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We all just want to feel good. Here’s how.

This morning the first thing I did after making some eggs was to sit down with Mike and go to Danielle LaPorte’s new website. I wanted to see what she had created. I wanted to feel what it felt like. I wanted to celebrate this new iteration. It felt like Christmas.

A few years ago Danielle and I stood under an awning outside a restaurant on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. It was misty. We were hiding from the rain while we awaited our table inside.

She was telling me about what she was up to. She told me that we have goal setting all backwards. We start with this end destination and just set our sights on it and buckle down until we get there. Then we get there and we often feel empty.

Instead, she told me about a methodology by which we can figure out how we want to feel and then organize our lives around feeling that way.

Brilliant. Revolutionary. So uncomplicated and, well, obvious.

But why didn’t anyone think of it before?

I’ve made decisions based on what feels good for as much of my life as I can remember. If it doesn’t feel good, I don’t do it. Or, if I have to do it, I figure out a way to make it feel good.

But it never occurred to me to dig deeper than feeling good. And it turns out there are so many gradations, so many unique specifics, so many nuances to feeling good. And if we begin to make decisions based on how we want to feel, our lives begin to reflect these same rich stratifications of what it means to feel good.

I’ll never forget Danielle telling me about what would become The Desire Map, on that foggy Vancouver night.

Since that time, I’ve weighed in on the title of this magnum opus over pedicures and had the privilege of being one of the early testers. I even sat with my sister Ann by candlelight (because we had no power) during Hurricane Irene in NYC while she put the finishing touches on the edits to the first edition.

This week Danielle revealed The Desire Map Collection. I feel the same way about the launch as I feel when a friend of mine who I’ve known a very long time gives birth to a baby.

Elated for her. Welled up with tears. Heart swollen with love. Super duper proud.

I also feel connected, useful, and sacred in sharing the news of The Desire Map’s new incarnation today. Yep, being one of the messengers of this launch hits three of my four Core Desired Feelings.

Here they all are:


(I’m also toying with adding enthusiastic, ease, and freedom in there, or maybe taking some of the others out. It’s a living, breathing process. I’ll keep noodling.)

The Desire Map is your guide to creating goals with soul and re-organizing your life around what feels good to you.

Finally: permission to want what we want and to feel the way we want to feel, and the instructions for how to do so.

Complete with theory (which is oh-so-deliciously written), workbook, journal, day planner (I’m going back to analog for this!), membership program, and audio up the wazoo, The Desire Map Collection is, in a word, comprehensive.

There is nothing else you need to get your life aligned with feeling good in your specific way that Danielle has not provided for us.

Living from our Core Desired Feelings is revolutionary. It’s self-preservation, self-care, and self-love at their highest. It’s living on purpose in a way I’ve never heard of or experienced before.

Mike and I will be getting one of everything, two of some things, and more of others to have on hand for gifts. Because what better gift could you give someone than a guide for living a life that feels damn good?

Today, I applaud, celebrate, and send big virtual hugs to Danielle, the divine goddess of desire, who reminds us to feel our way. It’s all about feeling good. And now you’ve got the tools to do it.

Check out Danielle’s gorgeous Desire Map trailer below and the full collection HERE.

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P.S. Want more fun with Danielle? Watch our episode of Glimpse TV from a couple of years ago. Guaranteed insight and giggles. Click HERE to watch.


  • Omg, I just read a chapter and I’m in love! I’m new to Danielle LaPorte, but she is obviously the real-deal! Thank you so much for sharing this Kate!

  • Tracy Lyn

    This month marks my one year anniversary of Desire Mapping day in and day out. All I can say to anyone and everyone is that Danielle LaPorte is not only the real deal but she inspires the best gift we can give not only ourselves but the world. It is crucial in all definitions of success to know what are Core Desired Feelings are. Proud to say a woman created this concept!

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