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Hormonal Balance and Becoming a Power Source: Glimpse TV with Alisa Vitti

gI_93272_WomanCode_Vitti_2What? Another episode of Glimpse TV? Awesome!!!

It’s been SUCH an amazing week of Glimpse TV goodness, has it not?

Today I’m thrilled to present my dear friend Alisa Vitti who just released her first book, Woman Code: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become A Power Source.

Have you ever had a hunch that there’s more to your period than trying to medicate it away or absorb it with feminine hygiene products?

I wrote about my resistance to taking time out for my cycle a few weeks ago and many of you responded enthusiastically with your own resistance or your own encouragement. The conversation went deep. I was simultaneously thrilled and suprised.

Alisa was just featured on the Dr. Oz show discussing what different types of periods have to tell us about our hormonal balance – or lack of it!

I KNOW deep in my bones that planning my calendar around my cycle is the next frontier for my personal AND business life. And my conversation with Alisa confirmed it.

Tune in to the episode below to find out:

  • how you can save yourself a whole lot of time wondering what you should be “when you grow up” with this one, simple technique
  • the root cause of your skin issues and digestive problems – and how to fix them all
  • the 4 distinct parts of the month and the gifts they each have for your health, your sex life, and your productivity
  • the hidden key to feeling amazing and getting a lot done that you probably have never thought of – but that has been staring you in the face since you were about 12
  • and more!

Click below to watch Alisa Vitti of FLOliving.com on Glimpse TV and find out how to achieve hormonal balance and become a power source.

In the comments below, let me know if or how you plan for your monthly cycle.

Do you put it in your calendar?

Do you plan your month around it?

What have you noticed?

Want to commit to paying more attention to it with me?

Order Alisa’s book here: http://floliving.com/womancode.html

Find out more about Alisa’s online hormonal tool that’s like “Rosetta Stone for your ovaries”: FLOliving.com

Please forward this to a girlfriend. Let’s create a movement and all become power sources together, using a process that happens every month anyway!


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