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The Origin Company Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to The Origin Company Holiday Gift Guide! If you’ve found your way to The Origin Company (TOC), chances are you are someone who tends to teeter on the side of doing the most when it comes to working, living, and probably even gifting. And not because you want to per se, but maybe you feel you have to. However, gifting during the holidays can be one of those things that can feel joyful, aligned and very do less when we apply the same level of intentionality in this area of our lives as we consciously pursue ways of honoring our time in the more obvious areas of working, parenting and householding.

So first things first: who needs gifting anyway? We at TOC have created a great holiday gift guide full of gift-giving categories to give you a head start. And while none of them include a sing-songy list of things you’d never want to receive in a stocking (how exactly would you wrap raindrops or whiskers anyway?), here’s a few of our favorite things that you might want to “add to cart” immediately for yourself. Oh, and for those other people too. *wink*

For YOU:

Okay, so if we’re honest, this season of the year also comes with a little self-gifting as well. Tis the season, right? And, if “body first” was a love language, that is definitely what ours would be here at The Origin Company. So imagine how restorative it would feel to wrap yourself in this cozy work-from-anywhere cardigan goodness, resetting the energy in your space with our favorite flower essences from Lotus Wei, and enjoying some quiet time with theHoliday gift guide Do Less Book and Daily Renewable Planner. Oh, and don’t forget to eat lunch! These incredible delicious clean and ready to eat meals from Model Meals take the guesswork out of feeding yourself healthy food. Because we’re friends, you can use the code OriginMeals to get $30 off your first order of meals of $60 or more (valid through 1/31/22). It’s so much easier to be merry when you’re feeling well cared for.

For Home:

We’re not under the impression that a gift for the home is really a gift for you (umm, hello Patriarchy), so here are a few of our favorite things for your home no matter who uses it the most. We love these measuring spoons that stay together with a magnet, so there’s no need to either mess with a ring to get the one you want or have them all scattered in a drawer. Genius!

This spice organizer will allow you to keep spice jars organized in a way that makes each one easy to find. It is a particularly favorite tool for the shorter members of Team Origin because it makes every spice easier to reach if you have higher cabinets, and nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet. Speaking of spices, the holiday season is a great opportunity to add a new cookbook to any collection. This Mexican Cookbook is full of authentic and easy Mexican home cooking recipes (no Tex Mex!) and would cook up nicely using everyone’s new favorite cookware: the Always Pan from Our Place. This light weight pan is so cute (if cookware can be cute), nontoxic, heats evenly, lets you cook with less oil, comes with a spot to rest your spoon, a nesting steamer basket and is available in 10 beautiful colors.

Lastly, for our home category, the humans in your house will love starting, ending or interrupting a full day with these really cool shower steamers that bring a spa-like experience to any bathroom.

For Kids:

This may seem like the easiest category to gift, but have you listened to kids talking lately? Like really listen? A lot of these tiny humans are genius-level smart and yet way more overstimulated than we were in our youth. Gifting things that will allow them to harness their tech savvy and encourage creativity would be a win-win for them and their parents. Like this Osmo interactive add-on device that makes learning a game that is attached to your iPad via a clever mirror. Or a Kiwi Co Crate to strengthen independence and hands-on creative skills that don’t require a ton of adult supervision.   

Got an even tinier human to grab a gift for? These fun foam blocks are perfect for toddlers (and their adults) and provide hours of battery-free silent play for even the most enthusiastic tower builders. Yes, silent. Doesn’t that feel good to imagine?

Staying with that theme of silence, we can all imagine how useful a good night’s rest can be for a growing body (and the sanity of parents everywhere), so we’ve loved this weighted blanket made for kids that includes a washable cover that stays on securely with inner ties. And it’s so super soft!

For Your Business:

It’s probably no surprise that we LOVE planning and writing things down, and we especially love a good colorful set of markers for using in our Holiday gift guide Do Less Planners (also a must-have for building a business that honors your cyclical nature). 

This 36-count set of Sharpie S-Note Creative Markers does our cycle-loving hearts good, and we think you’ll love it too. Color coding for everyone! You’ll also love this fun looking ergonomic wireless mouse for your computer. Your wrists will love you for this one. 

For Your Best [Human] Friend:

No matter how long you’ve been on your own do-less, cyclical living (and working) journey, you’ve probably shared some of what you’ve been learning and implementing with your favorite people. So what better way to encourage the womb owners in your life to harness their own egg wisdom than with our exclusive Egg Wisdom Necklace Holiday gift guide. It really is so beautiful, and our entire team was giddy when we first saw them. 

While telling them how amazing doing less is, it would be even better to give them the one tool that would help them understand how to bring these practices into their own lives by giving them the Do Less Book written by our very own Kate Northrup. 

You know what would be really fun? You could create a custom basket for your favorite human and include a custom Yeti water bottle. I personally love mine because it’s spill-proof, easy to clean and keeps my drinks hot or cold. Plus, having a name or logo added to it is a great way to start a conversation with a new friend (or potential client if you’re looking to grab one for yourself, too). Add this non-toxic manicure kit by Olive and June to the basket and make it very clear that self-care and proper hydration are the way you spell l-o-v-e for your besties.

For Your 4-Legged Friends:

We’re about 50% dog owners here at TOC (which means about 25% of our team meetings include dog tales…get it?) and no holiday gift guide would be complete without honoring the fur babies that we represent and that may fill your heart and home, too. So we thought you might like these fun gadget options like this cute little car seat that keeps your pup (and their fur) isolated…ahem…safe while you take them with you around town. 

Even dogs and cats can get bored while their humans are occupied, so keeping them busy with an interactive feeder like this one or this cool clear treat ball will keep them entertained and out of mischief.

No matter who is on your list this year, the important things to remember are to make gifting fun, respect your own financial boundaries, and remember why you’re even gifting in the first place. You’ve got nothing to prove, so let all you give be from your heart and know that the greatest gift of all is…time. 

We hope our Holiday Gift Guide has been useful.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us here at The Origin Company. 

This holiday gift guide contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

TAKISHA AUGUST, Origin Community Manager/Head Empress
TaKisha is the holder of all spaces for The Origin Company. On calls, in the community, and sometimes 1-on-1 in the inbox helping members of our community feel seen, heard, and more confident about how to use the tools inside of the Origin membership.




  • Jo

    Thank you for this great gift guide Takisha. Lots of fabulous ideas here that help me feel more at ease when thinking about my gift buying this year. And yes! The Always pan does look cute. And I really want one. But what will I do with all those pans in my cupboard that I no longer need? Gah!

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