other women. I am so grateful to see this new paradigm alive and flourishing in many areas of my life and am honored to work with women who are learning to embrace love and compassion for themselves as essential to nurturing all the relationships in their lives, including themselves. You are a bright light in the world Kate and I am grateful for all you share!

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