Change Your Money Story for a New Money Future

Have you ever had someone in your life who tells the same story over and over again and doesn’t remember that they’ve already told it to you?

It get’s kind of boring, right?

Our stories about why we are the way we are or why our life is the way it is can be the same way.

We tell the same old story about who did us wrong or how our parents screwed us up.

Not only is it boring, it also keeps us stuck.

If we’re blaming our present circumstances on our past, we’re not giving ourselves the power to create new circumstances in the future.

Today I’m going to teach you how to change your stinky old money story that isn’t doing you any favors into one that not only feels good to tell, but that also creates a new money present and future for you.

In today’s episode of Financial Freedom Friday you’ll learn:

  • how to get out of the financial muck that you’re currently experiencing
  • a three step process that will instantly make you feel better about your past, no matter what happened
  • a sure fire way to invite a shiny new future in with some critical perspective shifts

Check out the episode by clicking below:

How you do it is what you get. ~@drchrisnorthrup (Tweet it!)

Over to you:

What old stories are you ready to shift or let go of entirely? What other methods for changing your story have you tried that have worked?

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  • I get reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally sick of hearing the same old stinking + negative money stories from some of my friends and frankly from a lot of women unfortunately. They constantly repeat the same mantra “I don’t have any money” or “I’m always in debt” or “I’m sick of not having any money” but they’re not doing anything to change their situation!

    I love the idea of embracing your past to change the energy around it at the same time if you keep putting the past into the future things won’t change. Get the nuggets of wisdom from your past (the lessons) and move on! Fresh start, clean slate and tell a new story. Tell the story you wanna see come to life!

    I’m in a romance with my finance! That’s a mantra worth saying!

  • What a great video, Kate! I love these tips. My oldest memory surrounding money was also one of my most emotional ones. When I was about 8 years old I visited Italy with my parents. I saw one of those toy machines and wanted to get a stuffed toy. My parents barely gave me some change (our budget was very tight for the trip) and I, of course, wasn’t strong or skilled enough to get myself a toy. The guilt I felt that day followed me around for a long time, and it has been the basis for my ability to save and be frugal when I need to. But until I could recognize the positive aspect of this experience I had a very hard time thinking back to it! Kind of an innocent trauma that served me very well.

  • Kate

    I so appreciate your opinion Carolyn. I speak the same way on stage and videos as I do in my life. It’s who I am and that’s my choice. Part of my brand built on authenticity is being who I am in public. I do appreciate your perspective, however, and I’m glad that the video worked for you anyway!

    • Klara

      I vote for authenticity. Financial advice in Harvard Business School Voice (HBSV) is so 1980s. I would much rather hear from someone who feels like she could be one of my best girlfriends who happens to be really smart, well-educated and savvy. In fact, pretty much all of my friends are just that and we don’t use HBSV when we’re conversing. I say if you want stuffy there is plenty of that to be found. I just turned 50 and I admit there were a few times when I thought, hey, wait a minute, am I old enough to be Kate’s mother? But then I stopped myself as in most of my life I pay little or no attention to age. After all, I learn just as much or more from my teenage sons as anyone else in life — and I’m not just talking about how to turn on my computer! I enjoy the fresh voice, unique perspective and relaxed presentation where I feel I’m just talking with a girlfriend. Its pretty easy to digest, frankly and isn’t that the whole point?

  • mk

    Hi Kate! I found you via the fabulous Kris Carr and I’m so glad I did — thank you so much for these videos — and this fresh perspective! I firmly believe in everything you said and love the idea of being grateful instead of being whingy. Your mind is such a powerful thing, when you feel positive, it’s contagious. Thank you so much for spreading the joy!

  • Thank you for this video, Kate! I’ve had a lot of regrets that I keep running over and over in my head, so it helps to connect them to the stuff I am actually grateful for, too!

    It’s a new perspective… thank you :) XXX

  • Deborah Chalk

    Thanks so much Kate. I have never thought of linking the past ‘eeyore’ stories to later ‘tigger’ ones. I once ordered a strawberry ice-cream in Italy when I was a child, thinking I would get a small cone with a little ball of ice-cream. The waiter brought a big, fancy, top of the range strawberry ice-cream with fresh strawberries and an equally top of the range price-tag that came as a shock. Sometimes in life you need to not feel guilty if you get the fresh strawberries.

  • Wow, this video soooo resonated with me! I just started connecting with you after seeing your interview with Falan Storm at . My money story is that I am always and constantly full of gratitude, but continue to beat myself up for the tremendous amount of debt I have created through student loans. I never wanted to make excuses or blame anyone else for my decisions, but in the meantime I give myself no grace for making decisions that I feel like I should have been too *smart* to make, and struggle with showing myself the compassion I so easily show others. I am just now trying to give myself a little grace and love for making choices that at the time were all I knew to make, and knowing that had I not made the mistakes I’ve made, I would not have the drive to change my life and reach for the life I truly want. Slowly I am seeing the blessings in the lessons I have learned, though it is a daily struggle. I look forward to learning from you!

  • Jayne Corner

    Hi Kate,

    I just love your weekly videos and content. I can relate to so much of what you talk about and follow many of your tips and advice – I even have a post it on my wall above my workspace with ‘Money for Me Account’ when deciding when to buy something. I also love your comment a few weeks ago about only buying something if it’s a ‘Hell Yes’! Brilliant :)

    Thank you so much for all your do, you’ve definitely created change in my life and I am very very grateful :) x

  • michal

    thank you saw much kate
    for the naked truth that live in us
    now that you pot it in the spote
    i must by me a new suit.
    much love
    michal <3

  • Thank youuuuu!
    I love your videos, always fresh and true :)
    I have been changing parts of my stories and even though I’ve had glimpses of a golden thread, I did not shift my view of that particular past experience.
    Now I will make earth quaking changes in my life.

    Thank you Kate xoxo

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